Rabbit and Snake Love Compatibility: A Very Strong Relationship

These two can make a great couple, especially when it comes to going out and interacting with numerous other people.

Rabbit and Snake Compatibility

A Rabbit and a Snake can communicate very well because they seem to have similar minds, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t also compatible from a sexual and emotional point of view.

The Rabbit may be timid, but the natives of this sign are also known as very sensual and passionate. Problems between the Rabbit and the Snake may appear when both of them start to be a little bit insecure.

CriteriaRabbit and Snake Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The Rabbit is known to need all of the support from their loved ones in order to feel secure. It may be a problem for the Snake to offer all of that support because people in this sign are known to be insecure themselves, also very jealous and even possessive when it comes to love. Therefore, these two need to work more on having a sense of self.

Belonging to each other

The Rabbit and the Snake seem to possess great intuition when first meeting one another and they may think straightaway that they’re meant to be.

Very tasteful and refined, the Rabbit will always admire the fact that the Snake has a subtle charm, while the Snake is very philosophical and really appreciates the fact that the Rabbit is intelligent.

While the Rabbit may never understand why the Snake needs to always be in the center of attention, he or she won’t help feeling amused by all this. However, the Rabbit may be completely appalled by the fact that the Snake spends money without even thinking of how much it’s left in his or her wallet.

While they’re both in love with beauty and don’t mind buying expensive things, the Rabbit will all the time worry about finances. If they want to resist together as a couple, the Rabbit and the Snake need to make a good budget and to stick to it.

The Snake will always appreciate being the Rabbit’s whole world and won’t mind the fact that his or her partner is shy. On the other hand, the Rabbit will always be attracted by how sensual the Snake can be. They will learn from each other how to cuddle and how to be sweeter as a couple.

People born in the year of the Snake are popular, full of charisma and very sexy. As far as finances go, the Chinese Horoscope says Snakes are very lucky and capable to hold on to a stable income. This means they make good family heads and can pick up many responsibilities without complaining.

The Rabbit is known for being very sociable and wanting as many nights out with friends as possible. However, the Rabbit and the Snake are very happy when spending their time together at home as well because both of them love having a domestic life and feeling secure in their own house.

The Chinese Horoscope says these two can make a great couple, especially when it comes to going out and interacting with friends. People born in the year of the Snake are known for having an inferiority complex and for becoming very needy in relationships.

However, with the Rabbit, they may not have this problem because natives of this sign are very loyal and don’t want to be in the center of attention. A Snake would never have a reason to suspect the Rabbit of cheating.

These two will get along very well in bed and feel like they’re belonging into each other’s arms. It can be said they’re attracted to each other mentally, not to mention their spiritual connection is also very strong.

Therefore, they’ll get along when trying to do the same things, and their struggles will be pretty much focused on security and the materialistic side of life. The Rabbit may spend money from the Snake, but the Snake won’t mind bringing home the salary and making their life together as comfortable as possible.

Both of them are smart and resourceful, so they’ll have many things to talk about, so their relationship will never feel boring. The fact that they both like the same things and have similar preferences when it comes to their home will have them together for a very long time.

Others will envy them

The Snake and the Rabbit can make each other very strong through encouragement and motivation, even if the Snake can sometimes have too high standards.

They may have some problems because they’re both selfish and insecure, but if they won’t focus on the negative things and will always trust one another completely, their relationship is more likely to succeed than to become jeopardized.

As said before, they may sometimes fight over money because the Rabbit will be too worried of what they’re going to spend in the future. However, if they’ll keep a common ground and the Snake will try to spend less on useless things, they may have only harmony together.

It can be said the relationship between the Snake and the Rabbit is peaceful and calm, even if the Snake is known as a force of nature who likes to dominate.

The Rabbit will always be open to the way the Snake thinks, but they may have problems when they’ll both neglect what the other has achieved or forget to celebrate successes in their life.

Luckily, the Rabbit will not get too upset when the Snake is too busy working and doesn’t pay too much attention to him or her.

Because they’re similar from many points of view, the Rabbit and the Snake will get along very well and manage to attain success as a couple.

The fact that they have the same views when it comes to life will only make their relationship thrive. Both of them are ambitious and focused on succeeding in their careers, so they’ll support each other when things are tough at work.

Others will envy them, especially when they’re in a couple, because they’re both intelligent and seem to have everything they need from both a financial and emotional point of view.

The Snake will always seem to meet the Rabbit’s expectations, even if he or she is not the perfect partner. However, when it comes to how these two interact and their intellects, they’re pretty much the same and very intriguing for one another.

As said before, the sex between them is full of chemistry and sensual. The Rabbit is shy, but this doesn’t mean people in this sign can’t appreciate how seductive the Snake is.

The Snake seems to have psychic abilities and to guess what the Rabbit wants in bed, which means their nights together will be full of pleasure and passion.

As a matter of fact, the Snake is one of the Chinese signs with which the Rabbit feels uninhibited. The fact that the latter is humble will truly turn the former on.

When the man is a Snake and the woman a Rabbit, they’ll seem like a match from Heaven. While they’ll both socialize and be charming, their moods will sometimes be in their way.

He’s irresponsible, so it’s essential for her to take control over many situations. The fact that he wanders and sometimes flirts with others can really make her lose the respect she has for herself.

When the man is a Rabbit and the woman a Snake, they may fight over the fact that she’s extravagant. He will want to have control over their money, but she’ll spend recklessly and usually have things done her way.

The challenges of this romance

Even when at their best, the Rabbit and the Snake may have a relationship that’s a little bit boring and doesn’t seem to feature any spontaneity or excitement.

Both these signs are kind of passive and neither of them wants to think of a vacation or a date that hasn’t been planned. This may cause both partners to become distant with each other, without them even noticing it.

It’s important for the Rabbit and the Snake to have common interests and to do things together as much as possible. Furthermore, they’re a little bit different when it comes to socializing, so they may fight over how to spend their time and evenings together.

While the Rabbit will insist on going out with friends and even enjoying a theater play, the Snake will think of something more intimate and quieter.

The Snake seems to always have secrets and to be a mystery, which can make all natives of this sign very attractive. However, the Rabbit may be too curious, so these two will fight over the fact that the Snake doesn’t want to reveal one or two things about his or her thoughts.

The Snake is known for being very jealous and the Rabbit for popularity amongst members of the opposite sex. While the Rabbit may respond with a good joke to the fact that the Snake is jealous, the last mentioned one can feel insanely possessive, which in return stresses the Rabbit and leads to conflicts between these two.

The Snake and the Rabbit need to adjust to one another before deciding to become a serious couple. On the other hand, the Snake has great intuition and can guess what other people feel and think. If the Snake will trust the Rabbit, who’s a very devoted and faithful partner, the relationship between them will get to be full of passion and love.

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