Rabbit and Pig Love Compatibility: A Balanced Relationship

These two have a knack of turning their differences as a couple in things that excite and that bring them closer.

Rabbit and Pig Compatibility

When it comes to the love between a Rabbit and a Pig from the Chinese zodiac, these natives can have a truly passionate connection because the Pig is a sensual, while the Rabbit is very shy and at the same time extremely fiery.

The Rabbit and the Pig make a really strong couple as the first will always adore how the second is so sweet, while the Pig will admire the Rabbit for having a rich imagination.

CriteriaRabbit and Pig Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Neither of them is known to hold a grudge

The Chinese Horoscope says the Rabbit and the Pig are a couple that can be truly happy because these two natives will always support one another and be affectionate.

Don’t think that if they want to spend their time at home, they’re are also boring. On the contrary, they’ll all the time have something to do in their living room because they’re both entertaining and fun.

The Pig could help the Rabbit be less shy and more open to talking about his or her feelings. It seems these two natives get along very well, regardless if they’re friends, partners or relatives.

The Pig is looking to make many friends and to give as much as he or she can when it comes to time and money. The Rabbit is sympathetic and can as well deal with other people’s problems.

Neither of them is known to hold a grudge, so they’ll fight and soon after forget all about what determined them to argue.

As said before, they both love to stay at home, but they can never get bored with one another because the Rabbit is intelligent and very creative, so they’ll always have something to do.

The fact that this native can find solutions to problems easier than others will make the Pig very attracted to him or her. The Pig is reliable and doesn’t mind following other people, so the Rabbit will be happy to have someone so loyal and devoted as a partner.

These two will never look at what makes them different or at their weaknesses because they can only see the good things in one another.

The Rabbit is tactful and loves peace more than anything else in the world. The Pig is courageous and truly dedicated to his or her partner. The fact that the Rabbit is subtle and very careful in life may be complemented by the Pig’s giving nature and openness.

The Rabbit may be the perfect person for the Pig to spoil and focus on. However, it’s possible the Rabbit will get tired of seeing how the Pig is messy, while the Pig can despair after noticing how the Rabbit is in fact a prude.

However, neither of them will ever complain about these things because they think overlooking their flaws is a better way for them to be as a couple.

When it comes to sex, the Pig and the Rabbit can have a really good connection because the Rabbit is very satisfied with the fact that the Pig is calm, so their nights of passion can have them indulging in ecstasy all the time.

In return, the Pig likes how the Rabbit is sensual and always comes up with new ideas of making love. Because they’re both loyal and would never cheat, their relationship is sure to last for a lifetime.

It can be said the Pig and the Rabbit also complement each other, so they’d very much benefit from one another’s influence.

While the Pig can have all sort of great ideas, natives of this sign are known to not be very practical. Next to a Rabbit, they can learn how to make their dreams a reality because the Rabbit is more practical and surely can work hard for things to happen.

In the relationship with a Pig, the Rabbit can realize how important emotions are. As a matter of fact, this is absolutely required if it’s for their connection to last in time.

The Rabbit should never be arrogant and just realize that the Pig may be right when talking about feelings. The more things will happen this way, the happier they’ll get to be as a couple and to resist together in time.

Both of them are sensitive

The Rabbit loves comfortable surroundings and doesn’t tolerate any mess. As said before, he or she may think that the Pig is lazy because the latter never wants to clean up or to live an organized life.

On the other hand, people born in the year of the Rabbit are always neat and prefer to know where things are. Furthermore, the Rabbit may want to change the fact that the Pig only wants luxury.

When it comes to rationality, it can be said the Rabbit is more logical and knows more about what life. It’s not that the Pig is lazy or unrealistic, he or she prefers to think about other things besides how clean the house is or what it needs to be done for him or her to advance at work.

Both of them are sensitive, so they won’t hurt each other when life becomes difficult or when one of them makes a mistake. From this point of view, it can be said the Rabbit and the Pig are very protective with each other.

The Chinese Horoscope says these two natives are very good as friends as well, and that as lovers, they’re both open to commit to one another and to make their relationship work.

For example, the Rabbit will always struggle to make the Pig’s sexuality flourish and to become what he or she expects. Furthermore, the Pig is always a giver, so their connection is meant to last because both are working in its interest. It can be said there aren’t too many compromises to be made in their relationship.

Of course, it’s normal for them to argue from time to time because after all, they’re different people and things can go downhill when least expected.

However, if they learn how to turn their differences into similarities, they can reduce their arguments to a minimum. The Pig will always be more emotional than the Rabbit, which can cause a problem or two.

However, these two will love each other unconditionally because they’re both expecting to have a long-lasting marriage or affair and because neither of them wants any conflict to happen.

The Rabbit can always help the Pig be less naive and protect him or her from people who want to exploit others.

If married, these two need to keep things exciting in bed because only this way, they’re capable of enjoying one another without being a little bit bored.

It can be said the relationship between the Rabbit and the Pig is based on mutual understanding and a lot of love. When it comes to their social lives, they’re both the same and don’t want that much to go out, not even during weekends.

When it comes to their daily routine, they’ll both go to work and do their best, just in order to come home in the evening and to make passionate love. The Pig may not have a schedule and surely doesn’t enjoy routine that much, but these two will surely find time for each other because their love will always find a way.

Furthermore, the Pig is known as easygoing and for wanting to live in the moment. This doesn’t mean people in this sign aren’t able to do something constructive.

If the man is a Pig and the woman a Rabbit, he’ll always be relaxed and simply in love with his lady, who will often think about how to make their life together more perfect.

She’s a little bit inhibited and sometimes annoyed by the fact that he wants to interact with others so much. It’s possible she seems superficial and only focuses on making money.

However, they’ll resist for a very long time as a couple and their relationship will be most of the time happy.

When the man is a Rabbit and the woman a Pig, they’ll be very affectionate and gentle with one another. She’s sensual and he’s kind. Both of them will appreciate each other and their relationship will never be bothered by financial issues because he’d take care for them to have as much as they need.

The challenges of this romance

The fact that the Pig is very emotional will always cause trouble in the relationship between him or her and the Rabbit.

People born in the year of the Pig are known to express their love in two extremes: there are either very needy and want to be all the time spoiled or they can overwhelm their partner with their emotions, even if he or she wouldn’t even deserve it.

While friendly and very enjoyable, the Rabbit doesn’t like to get lost in emotions and prefers to have a simpler relationship when it comes to feelings. If these two want to resist as a couple, they need to overlook their differences.

The Pig can rely too much on feelings and gets very upset when his or her partner doesn’t get what he or she may be feeling.

When hurt, the Pig can hide under a protective shell and into a fantasy world in which no one can enter. The Rabbit may not understand at all this attitude and can look to make the Pig interact more with friends and family, which cannot convince the Pig to no longer be upset.

Furthermore, it can be difficult for a Pig to talk about what he or she feels. If it’s for the relationship between a Rabbit and a Pig to survive, these two natives have to understand more what they both need when taken separately.

It’s necessary the Rabbit shows his or her love more often and the Pig learns how to express feelings. The Pig also has to be more independent and to rely less on emotions.

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