Rabbit and Horse Love Compatibility: A Caring Relationship

These two may feel overwhelmed by their differences and the things they expect from life but their affectionate natures can go the extra mile.

Rabbit and Horse Compatibility

If they want to be lovers, the Rabbit and the Horse in the Chinese zodiac need to make a few compromises and to adjust their personalities in order for things between them to work out.

The Rabbit is known as reserved and usually nervous if not helped to succeed and protected by those he or she loves. Therefore, the Rabbit can be too demanding for the Horse, who’s independent and doesn’t like to do anything predictable.

CriteriaRabbit and Horse Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

People born in the year of the Horse are known for being in love with the feeling of love, which can make the easily impressionable and sensitive Rabbit believe that the Horse is a perfect partner for him or her. However, problems may appear when the Horse gets bored and decides to move on and look for another love.

Overcoming the tough times

The Rabbit and the Horse are two natives who expect very different things from life, which means the couple experience can be very difficult.

Those born in the year of the Horse are not famous for committing, but more for the fact that they like to have fun. When seeing the Rabbit is so attached to the idea of home, they may think natives of this sign are boring, weird and rigid.

Furthermore, the Rabbit is known for needing a lot of love and all the support in the world from his or her partner. This person has to have a lover who’s encouraging, so the independent Horse can make him or her feel ignored.

If these two still want their relationship to be successful, the Rabbit has to become more independent and the Horse needs to focus more on their union.

Only this way, they can get to be happy as a couple. It’s very likely the Rabbit will be the one who makes compromises all the time, especially when being with the Horse.

If they decide to be business partners, they need to ask for help from outside because while the Horse loves to work hard, he or she may get bored very rapidly, while the Rabbit can’t be in any way practical.

Perhaps a third partner could help them deal with these things in an easier manner. When it comes to love, the Rabbit and the Horse may sometimes work as a couple because they have a few similarities.

Of course, their differences will make them argue, but they can overcome misunderstandings if they’re working hard to obtain balance in their affair.

Being all the time positive can help them have a relationship that’s worth fighting for, especially since they both believe things between them can work to their advantage.

When having problems, the Rabbit and the Horse will be very happy enough to face them together and to support each other. The Rabbit tends to be very cautious when it comes to love, but the fact that natives of this sign are never impulsive can help them very much in romance.

Therefore, they’ll never make a decision without thinking twice, so their relationship with the Horse can never be influenced by something negative because they can usually predict trouble.

What’s not so advantageous about all this is the fact that the Rabbit can sometimes overlook very good opportunities and therefore miss out on life.

People in this sign are known for focusing too much on details and for not being able to move on when life becomes hard. The relationship between the Rabbit and the Horse can’t work if both partners don’t agree to make some changes about themselves.

Being sensitive and traditional, the Rabbit may bother the progressive and independent Horse, which means these two can end up not wanting each other anymore.

While the Rabbit wants to stay at home or to only go out with close friends, the Horse is always on the go, and neither of them wants to give up his or her ways or to invest too many efforts in their relationship.

It’s possible for them to not find the balance for their connection because they have too many differences. While the Rabbit is very affectionate and can support anyone, people in this sign love to be the ones who stay at home and take care of the family while their partner goes and makes all the money.

The Horse will never want this responsibility and to be the head of the family, so these two will most likely fight rather than just get along.

While the Horse is known for making everyone laugh, natives in this Chinese zodiac sign are also unpredictable, which can make the Rabbit intolerant in the face of uncertainty.

The hard work these two need to invest

The relationship between them can become very unhappy because they don’t want the same things. As said before, the Rabbit should learn how to be on his or her own, the Horse needs to be more focused on their romance.

Because people born in the year of the Horse are impulsive, they may immediately fall in love with a Rabbit. In return, the Rabbit can be blinded by this type of affection that’s harsh and happening very fast.

Furthermore, the Rabbit will admire the Horse very much for being so inspiring when it comes to independence. Just like in any other relationship, there are both good and bad things that could happen to the partners.

However, regardless of how the balance is, the hard work these two need to invest in their relationship is always a certainty. The Rabbit is too relaxed and can’t understand why the Horse has so much passion.

Furthermore, the Horse doesn’t see in any way how someone can be so shy as the Rabbit is. Luckily, the Rabbit can overlook all this and usually doesn’t mind making compromises.

At least they’re both realistic and neither of them can stand nonsense. The fact that the Rabbit can identify solutions to problems very fast amazes the Horse and makes their relationship more efficient.

Therefore, these two can be a very good couple and can even get involved in a business together. They may fight over money because the Rabbit sometimes doesn’t know how to spend and the Horse usually gives everything away during a visit at the mall.

It’s difficult for a Rabbit and a Horse to also be friends because the Rabbit is too sensitive to accept the fact that the Horse doesn’t remember birthdays, while the Horse can’t understand why the Rabbit exaggerates so much with things like anniversaries and other events in their life.

Furthermore, the Horse may think the Rabbit is lazy and the other way around, the Rabbit may see the Horse as a workaholic. In an ideal situation, the first will teach the latter how to slow down and enjoy life.

It would be amazing if the Horse would show the Rabbit how to boost his or her creativity. When it comes to sex, they’re not that compatible because the Rabbit wants a good dinner before going to bed and the Horse just wishes for the lovemaking to be the first phase.

A smart Horse will always listen to what the Rabbit has to say and become more romantic. Also, the Rabbit can learn how to be sexually aggressive from the Horse.

If the man is a Horse and the woman a Rabbit, these two have a great chance to be a successful couple. She won’t mind allowing him to make the important decisions or being a good housewife.

All of her anxieties will disappear because he’s confident and protective. They may fight because he’s jealous and also because they don’t agree on how to spend their money.

If the man is a Rabbit and the woman a Horse, things can be very difficult because he wants to spend their evenings inside, while she dreams of going out with their friends.

The challenges of this romance

The fact that they’re some different from a psychological point of view makes the Rabbit and the Horse incompatible as a couple and even as friends.

While the Horse wants to be all the time challenged and to go out as much as possible, the Rabbit is more interested in beauty and in spending time at home.

The Horse’s energy can be overwhelming, not to mention people in this sign are also known for having a temper.

Those who are born in the year of the Rabbit prefer peace and for harmony to rule in any situation, which means they can be really bothered by Horses’ need to take action.

Furthermore, the Horse enjoys living in the moment and doesn’t think too much of the consequences of his or her actions.

On the other hand, the Rabbit thinks twice before making a decision and never makes judgments before thinking about all the aspects involved.

The Horse may think the Rabbit is only indecisive and shy, while the latter is sure the first is just impulsive and can’t resist in a long-term relationship that requires patience.

When dealing with problems, these two may have different ways of approaching a situation, which can have them fighting over what to do.

Very attracted to one another in the beginning, the Rabbit and the Horse can burn the passion in their first few weeks of relationship and after just break up if neither of them is open to adjust for the other to be satisfied.

Therefore, the Horse and the Rabbit need to compromise if they want their life together to be fulfilling.

It’s possible for these two to have a good relationship because the Horse can really inspire the Rabbit, while the Rabbit can help the Horse be less impulsive and more balanced. The fact that they can help each other is very beneficial for their relationship.

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