Rabbit and Dragon Love Compatibility: A Humble Relationship

These two know the value of mutual understanding and will try to have a secure and protective relationship.

Rabbit and Dragon Compatibility

The Rabbit and the Dragon can be truly affectionate lovers, especially when together. For their emotional stability, people born in the year of the Rabbit need a lot of support from their loved ones, and the Dragon doesn’t mind to protect anyone or to be the source of power for a person.

In return for all this, the Rabbit is very affectionate with the Dragon and offers all the understanding he or she is capable of, thing that the Dragon will surely appreciate.

CriteriaRabbit and Dragon Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

While they can get along very well, the Rabbit and Dragon partners still need to make a few compromises in order to be happy together.

Their connection is a lot about give-and-take

The Rabbit enjoys spending time at home, the Dragon wants only to go out. However, both of them want to support one another, which can be a great thing for their relationship.

The Dragon will always make the Rabbit feel safe and more open to talk about feelings. In return, the latter will offer all of the affection in the world and appreciate the former for every achievement this person has.

Both of them seem to have their own luck with money. When it comes to eccentricities, the Dragon and the Rabbit need to understand each other and to discuss any problem before it gets too serious.

If they’ll collaborate to make their dreams come true, things between them are sure to happen naturally and to take the right direction as a couple.

The Rabbit is shy and the Dragon wants to be in the center of attention, which means their connection seems at least strange. While the Rabbit enjoys having friends over and staying at home, the Dragon prefers to spend the weekend evenings in nightclubs or bars.

However, when these two are getting to bed, things between them start to become magical. Not necessarily that they’ll have wild sex, but they’re sure to talk about their feelings and what they want the most from life.

The Rabbit will always teach the Dragon how to be more effective and determined to fulfill his or her dreams, while the Dragon can show the Rabbit how to be more disciplined.

These two can be truly in love because their relationship tends to happen naturally and they’re usually falling into each other’s arms much easier than others.

Of course, there will be a time when they’ll only laugh and times when problems will overwhelm them, but if they manage to understand this is how life happens, they’ll make their relationship thrive faster than others get to know each other.

The Dragon will always be impressed to see how humble and friendly the Rabbit is. As a matter of fact, he or she will always wonder if the Rabbit is ever angry.

It’s true the Rabbit can sometimes become annoyed, but this happens very rarely. The fact that they’re humble makes them very appreciated by any member of the Chinese zodiac.

Furthermore, people born in the year of the Rabbit are known for avoiding conflicts as much as possible. The Dragon will always understand how much the Rabbit can love, even if the latter is sometimes selfish.

Complementing each other

The fact that the Dragon can succeed at everything in life makes the Rabbit appreciate him or her very much. The Chinese Horoscope says these two signs are very capable of being in love and providing one another what they need when it comes to romance.

It’s true that, just like any other couple, they need to take care of some things, but all in all, they complement each other and seem to have the perfect life when together because both of them have very interesting traits to bring into the relationship.

Their connection is a lot about give-and-take and sometimes also about the Rabbit being protected by the Dragon. Furthermore, the Rabbit will be very happy to enjoy the success of the Dragon and to benefit from it as well.

The fact that the Rabbit respects the Dragon very much will have the latter thinking he or she has a partner who really wants to make things work for their life together.

When married with one another, the Rabbit and the Dragon prefer to keep their perspective realistic and to always be positive. While the Rabbit will want to stay at home every night and the Dragon wants to go out, they’ll both seem happy to be with someone supportive and who’s ready to invest a lot of efforts into the relationship.

While different when it comes to their personalities, the Rabbit and the Dragon can complement each other and even work with their negative traits in order to become better people.

The Dragon won’t mind allowing the Rabbit to be domineering, but the Rabbit will always turn to the Dragon for advice. Both of them are kind people with immense determination to make things between them work.

Their relationship is usually described by success and mutual understanding. The fact that they complement one another can help them be married for a lifetime and to feel secure, protected or supported when together.

The Rabbit will always make sure their home is comfortable enough, and the Dragon will never allow the Rabbit to feel down.

The more they’ll struggle to allow their similarities emerge, the happier and fulfilled with their love life they’ll become. It’s important for them to discuss problems before these become too serious.

Furthermore, they need to work hard on their dreams to come true because having important goals helps them to never get bored.

If the man is a Dragon and the woman a Rabbit, she’ll be feminine and very fragile, which means he’ll end up being very attracted to her.

She’ll love the fact that he’s warm and generous, and charm him even when he’s feeling frustrated or stressed. However, after an argument, neither of them will want to apologize.

If the man is a Rabbit and the woman a Dragon, they’ll not get along so well because they will encounter many differences. She’ll be attracted to the fact that he’s stable and offers her comfort, but he’s too introverted for her flamboyant attitude. It will be difficult for him to not see her flaws, and she may want to be admired too much.

The challenges of this romance

It’s normal for the relationship between a Rabbit and a Dragon to face problems, especially since these two signs see love in very different ways.

The Dragon appreciates only loyalty and can tolerate many flaws of his or her partner, but could never accept to be cheated on. People in this sign are known as interesting partners who love to have fun, but they’re also easily bored.

The Rabbit may be bothered by the fact that the Dragon is constantly looking for new things to do, not to mention Rabbits are known to sometimes stray.

The more a Rabbit and a Dragon will try to impose their desires and motivations on each other, the more they’ll get to be apart. The Dragon is known to have a huge ego and a good heart, so people in this sign can’t accept being contradicted or told what to do.

While the natives born in the year of the Rabbit are known as tactful, they can’t deal with stress and chaos in the most efficient way. Rabbits need the emotions in their relationship to be clear and to have balance.

It’s possible the Rabbit will feel abused when, even after trying his or her best to keep things at home happy, the Dragon partner will insist on being controlling or will get annoyed for no reason.

Therefore, the Rabbit may seek love in someone else’s arms. The fact that the Dragon always wants to go out may bother the Rabbit as well, because the latter prefers to spend evenings indoors.

They can fight over how to enjoy a weekend, and the Dragon may go out even if their children need both their parents at home. Furthermore, it’s easy for the Dragon to cheat on the Rabbit, especially when going out more nights in a row.

Therefore, the relationship between a Dragon and a Rabbit is not all the time happy and cheerful. If they really want to understand one another, the Dragon needs to spend more time at home, while the Rabbit should go out more during the weekends.

Neither of them should exaggerate with how they’re feeling inside because this would only destroy their relationship. It’s important for them to meet in the middle and to consider one another as much as possible.

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