Pluto in Cancer: How It Shapes Your Personality and Life

The position of Pluto in your natal chart reveals the transformations due to take place in your life and how you channel your core truths and restorative power.

Pluto in Cancer

Those born with Pluto in Cancer in their natal chart will have to learn, from an early age, to cooperate with other people in order to properly make use of their full potential. If they will just stay cooped up in a prison of their own making, they’ll only make things worse, and even reach a state of depression and great sadness.

It is very hard to give up their own personal security and emotional stability in this regard, but it’s a necessary thing to do, if this means the better for everyone. Pluto brings great risks, but also incredible opportunities.

Pluto in Cancer in a nutshell:

  • Style: Instinctual and protective;
  • Top qualities: Stable, generous and caring;
  • Challenges: Pessimistic and worrisome;
  • Advice: Transformation only comes when abandoning comfort zone;
  • Celebrities: Marlon Brando, Audrey Hepburn, Alain Delon, Jack Nicholson, Sean Connery.

Personality traits

These natives are very emotional individuals who put a lot of importance on their gut feelings, on what their intuition tells them.

While it works for most of the times, offering impeccable information pertaining to a lot of situations, it’s still not a one-shot technique that works every time. They can still fail horrendously, and it’s not exactly pleasant.

They care about their friends and family in a more profound sense that most of us, searching for an ultimate communion of the souls, for security and stability. Nothing is more comfortable and fulfilling that having a place to call home.

To such one-sided individuals who only want stability and a homely environment steeped in routine, change is evil, in whatever form it may come. They have to eventually get used to seeing the world change around them, and they should also realize that nothing stays the same for too long.

Change is natural, and not only that, it’s welcomed and a sign that evolution is underway. Of course, no one guarantees that everything will lead to beneficial situations, and there might be problems further down the road, but that’s nothing surprising.

This is how life works, and they need to get used to this. Their close ones will offer support, while they use those Plutonian emotions and instincts to patch themselves up.

The good and the bad

What’s good about these natives is that they take good care of their loved ones. Loving, affectionate, loyal, and devoted to the bitter end, nothing stops them from creating a safe environment for their dearest.

Even though Pluto instills them with deep emotions, thus putting some vulnerabilities in there, they try not to show that they are weak sometimes. Taking control of the situation is the best choice they have, this being their motto all along.

Plutonian Cancer natives are very vulnerable to change, that much has been covered, and the only way to salvage this situation, to make the best of what they have, is to gain control. In what sense? In every sense, even manipulating and deceiving people to agree with them counts as being in control.

If the alternative is to fall into a pit of desperation, they won’t hesitate for too long, and just go ahead with what comes as natural to them no matter how blameworthy this might sound to others.

They aren’t malevolent in this respect, but they do it out of necessity. If they didn’t, their emotions could potentially be blasted to smithereens.

Pluto in Cancer in love

The last time Pluto transited Cancer, social norm dictated the gender discussions and debates. A period of great changes and new perspectives on love matters, these natives began to look at marriage as something more than just a social contract. They began to see it as a form of spiritual bonding, a manifestation of the love between both partners, women especially having this viewpoint.

This is why, based on this heritage, the Plutonian Cancer is a native who believe in equality and in offering equal status to the man and the woman, in love matters.

This native may care more about stability and security and less about whirlwind romance, even at an early age. But this is not to say that they are not prone to falling in temptation, they are human after all and a bit of excitement won’t break them.

Having a family comes as a bit responsibility so the Plutonian Cancer will think more than twice before committing, perhaps will even postpone this step for later in life, despite finding the one and despite, this hesitance of theirs, actually threatening the relationship.

The Pluto in Cancer man

This is a man with varied beliefs who will not really talk freely about them, unless provoked. He is a great storyteller, so a great social companion but can also be rather blunt and sometimes doesn’t adhere to social norms.

Contrary to many men, he knows exactly how he wants his house to look like and will be very invested in this. He might even design and build his own home.

With an amazing resistance to failure, he is not one to wallow in self-pity and will pick himself up, dust his clothes of any unfortunate event and just move one.

Pluto’s transformative influence might bring a bit of pessimism to his life and this cautiousness will surface, especially in areas he is not very comfortable with.

This planet brings clarity, a crystal-clear perspective on the world, thus allowing them to see the inherent flaws of a relationship. However, nothing is a real deal-breaker with this man and he can persevere, if given the slightest chance, especially in love.

The Pluto in Cancer woman

Plutonian Cancer women are often seen as the literal backbone of society, occupying important positions of authority or key roles in different fields.

These women are the astrological house-wives, the ones who have always found fulfillment in creating and protecting a safe haven, a home, however, they will combine this with a keen professional life.

She satisfies her need for security through rather traditional means and doesn’t really wish to explore but rather work towards her comfort, even if this means that others will brand her life as boring.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.