New Moon in Leo: What It Means And How To Channel Its Energy

New Moon in Leo will make you very concerned with yourself and your accomplishments.

New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo occurs during mid-summer and is concerned with self-expression and the need one has to be understood by their loved ones. A good time to begin relationships of all sorts and to set up competitive goals.

The New Moon invites you to reflect whether you have really been doing the things that make you most happy with yourself and pleased with how your life is.

Despite our individual zodiac signs, remember that during the New Moon in Leo, the king of the jungle inside each one of us surfaces, and attempts to rule with his authoritative, active and open attitude the entire world.

The New Moon in Leo spreads confidence, generosity and a playful attitude which can help most people in their interactions with their peers, especially on a romantic plan.

This is a perfect time, during the New Moon appearance to rebuild confidence and start being again proud of one’s inner power.

With the Leo New Moon, the time has come for people to step back a little, and try to meditate for some time, think about their true goals, what they really want to achieve in the future.

This should be done now out of all times because it will have an even higher efficiency, as the influence of the Leo makes people far more intuitive and patient that they normally are.

Perhaps you should not run headlong into battle like you might be inclined to, and instead watch how things unfold, come up with a plan and analyze to find the inner power necessary to succeed.

Use the energy of the New Moon in Leo to:

  • Be generous with someone;
  • Make a dramatic lifestyle change;
  • Be honest with yourself and your partner;
  • Explore your creative side;
  • Settle on and take one courageous risk.

Embracing the Leo inside you

The New Moon brings with it many new opportunities to the table, the chance to actually achieve something extraordinary this time, with just a little bit of ambitions and perseverance.

Besides, there’s not a problem when it comes to stamina, or spirit, because this astrological event will make sure that you are at your very peak in this regard.

People of all signs can very well plan for the future now, think of many new ideas to put into practice later on, as they’ll be greatly inspired, and the chances for their plans to succeed are far better than any other time.

Now that the emotionally straining period of the enlightened Moon in Cancer has passed, it’s time for another, an even more, world-shaking event coming up, the New Moon of the Leo, putting emphasis on their unrestrained, savage, feral instinct to take on life’s challenges as they come.

During this time people will have fun if it’s the last thing they do, just because they want to feel the thrill of living on the verge of the cliff.

Being a Fire sign, creativity and passion are clearly something Leos don’t lack, quite the contrary even and under New Moon, neither will you.

The Leo natives are legendary for their arrogance and conceited attitude, and it’s not that much of a surprise, because they have the skills to afford such an attitude. Self-centered, egocentric, and egotistical beyond measure, they put off an aura of superiority that can’t be confronted by many people, only those on the same level as them.

During the New Moon, you may feel that you are meant for greatness, a destiny that shines brightly amidst all the insignificant lives of other people.

You may feel the need to leave your mark on the world at one point or another. It’s only natural that you are to exude an aura of royalty, and behave as inspired by the Leo sign.

What to do during the Leo New Moon

The Leo New Moon acts as a form of impetus for natives of all signs, whenever they may feel like they’re not doing enough, or that they’ve no chance at succeeding in their endeavor.

This period of time is all about getting the courage to keep on going until the end, to dare act against overwhelming odds, sometimes against impossible ones, just because it’s worse not to try.

You can leave the field of battle with immense satisfaction, knowing that you gave everything you had, and lost, than if you would have abandoned the fight, tails between your legs, at the first sign of danger.

And you might find that during this New Moon, you are inclined to try new things just for the sake of getting out of routine, of forgetting about the day to day grind.

This lunar aspect will make you open about your feelings but more in a selfish way, to make you feel better with yourself and feel less pressure. Honesty and straightforwardness are not going to be a problem.

You might not trust anyone from the start and some people will take time grow on you but this is not to say that you are going to be judgmental towards anyone.

The Leo individual is always admired and so will you, when borrowing from their majestic demeanor during the New Moon. You may even find that people who haven’t really paid attention to you will now try themselves to get your attention.

Things should be pretty simple when referring to the New Moon in Leo. You are expected to take the bull by the horns and put everything you have into advancing further on the path to success.

One mustn’t stop at anything, and no obstacle can make them slow their pace. If they’ve been waiting until now, either because they were discouraged or just unsure, now it’s time to set aside these differences and act with one singular goal in mind.

It’s now or never, and there’s no time to reconsider. Either they give it their best, or the world falls on their heads, a potential gone to ruin because of not enough courage.

Also, you might want to remember that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission and follow the lead of the bold Leo.

These natives are never going to regret doing anything because they surely had their reasons, to begin with. Either it was out of fun, intrigue, curiosity, or just plain Leonian temperament, it was all planned to begin with.

Why feel sorry for something you had every reason to do? It means admitting that you were wrong, and Leos never succumb to that and neither will you during this New Moon.

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