Full Moon in Leo: What It Means And How To Take Advantage

Full Moon in Leo will favor proud endeavors and confidence in one’s powers.

Full Moon in Leo

The Full Moon in Leo brings with it an increase in creativity, inventiveness, efficiency, and productivity. People will start new projects, finish old ones, find new opportunities, make new friends, and all this with the most dazzling smile on their lips.

After all, this is the Moon that pushes you to see the world, and the future, with a bright outlook, and the confidence that you are fully capable to shape them both according to your wishes.

Besides that, the Leo Full Moon reminds you that you only have one life, so you should appreciate it fully, never stopping to overthink about problems, issues, never falling into desperation.

Romantically, this will also be quite an opportune period of time, with some who will either meet their soul mate or go to the next level with their lover.

As a Fire sign, the Leo has an abundance of energy, intense passion with which to approach any and all challenge. Nothing can stand in the way of their ravishing hunger for excitement, indomitable will, unstoppable ambition, and unending vitality.

This is the attitude that is transmitted to other signs during this Full Moon. Under its influence, people will likely give free reign to their emotions, and this means that whenever an opportunity arises, they will not let it go, not until they have made proper use of it, and extracted every ounce of potential from it.

Be it personally, professionally, romantically or otherwise, under the Leo Full Moon, you see every challenge as an opportunity to advance.

During a Leo Full Moon you should:

  • Refrain from boasting to others;
  • Spend time with different people;
  • Prepare a romantic surprise;
  • Go on an adventure;
  • Encourage people in your family.

When is Full Moon in Leo?

The Leo’s Full Moon takes place at the end of January, beginning of February, when the Moon first moves through this Fixed Modality sign, when everyone suddenly becomes more responsible, self-aware, and wants to create for themselves a stable and secure life, filled with nothing but the best.

Comfort, extravagances, a lifestyle with no worries, in other words. Moving on, when the Moon passes through the Leo’s space, these natives will obviously crank up their emotional potential to the max and focus on their creative drive.

They will be the most efficient in this respect, during this period of time, so don’t be surprised when you’ll see them taking on different interests or passions, like painting, singing, sculpting, etc.

During this Full Moon, people will want to experiment and to show the world that they are capable of pursuing even the highest domains of art.

The lion is the king of the animals, the apex predator who rules with its feral fangs all the living beings in its empire, and the Leo has the same royal demeanor, only extended to the world of men.

Borrowing from the Leo royalty, during this lunar aspect, people will have superior principles and expectations from their friends and family, and if someone betrays them, or acts without gloves, they will immediately retort with the fiercest of fury, ripping apart any aggressor.

Also, they will want to have the best conditions, live in luxury and comfort, eat all the best foods, drink the most exotic of drinks, drive expensive cars, and so on.

On top of that, this Moon comes with many opportunities as well, to reap the rewards of past endeavors, projects or investments alike.

Channel the fiery energy of the Full Moon in Leo

Those influenced by the Leo Full Moon will find themselves thrown in a mire of emotions, which drive them to courageous, daring, and quite unusual acts, just to sate their appetite.

They are innately creative and imaginative, or at least have a great potential in that regard. Inspiration can come from pretty much anything, but it’s usually related to domains of the art, like painting, dancing, sculpture, music, and thus some will profess their undying love to one of these domains if they feel even the tiniest attraction to it.

Some natives will put in unimaginable efforts towards their self-development in this sense because they want to express their inner feelings more than anything else. It’s one of their greatest wishes to find a way to do just that.

Leos are very intense and passionate when it comes to their feelings, especially when they fall in love with someone. They will want to shower that person with loads of affection, show them the level of emotions hiding deep within, and to whom those emotions are aimed at. There are plenty of ways to do that, and they choose the most obvious, courageous, and daring ones, obviously.

So when it comes to romance, do expect to be more daring and inspired than usual when a Full Moon in Leo is on the skies.

During this time, some small weaknesses may also surface and some will also want to receive feedback, and be appreciated by their lovers, for the efforts they put in.

In exchange, they will throw away the gloves, and move in even closer, until they are able to embrace their lover, and never let go again.

To make things a little spicier and interesting here, it’s good to find out that Leos are so intense and passionate, quite a little lustful as well, that they will sometimes jump over some stages in a romantic relationship.

They feel the ravages their emotions are causing with each passing second, and if they can’t put them to good use, release all of them, something bad could happen.

Important to remember

During the Leo Full Moon people will wish to bask in the glory of the limelight for as long as possible, after all, and they will seek to fulfill this desire of theirs above all else, through creative endeavors, if possible.

Expressing oneself is essential, after all, to the good development of self-esteem, confidence, and towards self-development. They want to be imaginative, innovative, original, and they want the world to know what they’ve achieved because otherwise, it’s not going to be worth it.

Moreover, whatever stands in their way and chains their potential away will have to suffer, because they can no longer stand it.

It’s the time to release the beast, all the pressure will now be lifted, and they will lift themselves up to the sky, touching upon their star and achieving their deepest desires, and most important dreams.

The Leo Full Moon will remind all about what is possible through persistence but could also present some with the darker side of failure when trying the same thing repeatedly.

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