Leo And Scorpio Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Leo and Scorpio can be lovely or hurtful as this is a tricky combination.

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Both the Leo and the Scorpio are known as passionate lovers and very loyal people. Many would say the Leo-Scorpio relationship is dangerous and unpredictable, when in fact it is very special. With enough chemistry between them, the Scorpio and the Leo can have something intense and with enough drama, which is what they are both looking for.

CriteriaLeo Scorpio Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationBelow average❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

When in love, the Leo is demanding, prouder and more generous than usually. When they fall for someone, Scorpios become hungry for power and sometimes obsessed. The relationship between them and the Leo will be imaginative and filled with manifestations of love.

Both these signs like power, so they’ll look for it, however, without hurting one another. It can be risky as they are very domineering personalities.

If they keep the fire between them pure and creative, they will last as a couple for a very long time. They want to trust one another and eventually they will.

When Leo and Scorpio fall in love …

If the Leo and the Scorpio will celebrate what makes them each unique and so magnetic, they’ll have the foundation for something that will surely end in marriage.

It’s very easy for both of them to be threatened by the other’s confidence. If they would remind themselves every day that the other won’t leave, they would be more at peace.

They will find many great things to be happy about when they are together. For starters, neither of them would ever cheat on the other. They are both very passionate and they live intensely. If they want to be happy, the Scorpio needs to know what makes the Leo tick and work towards his or her happiness.

However, Leos are too protective of their pride but also protective of the people they love. The Leo and the Scorpio will make each other happy no matter how difficult the situation may be.

Scorpios want someone with whom they can be at peace and their Lion partners are capable of providing just that. They are both attached to family and love spending time with their friends.

As long as Leos are admired and given enough attention, they will offer back a lot of love and affection. And the Scorpio won’t be at all disappointing either. When Scorpio-Leo will first meet, these two will be very attracted to one another. But as soon as they will overcome this moment of attraction, they will also start having fights about who’s going to lead in the relationship.

As said before, these are both domineering characters. Neither of them will want to admit they are in the wrong.

The Scorpio may be more introverted. He or she will let Leos talk and think they are right and when the latter will least expect it, they will use what they have said against him or her.

If the Leo is not admired enough, he/she will be very hurt. People in this sign are also known to get depressed when they are not being paid enough attention.

In the Scorpio Leo couple, if either notice they are not winning an argument, they simply leave the problem alone and never talk about it again.

The Leo and Scorpio relationship

The Leo and the Scorpio will be in each other’s hearts. They are the same in many ways, but they also have many differences. If they accept one another and compromise from time to time, they can make their relationship beautiful and stable.

Arrogant and proud, Leos are also affectionate and easy to love.  Scorpios want to be in control and they would rather be domineering than pay too many compliments to their Leos.

It’s very difficult for Scorpios to praise someone for free. But with time, and because the Leo is always positive and cheerful, the Scorpio will stop being so stubborn and start to admire him or her openly.

It’s difficult to guess what the Scorpio thinks as they are sneaky and they often hide their real motives, therefore it would be smart not to ever push them. They are very vengeful and they never forgive when they are being crossed.

If they accept that they have flaws and that they are different, the Leo and the Scorpio can spend some amazing times together. The Scorpio should let go on being so annoyed at the fact that the Leo doesn’t seem to care and is impulsive. The Leo may be mistaken sometimes, but this doesn’t mean the Scorpio should rub it into his or her face.

On the other hand, the Leo’s responsibility is to be more emotional and to no longer ask for attention and admiration all the time. They should both focus on what makes them tick as a couple. If they stop and make small compromises, they will become more responsive and intimate with one another.

Leo and Scorpio marriage compatibility

Leos must admit they are selfish and domineering, and Scorpios that they are vengeful and dangerous. This if they want to have a relationship in which they can be open with one another. They usually appreciate honesty and they like to clear things up. They may understand things differently, but if they want to date, they should pay more attention to makes them similar.

Both fixed signs, the Scorpio and the Leo can trust one another, it definitely is great for being sure they won’t cheat. If they establish from the beginning their weaknesses, they would be happier.

Because they will sometimes be too busy obsessing over power or being emotionally unstable, they won’t be able to recognize what brings them together for the long term.

Creation should come easier than destruction to them. It’s good that they are both honest because this helps a lot in the developing process. It’s very interesting to find out how they will plan their time together.

Because they like different things, they will still want to do things in the company of the other. When one wants something, the other will follow and they will work in conjunction to make it possible. They will do well as husband and wife, so if they have been together for a few years, they should make the big step and get married.

Sexual compatibility

The Leo may think the Scorpio is possessive and the latter may think their partner is needy. Before they start something that could take them to bed, the Scorpio should pay a few compliments to the Leo.

The Leo gives sexual pleasure an important role, and would want his or her Scorpio partner to always feel good. If they will take turns at playing the submissive role between the sheets, they would bring much more passion and erotica into their sex life.

Leos are known for their high libido, they like games and role playing. Scorpios, on the other hand, like to have sex in public places and risk a bit. The most erogenous zone for the Leo is the back, and for the Scorpio, the sexual organs.

Candles, expensive sheets and music will only make their nights more passionate. In private, people in these two signs are not only full of passion, but also loving.

The downsides of this union

Bitterness, vengeance, the thirst for power and moods, these are all things that make the Leo-Scorpio relationship ugly. They may be loyal and true to one another, but this doesn’t mean they don’t have some issues.

Competition is also one of these issues. When they make a decision, both of them are known to stick to that decision no matter what. The Scorpio hates to be ordered around, and the Leo will think he or she is always right. This is why they will sometimes fight.

Above it all, these two approach problems in different ways: Scorpios are cautious and practical, while Leos don’t care and act on the first thought.

The Scorpio will try to make the Leo more mature, but with no success. The Leo will as well try and convince their partner to be bolder.

They will also influence each other from an emotional point of view. The Scorpio is very sensitive behind the rough mask, harsh comments and criticism can hurt him or her. And when they are hurt, Scorpios turn into these vengeful creatures who are capable of doing very bad things.

Leos are dramatic so they often play the victim just to put all the eyes on them. It doesn’t matter what issue they’ll be having; this couple will simply not be able to find a solution very fast.

What to remember about Leo and Scorpio

The Leo is the King, the Scorpio is the Sorcerer. What would they do together? Would the Sorcerer be able to get the power?

The Scorpio Leo compatibility is complex and dynamic. Their relationship is consuming and it can rise them both to heights they would have never thought of reaching. They can have something they would surely never forget.

The attraction between them is very powerful, but they have big egos and a battle for power would definitely take place. The Leo is authoritative, while the Scorpio is controlling. This means they will both seek control and it’s not likely one of them will cease power.

These two are known as signs with strong personalities and great sexual desires. They will be great in bed, and they will live their life together at a high emotional intensity. As a matter of fact, this is what will draw them together in the first place.

When it’s working perfectly, their relationship is full of passion, and they are very loyal to one another. It looks like between these signs there is a karmic connection that no one and nothing can break.

But there will also be a lot of drama, fighting and revenge in what they have together. You wouldn’t want to be around when a Leo and a Scorpio are fighting. Scorpios can be spiteful for a long time, and they are known to get revenge in the ugliest possible ways.

The fact that both the Leo and the Scorpio think they know everything will only make matters worse. The Leo will want to lead because people in this sign are leaders from birth, and the Scorpio will want to be controlling because this is what Scorpios do. It would be great if they would determine from the beginning who is the leader of the relationship. If they would agree to take turns at the wheel, they wouldn’t have so many problems to begin with.

Another problem they may face is with the Leo’s natural obsession with him or herself, which means the Scorpio’s needs will remain unresolved. Leos love to be at the center of attention and they can easily forget about their partner and others around them.

Not that Scorpios don’t have problems too. They are known to be too possessive and not at all sociable and outgoing. While both these signs are capable of love and to be caring, in this situation, their vanity is too big and can interfere with their relationship.

A middle solution may be very difficult to reach. If they would make their relationship less dramatic and they would pay more attention to what the other needs, the Leo and the Scorpio could have something stable.

The Scorpio wants to be emotionally stable and the Leo is also keen on stability, but not necessarily of the emotional type. Leos are attracted by the Scorpio’s mysterious attitude and Scorpios will always be into the natural charisma the fiery natives have.

But Scorpios find it difficult to trust others, which wouldn’t necessarily be a problem because Leos can be very sincere and convince them they are trustworthy.

If the Leo will tolerate the fact that the Scorpio has a tendency to manipulate emotionally and the Scorpio lets the Leo be the boss, these two can have a long-term relationship.

They would still fight and have drawbacks, but the chemistry between them would be too strong for the relationship to ever be compromised. For Leo and Scorpio couples, the key to happiness is forgiveness.

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