Jupiter Retrograde in 2019: How It Impacts You

In 2019, Jupiter retrogrades between the 10th of April and the 11th of August and brings in the unknown, a new perspective on life and chances of personal development.

Jupiter Retrograde 2019

Jupiter rules over Sagittarius and Pisces, also over expansion, higher learning and travels to faraway destinations, which means that during its retrograde, all these things are at a lower level than usual, as well slower.

However, it would be a good idea to plan trips or to think of what studies could be taken in the future during this period. Furthermore, this is a good opportunity for reflecting on personal moral values and what changes could be made about them.

Between the 10th of April and the 11th of August 2019, Jupiter will be retrograde in Sagittarius, which means some travel plans may not go as supposed and natives may need to be very patient with what’s happening into their life.

It may also happen for them to experience unexpected, strange and unusual things. They should pay attention to not break any law or to get involved in something having to do with social justice.

This is a good time period for natives to be contemplative and to think of certain aspects of life, such as what’s their higher purpose, their morals and values, or their ethics. It may take them a while to do so, but they’ll discover what made them strong in the past and what to do in order to fix some mistakes from then.

It may happen that Jupiter was in retrograde when they’ve failed to get what they wanted, but at least they’ll what they need anyway. After all, it’s sometimes better to have this transit’s blessing than a certain wish coming true.

Jupiter in retrograde is pretty similar with Saturn in retrograde, with the only difference being that Saturn doesn’t offer anything because this planet likes only to take during this transit, leaving behind nothing else than emptiness and a place for natives to start something new.

At the same time, Jupiter in retrograde is bringing in the unknown as well, usually a new behavior or perspective on life. This is a transit that makes people feel like they’re growing from inside out.

It truly influences what they’re going through in their inner world, also their desires. While they may think they want something, that thing may not actually be what they’re truly dreaming of.

For example, they may be dreaming of wealth and not be rich, but not because they don’t want to be, just because they aren’t doing what they’re supposed to in order to get wealth, like making efforts and working hard.

When not investing efforts in a prolific business or a flourishing career, people are free to do many other things. There’s also the situation in which many are too afraid of failure, so they decide to just not work hard, which can lead them to feel defeated.

Jupiter in retrograde is pushing natives to see what they really want and to address the problems standing in their way towards success.

This transit doesn’t resemble the Mercury in retrograde one because it doesn’t mess with anything, doesn’t bring about chaos and doesn’t impede good things from happening. Therefore, this cycle doesn’t indicate a period of bad luck, of failure in school or at work.

More than this, it brings about many great things related to expansion, development and good luck, things that will come from inside the natives’ heart.

It’s a period of great personal development and also a good opportunity for people to improve their diets. As a matter of fact, Jupiter in retrograde is very favorable for dieting, so it would be a good idea to start a weight loss regime or to cleanse during this transit.

Jupiter is also a master of fine things, so it’s possible for many to indulge in pleasure and to be very pretentious when its retrograde is taking place. What’s more likely to happen is that many will grow, become more mature and in the same time still be playful.

While not getting what they want in time, they’ll still manage to obtain great things, sometimes very unexpectedly. The way this is going to happen depends a lot of where Jupiter is retrograding at that point.

Plans shouldn’t be started during retrogrades, especially if related to the outside world. However, these periods of time are beneficial for thinking of some new ideas and putting them on paper because it’s very possible for these ideas to work out, even if tested for a while before being perfected and taking more than the retrograde period to be complete.

During this transit, it’s also better not to force anything, so when things aren’t working, to just not fight it. For example, those who don’t get picked up over others after a job interview shouldn’t ask for any explanation because they may lose the chance for the same employer to look them up afterwards, not to mention they may hook up a much better job the next day, and this one may be something they didn’t even dare of dreaming.

Therefore, while feeling the Universe is against them, people may in fact realize they’re being pushed towards other directions during the Jupiter retrograde because what they think they want may not all the time be the same with what they actually do need.

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