Jupiter in 3rd House: How It Impacts Your Personality, Luck and Destiny

This placement of Jupiter makes people open-minded, talkative and charming so naturally, they lead some very busy social lives.

Jupiter in 3rd house

Jupiter is the planet that rules over abundance while the third house governs over communication. Therefore, people having Jupiter in 3rd house are very open to talk about anything. As a matter of fact, they may not even know when to stop talking.

These natives want to know what people think and love to share their own ideas, so many will come to them for a piece of advice. They’re always happy, optimistic and able to hide their feelings when sad.

Jupiter in 3rd House summary:

  • Strengths: Smart, decisive and pragmatic;
  • Challenges: Materialistic, selfish and conceited;
  • Advice: They need to filter wisely the information that gets to them;
  • Celebrities: Uma Thurman, Pamela Anderson, Jim Carrey, Mick Jagger.

Focused on what really matters

Jupiter in 3rd house people usually manage to keep their 5 senses in line and don’t bother too much with things that don’t matter. In the meantime, they like discussing everything that doesn’t seem important.

These natives are the type who lives in luxury even if not very rich. They seem to have a good business sense and love everything about the erotic. Members of the opposite sex will love this about them.

They can make others feel miserable because they’re very selfish and want only what’s best for themselves. The best students of life and schools, they love honors and degrees as much as they love to talk.

Life won’t be generous with them because they will have to choose between money and respect. Therefore, if they won’t be very rich, they will at least be respected and the other way around.

Jupiter in 3rd house individuals tend to be very good teachers and talented at educating others.

In case the 2nd and the 11th house have good planets in their chart, they will make great money by teaching others different things. Also, if they won’t charge a penny for teaching, they will be respected for doing it.

The placement of Jupiter in the 3rd house makes people very smart, hardworking, cautious and good with decisions. Because this house is the one of communication an intellect, they will have an open-mind and be able to speak or write better than others do.

This doesn’t mean they have to be writers or public speakers, but doing these jobs would surely bring them success. Some of them may be too lazy to do anything about their life.

Because they simply love talking, expect them to spend hours on live chat or on the phone. Obviously, because they love to read, they will have many books on their shelves at home.

Many of them will continue to study until older. It’s like their mind attracts every piece of new information and they don’t mind sharing everything they know.

However, it’s also possible for them to learn about things that aren’t in any way important or useful.

That’s why they should filter what comes to them in form of news and information. Being able to remember everything is not in their advantage if they’re treating their brain as a sponge or garbage bin.

Avoiding what seems to be useless in terms of knowledge is the best idea for these people because they can be the type who opens 10 websites at once and just jumps from one to the other and doesn’t managed to understand one thing out of all of them.

Focusing on something important and useful will help them decide what they like and also what they should keep in their memory.

Usually, Jupiter in 3rd house people have many siblings and relatives. It’s likely their siblings will also be strongly influenced by this planet or have their Sun sign in Sagittarius.

They will get along with everyone and receive unconditional love from those who happen to be in their family. Because this house is also the one of neighbors, this suggests they will live near people who love them and have many friends that reside just across the road from their house.

When it comes to education and communication, these natives will probably have many opportunities in these areas.

Always looking to become more knowledgeable and to develop their skills, Jupiter in 3rd house people will enjoy developing in academic environments.

People in their life will have a very good influence over them because they simply love being around others.

The more they’ll improve their knowledge and express their ideas in an interesting way, the more their close ones will appreciate them.

These natives can really talk about complex things and explain the most interesting concepts so that others understand them. That’s why teaching is a good career they could choose.

The most important opportunities in their life may be related to studying and traveling. They seem to manage very well in any type of situation because they’re open to learn and want to expand their knowledge.

When negotiating, they manage to handle the discussion so that the conclusion is in their advantage.

During their childhood, when in school, they have simply loved their life and learning. If Jupiter is in negative aspects in their chart, things may not happen this way.

But most of them will have a great love for education or anything else relating to school. Jupiter in 3rd house children like to learn and to play with their colleagues on the football field.

Usually the popular type, their teachers respect and adore them as they don’t seem to struggle learning and put in just a little bit of effort to remember things or to be good in class.

Because they don’t need to study at home, they will have a lot of free time and hang around the neighborhood with other kids who may be envious of them.

Very open to making new friends and always happy, Jupiter in 3rd house individuals are appreciated by others. They may receive many gifts and be helped with all kind of opportunities by those who want them around.

So don’t be surprised if they’ve found the perfect job during a visit to one of their former classmates. It’s like good news comes to them when they’re going on short trips or check their email more often.

In case they’re writers, their publisher will offer them many good opportunities and their creativity will impress.

The goods and the bads

If Jupiter happens to be in the 3rd house of Gemini, the natives of this placement are very imaginative and even poetic.

They should be careful not to share too much of their life with their friends because this may turn against them. Very generous and always wanting to give a hand or a good idea, they’re appreciated by everyone.

Their siblings and cousins will play a very important role in their life. When traveling short distances, they will learn many things and have a lot of fun.

Every interaction they may have, even with the people at the shop and their neighbors, will be very meaningful for them.

Jupiter in 3rd house people usually see the big picture and are great at offering advice. They really care about the ones they love and would do anything to make them happy.

People in their life will notice how much they care about others and love them for this. Because they’re feeling they’re not spiritually developing around the acquaintances they already have, they will always look for new friends.

When they’re not expanding their horizon, these natives feel like they’re wasting their life and that boredom has taken over. They don’t just want comfort because they have a need to explore and discover new things.

The more adventurous they get to be, the luckier. It’s important for them to not leave people behind when going traveling.

Bringing their siblings or partner with them will surely make their journey more enjoyable. It’s suggested they focus on just a few subjects and don’t spread their attention in every direction.

Jupiter in 3rd house suggests natives with displacement can be overwhelmed when meeting too many people or enjoying life too much. For example, they should focus on only one thing at a time and move to another after they have learned everything about the previous one.

This is how they can manage to keep their luck and pay attention to every person in their life. There’s no one else besides themselves who has control over where their life is going.

Philosophy and the finest things in life seem to make them thrive and they’re very empathic or well-educated. Life may be good to them if they’ll continue their education and spend their time reading or writing. Traveling will bring them a lot of joy as well.

They will have people coming to them to ask for advice because they seem to be knowledgeable on every subject.

These natives can know many things about the most unusual topics. Success usually comes to them through communication, knowledge and education.

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