Jupiter Retrograde: Explaining the Changes in Your Life

Jupiter in retrograde is reminding everyone things are happening for a reason, no matter how difficult it may be to sometimes understand them.

Jupiter Retrograde

During Jupiter in retrograde, people may notice their plans are being halted and even terminated without them wanting for this to happen.

This time period is good for natives to rethink their spirituality and philosophy of life, to analyze their beliefs, even some legal matters they’re involved in and the methods in which they’re managing different situations.

Jupiter retrograde in a nutshell:

  • This retrograde is perfect for self-examination and big decisions;
  • Be careful about how much money you spend and on what;
  • Learn that you need to experiment before you know what is best for you;
  • Natal Chart Jupiter retrograde means a person should never hurry to do major changes.

This transit is perfect for brainstorming and exchanging opinions on problems that are going to be addressed. By doing this, many will realize the path they were initially thinking of taking may not be the right one.

What to expect during Jupiter retrograde

Jupiter in retrograde is also a good period for natives to work on themselves and to self-improve. When direct, Jupiter requires for things to be externalized, but when in retrograde, it asks for internalization.

This is a period for sorting out, for self-examining and for the realization of one’s strengths. Because Jupiter is the largest planet in the system, it’s possible to experience many changes during its retrograde.

Therefore, natives may feel blue, more sensitive to criticism and even tempted to do wrong things. Jupiter in retrograde helps people be more discerning, insightful and wise, especially if they’ve paid attention and learned from their past mistakes.

This is a transit that plays with individuals’ trust, which means those feeling lucky for a long period of time may end up having all this change in their life and their faith getting tested.

This is a time when money is going to be low and not available for everything people may want to buy, so it would be wise for those who are already struggling when it comes to finances to not spend that much.

Many shouldn’t decide to just quit their job and pursue another one during this transit because it’s possible for them to not last at the new place, as soon as Jupiter is going to be direct again.

During this planet’s retrograde, optimism may drop, so those having big dreams may stall on achieving what they want, not to mention their new ideas will never seem to become a reality.

Everyone has inner wisdom, it’s only important for others to notice it in them. Jupiter in retrograde encourages such things, so people are suggested to take a break and pay attention to their inner thoughts.

This is a period for self-examination and big decisions to be taken because it’s easier for natives to hear their inner voice when this transit is taking place. Those unhappy with their career, about a partner or who are lying to themselves everything’s okay when it isn’t will ask themselves many questions now, not to mention they’ll have 4 months to answer all of their questions as well.

Even in retrograde, the expansive Jupiter wants to teach natives how to develop and deal with change in order to better themselves. This is a time that should be used wisely because retrogrades have a way of challenging the way natives are aligned with the energy of their surroundings.

Just like Mercury is the planet of communication that when in retrograde messes up everything people are using to talk to each other, like e-mails, texts and others, the same happens with other planets during such a transit, only what each of them is ruling over begins to be influenced.

Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion, money and luck, also the ruler of action, joy and a helper for people to grow by interacting with the outside world. However, when in retrograde, it influences natives to expand and develop from inside out more.

This not a good period for quitting jobs because it may be impossible to find other ones afterwards. Ruling over travel like Mercury, Jupiter is more about long-distance than local trips, which is the case of Mercury.

Many have found to have their itineraries changed during Jupiter in retrograde. Also, this transit is known to make everything about what this planet rules over negative.

People start to think they’re the only ones right and don’t want to accept any advice from their most loved ones. The open-minded Jupiter usually becomes petty when in retrograde. It has a good influence as well because it brings a sense of unity and makes natives feel they’re involved in something together.

Oftentimes, people become more sympathetic after something really touches their heart and the one of their loved ones. Seeing everyone has the same way of reacting to different situations and the same joys or reasons for sadness as themselves can bring friends closer to each other.

Jupiter in retrograde doesn’t necessarily suggest 4 months of bad luck are going to come or that money will be completely low. It’s just a better period for individuals to find their path in life and to set their priorities straight in order for them to end up doing what they love the most.

However, there are some costs associated with this. Just like when Mercury is in retrograde, things may not go as planned because many unexpected things can happen, even if in the end, the results will be better than ever imagined.

During retrogrades, natives are reminded they may not know what’s best for them just because they’re knowledgeable and well-informed. Intuition and the subconscious are completely different matters when compared with information coming from the outside.

Jupiter in retrograde is reminding everyone things are happening for a reason, no matter how difficult it may be to sometimes understand them.

During this period, people should just look inside themselves and do all the necessary work for their life to become better while remembering Jupiter is working from the inside.

Abundance seems to come from the inside too, expansion and luck as well, so these aspects of life may feel promising during this transit. When Jupiter is in retrograde, natives need to analyze the details of their own life, to live in the moment and to no longer think that much about their future, but more of what they’ve already accomplished.

This transit is good for spirituality and introspection, not to mention it can bring about matters of development, success and satisfaction into discussion. It suggests every aspect of life should be taken seriously and regarded as important, not to mention given enough time for things to settle and to be allowed to move forward.

Those struggling with addiction or who are too greedy will manage to recognize they have a problem during the 4 months in which Jupiter is in retrograde. Others will be so out of control that their loved ones will need to organize an intervention for them.

As soon as Jupiter becomes direct, all these issues are most likely be solved and natives readier to embrace being happy and successful.

Jupiter retrograde in the Natal Chart

Those having Jupiter in retrograde at the moment of their birth tend to be perceived as strange because their beliefs, morals and perspectives are different than others’.

These natives prefer to learn what life is by experiencing it to the maximum and by having different reactions, which means they’re rarely listening to others.

Because they don’t believe in luck and fate, they’re all the time planning and worrying about their future or what consequences their actions may have.

It’s possible for them to notice from a very young age that they deserve many good things to happen to them. These natives will always have a need to prepare for something big, so they’ll subconsciously organize themselves to be prepared when the time is right to do anything.

Jupiter will give them a hand when it comes to absorbing new information or being wise about certain actions that need to be ready when decisions have to be made.

Those having Jupiter in their natal chart should never hurry to do major changes into their home because being patient with domestic matters can bring them many benefits, like the opportunity to find bargains on expensive furniture or the occasion to sell their house at a very high price.

Jupiter will always help them experience great things that can make them expand. However, they should understand this expansion comes with some troubles as well, especially when it comes to how life is flowing.

This planet can give too much in one area, which can be a bad thing, no matter for how long this offer has been desired. When having its energies focused on what’s happening inside the mind of natives, it causes them to overthink.

More than this, it sometimes forces people to indulge in contemplating abstract concepts and to have big dreams that aren’t in any way practical, regardless of how intelligent and correct they may sound.

Jupiter in retrograde reveals the areas of life and personality traits that need to be developed more. A good Jupiter is open-minded, satisfied and at peace with its surroundings, which means it focuses on expansion, growth and having a more insightful look on philosophy and spirituality.

Its purpose is to make people more generous and open to developing new friendships, with people from all corners of the world and from different backgrounds.

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