Jupiter in 11th House: How It Impacts Your Personality, Luck and Destiny

This placement of Jupiter makes people feel very happy when surrounded by those they love the most and usually, their success comes from working with others.

Jupiter in 11th house

Jupiter in eleventh house natives give a lot of importance to freedom and are very flexible when it comes to dealing with others. Their mind is always open and they think of innovative ideas, which makes them want to change the world and turn it into a better place.

However, there is one negative side of this placement: the natives having this position are so lucky when it comes to difficult situations that they forget how to no longer depend on luck. Therefore, they may end up very lazy and not able to make things happen anymore because they’re thinking life will only bring them good things or get them out of any nasty situation.

Jupiter in 11th House summary:

  • Strengths: Loving, knowledgeable and lucky;
  • Challenges: Manipulative and lazy;
  • Advice: They need to focus on their education more;
  • Celebrities: Elvis Presley, Natalie Portman, Kanye West, Adele, Prince.

A knack for successful endeavors

Jupiter in 11th house natives are usually wealthy, focused on their spirituality and very popular. however, they may struggle with their income because they think they deserve a comfortable life for doing nothing.

Usually, Jupiter makes things easier for the house in which is placed, but when in the 11th one, it creates problems as far as the income goes.

Natives having Jupiter in 11th house should really know how to treat this planet if they want to make a good living with their profession.

They may also have less children than others because Jupiter influences them to be the parents of only one or two kids. Because the 11th house looks at the 5th one, those having Jupiter here are very educated because the last-mentioned house is all about education.

The friends of individuals having Jupiter in Eleventh house are funny and the loud type, who organize all kind of events and gatherings.

In other words, people with Jupiter in 11th house and their loved ones always gather around to eat and drink or to have important conversations about matters of life.

These natives of Jupiter in the 11th house feel very happy when surrounded by those they love the most, even when the Great Benefic is in a negative aspect in their chart.

If in opposition or square with other planets, those with these placements may have many problems with their friends or spend too much time in the groups they’re belonging to, which means they will always be tired and not interested in other things in their life besides hanging out with their friends.

Jupiter in 11th house brings people a lot of success when it comes to teamwork because this planet here makes collaborations fruitful.

Natives having this placement can be great leaders, if this planet is in good aspects with the Sun or Pluto.

They will always be good money makers and fight for causes that others deem as lost, especially if they have many Aquarius aspects in their chart.

In this situation, they will have great successes when helping others with whatever they can. People having Jupiter in 11th house may be very interested in social issues, education and even the law.

Because the Great Benefic is about foreign places as well, they will have many friends from all over the world, with whom they’ll talk about different cultures and even religion.

The 11th house rules over money too, but not as the 8th or the 2nd do because this house is more responsible with big money, the type of wealth that exists only in dreams and seems to become real very rarely.

Jupiter here indicates the natives with this placement may have the gift of making such money if their friends help them.

Natives having this placement can relax and enjoy what comes to them as much as possible because their life will flow easily and their problems will often get solved with the help of others, without them even asking for such things to happen.

Even when the times will be the most difficult for them, they will still feel the love of their friends and family, who will help them heal and get reborn. However, they should not become too needy.

Very good at networking and involving others in their business, Jupiter in eleventh house individuals are good when dreaming big and thinking of long-term plans that involve teamwork and strong organization.

They can always rely on their friends and their social circles to evolve. It’s very likely for them to sometimes have ideas that seem unusual and more progressive than anyone would imagine.

They love dreaming and seem to achieve their goals easily. Many will turn to them for advice and they won’t hesitate to give it.

It’s possible for them to become leaders because they know how to manage people and have good organizational skills. The more they will get involved with associations from different communities, the more success will come their way.

They’re the happiest when getting to share their ideas and objectives with others, and they usually believe things are meant to be good rather than bad.

When adopting this attitude, they can make more money than they have ever imagined.

When optimistic, they also become more flexible and open towards different interests, others than the ones they’re used with.

Natives with this placement will usually have a wealthy older brother. They can Jupiter in 11th house people should never borrow money because they won’t give it back and can end up in great debt. They may feel offended all the time because they’re not making a good income, but they can treat Jupiter in a great way and find solutions to this problem.

When in the sign of Capricorn, Aries, Libra or Cancer, the natives with this planet in 11th house will be very brave. Sagittarius, Pisces, Leo or Gemini holding Jupiter in the eleventh house will make religious people who are very fearful of their God.

The goods and the bads

Jupiter in 11th house people can have many friends and belong to different groups. They love being around others and will probably get together with people who are unusual or belong to a different culture than their own.

The position of the Great Benefic in this house suggests they know how to collaborate and inspire others, while also being encouraging and working with their imagination in the most original way.

Natives having Jupiter in 11th house will always try to make the world a better place and have high ideals when it comes to knowledge. Fascinated by technology, they love everything relating to progress and are open to try new things all the time.

Others recognize them for being flexible and easy to get along with, also for their original ideas and open mind. What makes them spiritually fulfilled and happy is a job they completely love.

It can be difficult to find a passion in life, but if they’ll focus on their education and choose a career that they really seem to feel good about, they will manage to become successful and even bring innovative ideas in their line of work.

When cooperating with others, these natives get to feel at their best. They have unusual ways of researching that can confuse others from time to time.

Things that for them make sense are usually questioned by those who happen to work with these natives.

It’s not a bad idea for them to have their own way of thinking, but they should learn how to separate ideas and how to make themselves heard more efficiently.

These people hate routine, but their career will still evolve and they’ll feel fulfilled with their professional life or happy with their friendships and the social activities in which they may be involved.

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