Horse and Pig Love Compatibility: A Cheerful Relationship

Their passion is unmatchable and they can have very much fun when together, even though they will still notice their flaws.

Horse and Pig Compatibility

As far as the relationship between the Horse and the Pig goes, these two natives are very sexually attracted to one another. The Horse has a lot of lust and really appreciates the fact that the Pig is sensual, while the latter adores how the former is always making jokes.

However, after they’ve met and dated for a while, the Horse and the Pig need to work hard at making their relationship last. While the Horse is very hard-working and determined to succeed, the Pig loves to procrastinate and can be called lazy.

CriteriaHorse and Pig Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

There is a way in which they can complement each other

If the Horse and the Pig decide to live together and be lovers, they may run into trouble because the latter wants peace and a stable environment, while the former simply loves to be all over the place and to consume his or her energy.

The mind of a Horse is always moving forward and from one idea to another. This native only wants to be in love all the time, so in the beginning of his or her relationship with the Pig, the Horse will be very sensual and give the Pig all kind of gifts.

However, after a while, he or she simply loses interest and becomes as restless as usual. Very attached to family and old friends, the Pig will turn to these people when the Horse will decide to no longer be in a relationship with him or her.

However, the Horse needs to pay attention because the Pig can be quite vengeful when left in the rain by a lover.

If the man is a Pig and the woman a Horse, he’ll be very attracted by her self-confidence and power. He will most likely enjoy a domestic life, she’ll go take part in every new adventure and make many friends.

The lady of this couple can be very surprised when seeing her man isn’t as adaptable as she initially thought. Furthermore, she’ll never appreciate the fact that he has deep feelings and is sincere.

When the man is a Horse and the woman a Pig, he’ll be in advantage, while she’d lose a lot because she simply gives more to a relationship. However, they’ll become equals if staying together for a long time.

When he’ll go on adventures, she’ll just stay at home and suffer. The man in this relationship will never give a damn about the fact that she has domestic talents, while she won’t be able to understand why he needs so much freedom.

Nothing can stop the Horse and the Pig from having fun together because they’re both pleasure-seekers who don’t really care too much about the future. Therefore, the devoted Pig may be the perfect match for a creative Horse.

Furthermore, the Pig is kind and can be easily convinced by the Horse to do anything. It’s possible these two will spend a lot of time outdoors because the Horse wants to engage in physical activities.

While the Pig wants more intimacy and to be shown affection, the Horse is never ready to offer him or her all this, but he or she can surely appreciate the fact that the Pig is loyal and honorable.

A relationship with its strong pros and cons

The Chinese Horoscope says the Pig and the Horse have a way of complementing each other because the first can help the second be less impulsive, while the latter can teach the first how to become aware of opportunities and to just enjoy life.

If these two will respect and understand one another, they can have a great relationship in which both are feeling independent and happy.

The passion between them is unmatchable and they can have very much fun when together. If they’ll decide to just talk about their flaws, they won’t be a couple for too long.

Being in love is something that makes them both happy, so the affection between them can have these two attached to each other for a long time.

However, the Horse will not hesitate to leave when things are becoming boring, which can make things extremely hard for the Pig. What the Pig likes may make the Horse feel tied down, not to mention the Horse hates how the Pig is always lazy and never wants to do anything.

At least they both love socializing and hosting parties. The Pig and the Horse may work together as a couple because they can find in one another what they’re lacking in themselves.

The Horse will always be fascinated by how beautiful the Pig is and may think he or she can never be as good-looking as his or her partner. The latter has a kind heart and can make the former want more and more from him or her.

Furthermore, the Pig admires how the Horse is doing things in general and how he or she finds solutions to problems. When it comes to sex, these two may be too impulsive and get things done too fast. In this relationship, it’s very important the Pig compromises more because the Horse can really teach him or her how to seize any good opportunity.

They’re sure to succeed only if they accept the fact that they are different and both want to commit. While the attraction between them is amazing, they’ll always be different because the Horse wants to go out and to be in the center of attention, the Pig prefers staying at home.

The sex appeal of the Horse can work very well with the sensual Pig, so they may have great times in bed together. The Pig is known as very giving, for having integrity and for always seeing the best in people.

However, this doesn’t mean he or she can accommodate everything the Horse does, so these two need to make a few efforts before deciding on something major like marriage.

It can be said their relationship comes with many pros and cons for both of them. The pros can be about the fact that they’re similar and can get along very well, which means they’ll both decide it’s a good idea to be together and to fight for their relationship.

When it comes to the cons, these are about how they can’t tolerate many things about each other. For example, the Horse may be annoyed about everything the Pig finds interesting and fun.

It’s only up to them both to accommodate one another’s flaws and to also look at their positive traits rather than at the negative ones. Only this way, they’ll manage to flourish as a couple.

The challenges of this romance

The Horse and the Pig are strongly attracted to each other in the beginning but once they consume all this, their relationship may turn into a war zone.

The Horse is aggressive and thinks he or she has superiority, so the Pig may become very unhappy when seeing his or her partner doesn’t accept a different opinion.

The Pig has two way of responding in such situations: he or she either retreats and becomes too stubborn to ever talk about feelings, which means passivity and an interpretation from the Horse that this is a method of escaping reality and refusing to just deal with problems as these come, or this native can talk about issues and even throw tantrums.

However, in the first situation, the Pig has to see the Horse can’t become more understanding as he or she only gets angrier and generates an even bigger conflict. These two may never be happy living together because the Horse likes to take action and to be the one with initiative, whereas the Pig takes things slowly and doesn’t mind following what others are saying.

The fact that the Horse only goes out and spends time in bars can have the Pig thinking of him or her as very superficial. It’s very possible the Horse will get bored seeing the Pig doesn’t want to have fun out or to move a little bit faster.

When it comes to their social lives, they’re very different because the Horse wants to be the first at work and to lead groups, the Pig prefers to just stay at home and to feel all the time comfortable rather than in the middle of things. Another problem that may appear between them has something to do with how they each give importance to the materialistic side of life.

The Horse is energetic and driven to make a lot of money, so he or she doesn’t mind taking on challenges and competing, the Pig is only interested in giving to those in need and doesn’t mind doing charity work or being involved in voluntary associations.

While the Pig pretty much loves indulging in pleasure, he or she is also very generous and has a natural desire to just give a hand and to serve others. The Horse may get bored seeing the Pig always fighting for causes that are more or less lost.

Aside from having different values and morals, the Horse and the Pig are also opposites when it comes to what they’re expecting from love. For example, the Horse thinks a relationship needs to have freedom and excitement, the Pig believes emotional stability and belonging to the partner are the most important things in romance.

Pigs are famous for not being anxious and for becoming loving, caring or kind only after feeling secure from an emotional point of view. The Horse may think all this is suffocating and compromising his or her independence.

While the Pig will always look for more commitment from his or her Horse, this native will never be ready to settle or to live up to the Pig’s expectations.

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