Horse and Monkey Love Compatibility: A Restless Relationship

These two may be moody sometimes and even feel tied down with each other but the more they understand their hopes and dreams, the happier they can be.

Horse and Monkey Compatibility

When together in a romantic relationship, the Horse and the Monkey are very energetic and fun, but they may not last for very long as a couple.

The Horse is impulsive and usually throws him or herself head first in romantic affairs because people in this sign are simply fascinated by love, even if they very rapidly lose interest and prefer to leave rather than to stay and discuss things through with their partner.

CriteriaHorse and Monkey Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

Smoothing the rough edges out

The fact that the Monkey and the Horse are so similar can impede them from having a smooth relationship for a longer period of time. Both these natives are active, fun and seeking to be stimulated, but the fact that they both want the spotlight can make them compete with each other.

The Monkey is simply obsessed with new challenges and wouldn’t hesitate to compete in any situation, the Horse is quite the same and can even surprise the Monkey when he or she gets bored and decides to just get out of the relationship altogether.

As a matter of fact, the Horse is just too restless and can’t sit still for too long. The Monkey is interested to indulge in pleasure, but a little bit more predictable than the Horse.

When these two interact, the energies around them begin to play because both are incredibly lively and flirtatious. The Horse will be delighted to see how the Monkey plays games, makes jokes and impersonates people, while the Monkey will not hesitate to gossip and to take the Horse’s observations into consideration while doing it.

It’s difficult to predict what these two will do next, but at least they’re both the same and accept each other’s unusual behavior. While the Horse usually refuses to settle down, this native may want to change this when with the Monkey because their life together can be just too fun.

If the man is a Monkey and the woman a Horse, she’ll love the fact that he’s adventurous. These two can be best friends or perfect lovers without having to give up their own selves.

Both are never jealous, but they may have problems with communication, yet nothing too serious.

When the man is a Horse and the woman a Monkey, these two can be very devoted to one another. He’ll love her for being so reliable, why she appreciates the fact that he’s balanced and tolerant.

However, they may be all the time busy and forget all about their relationship. It’s possible she feels neglected and he believes she has too many moods, but the fact that they’re both versatile can have them together for a very long time.

Furthermore, this is a couple that loves independence, practicality and going out. Very talented in many fields of work and intelligent, they’ll probably focus more on their careers.

What makes the relationship between these two interesting is the fact that they have a balance between their own needs and pursuits.

These two have a lot of fun together

The Horse and the Monkey are flexible creatures and also smart enough to deal with any challenge that’s in the way of their success as a couple.

The Horse can deal with many practical things and usually takes advantage of any opportunity, whereas the Monkey is a little bit manipulative. Furthermore, the Monkey is as well adaptable and has many talents, so he or she may impress with his or her professional life.

The Horse has a quick temper, which can truly annoy any Monkey. Neither of them has enough patience to understand what makes them different, so it’s possible for them to just focus on themselves and to not work on their connection.

The Chinese Horoscope says the Monkey and the Horse have a lot of fun when together because they both have great charm and high levels of energy.

However, it seems they’re not meant to last for too long as a couple because neither of them is known for committing to a person for a lifetime.

While the Horse immediately gets bored, the Monkey wants change, which means they’d both be looking for the new. If these two can resist the urge to just move on, it’s possible they’ll realize how compatible they actually are.

The Horse can feel tied down next to the Monkey, while the other way around, the latter may find the first to be very moody. The more they’ll understand what dreams and ambitions each has, the happier they can be together.

Problems may appear when their similarities don’t allow them to be an item because they’re simply working against each other.

Both these natives need stimulation and love being in the center of attention. However, they can become aggressive when competing for the spotlight. In this situation, the Monkey will never give in when arguing with the Horse.

Furthermore, the Horse never has patience and usually says nasty words without thinking too much. It’s very likely the Horse won’t even talk about a breakup and just leave the relationship, which can make the Monkey feel shocked and committed to get revenge.

The Monkey is very capable of pushing the agitated Horse to just want to break up because he or she annoys the latter with his or her need for attention.

The Horse will always hurry to meet new people and to fall in love all over again because people in this sign can sometimes be superficial, especially if they have lost interest in their partner.

As soon as bored, the Horse no longer sees a meaning in his or her affair and doesn’t want to work things through anymore. The Monkey won’t suffer too much if the Horse will decide to leave because the Monkeys is anyway prone to stray, so probably he or she would have already cheated on the Horse.

Regardless if men or women, Horses are always moving and doing something with their life, so settling down for them is very difficult.

They seem to change their mind from one minute to another, this being the reason why they have so many jobs, countless lovers and more than one project on which they’re working at a time. At the start of any new relationship, the Horse is very intense and seductive.

The challenges of this romance

One of the biggest problems in the relationship between a Horse and a Monkey is about these two natives’ big egos. Both of them tend to be selfish and to believe no one else besides them is right.

While the Horse always thinks of him or herself and can’t put others before his or her own needs, the Monkey is just arrogant and believes he or she knows everything.

Therefore, an argument between the Horse and the Monkey can turn into a serious war in which neither of them is willing to accept defeat or to make a compromise.

As a matter of fact, the Monkey and the Horse are very likely to exaggerate little problems, to use their bad tempers and to make a tragedy out of a trivial issue.

The Monkey is known as vengeful, manipulative and very mean. As said before, the fact that they both want attention can have them competing for the spotlight.

While the Monkey is knowledgeable and very experienced, it’s only normal for him or her to want many admirers and curious listeners. The Horse will never accept being one of these people because he or she wants as well to be in the center of attention.

As a matter of fact, the Horse may completely refuse to accept the Monkey’s rules. It’s possible the latter will be completely shocked when the former won’t accept his or her challenges and just to leave the relationship without saying a word as the Horse can be extremely unpredictable and usually does radical things out of impulsiveness.

Furthermore, both the Horse and the Monkey are known to resent long term commitments. The Horse usually chases partner after partner because he or she wants to be all the time in love, so when people in this sign seem involved in a relationship and settled, it’s very likely for them to just suddenly move on and to refuse thinking twice about staying.

Extremely curious and always looking for a challenge, the Monkey prefers the new rather than loyalty and familiar people. If the Monkey and the Horse will decide to live together, their place will surely be untidy and chaotic because both of them resent domestic tasks.

It can be very difficult for a Monkey and the Horse to be together as a couple for a long time because these two signs are always interested in the new and can’t get emotionally attached, especially for longer periods of time.

However, the fact that they’re understanding and both want independence can have them happy together. As soon as the Horse will realize the Monkey won’t stroke his or her ego, he or she will become intrigued about this native and may decide to stay in a relationship with him or her.

When the Monkey will see how the Horse demands respect and is very honest, he or she may think this person is truly a catch and that something long-term is incredibly beneficial for both of them.

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