Horse and Dog Love Compatibility: A Complex Relationship

This relationship is usually founded on mutual understanding and harmony but the former may need to resort to some compromises to make the latter happy.

Horse and Dog Compatibility

When with the Dog, the Horse can have a very good time because the relationship between these two has chances of great success as both are entertaining and usually happy.

When lovers, the Horse and the Dog will not spend too much time at home because they may want to only go out and have fun. Neither of them will want to stay in, especially the Horse as he or she needs to always be stimulated.

CriteriaHorse and Dog Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

The same Horse is not known as very committing when it comes to long-term relationships, but with the Dog, this thing may change. Because the latter is mysterious, has many moods and can go through pessimistic episodes, the Horse will find him or her intriguing.

Their love can truly bring them together

When it comes to their physical connection, the Dog and the Horse Chinese signs have great stamina, so it’s impossible for them to get tired of each other.

If the man is a Dog and the woman a Horse, the life of these two together can be very fun as he’ll eventually become less anxious and insecure, while she’ll really appreciate him for his work ethic.

Furthermore, she may think he has too high ideals and the man of this couple may be very jealous.

When he’s a Horse and the woman a Dog, this couple can have real problems because neither of them wants to deal with domestic tasks since they’re both very ambitious.

She’s conservative and will argue with him because he wants only to spend their money and to go on adventures.

The man in this relationship won’t be able to understand why the woman is moody, so he must exercise his tolerance. The Chinese Horoscope says the Horse and the Dog have very good chances at being together for a very long time.

The Horse may think the Dog is very different than any other person he or she has ever met because the Dog can be truly devoted and respectful with a partner.

In return, the Dog sees the Horse as an adventurer or the person he or she has waited for a lifetime. In the beginning of their relationship, they’ll both have a very good feeling about their connection.

Their love can truly bring them together, but these two need their own space if there is for them to be happy together. Because neither likes to just sit around and do nothing, they’ll go to many places and have a lot of fun as a couple.

However, the Dog is quieter and more peaceful, while the Horse thinks only about having fun. Furthermore, the Dog will always think the Horse has valuable intuition and intelligent solutions to problems.

Their relationship will be very balanced because the Horse can help the Dog be more comfortable around other people, while the Dog can teach the Horse how to be happy at home and in a peaceful environment.

The Horse will fall in love with how the Dog makes him or her laugh and his or her logic. All Dogs are known as sincere, devoted to their partner and down-to-earth, which means a person in this sign can’t accept the Horse sometimes makes mistakes.

The Horse will never be upset when the Dog is straightforward and harsh, so the relationship between them is meant to be all the time peaceful.

Many couples are made from a Horse and a Dog because these two natives don’t require too much work when it comes to their romantic connection.

The expressive Horse will always admire the Dog for being a fighter for justice, and the Dog won’t mind when the Horse is very honest with his or her comments.

While the Horse may not be very happy when the Dog is pessimistic, this is not a great danger for their union, not to mention the Horse can always make the Dog laugh.

In return, the Dog will understand the Horse needs to wander and won’t mind following his or her partner. Both these signs need to sometimes be alone and to take a break from one another, especially due to the fact that the Dog loves peace and quiet.

While a little bit pessimistic, people of this sign are very reliable and usually don’t trust others that easily. If the Horse will flirt with too many members of the opposite sex, the Dog may end up being destroyed.

The Horse is almost obsessed with having fun and can’t really become tied down to only one person’s demands. If this native and his or her Dog partner can overcome their differences, they’ll manage to be an almost perfect couple as they both have affection for one another.

In this union, the Horse needs to sometimes make compromises for the Dog to be happy. After all, only by giving in, their relationship can be based on mutual understanding and balance.

The Dog is very accommodating with the Horse and not in any way strict. Things between these two need to be kept exciting or the Horse may get bored. When with the Dog, the Horse can make this native feel like he or she has never had so much fun with anyone else.

More than this, the Horse will always look to bring more excitement into the Dog’s life, which won’t bother in any way the Dog because people in this sign are very tolerant and prefer to keep everyone happy.

In conclusion, the Dog will never be bothered by the Horse’s desire to have more and more fun.

The challenges of this romance

One of the biggest problems of the relationship between a Dog and a Horse is related to the fact that these two natives expect completely different things from love.

For example, the Horse is wild and gives a lot of importance to freedom, so in a romantic relationship, he or she has to have a lot of independence.

On the other hand, the Dog has insecure emotions and needs to constantly be told he or she is a special person, or else this native won’t feel in any way good about his or her affair.

It can be difficult to expect a selfish Horse to say all these things because Horses are always focused on going places and making their dreams come true.

The Dog, when not offered what he or she wants, may end up having a desire to stray and to look for love someplace else. The Horse is not known for being too faithful either.

As a matter of fact, the Horse is very enthusiastic when meeting new people, so it can be difficult to keep him or her attentive to the Dog and devoted for a lifetime, so being faithful may be a real problem for this native.

More than this, if the Dog and the Horse would no longer feel attraction for one another, they would immediately start wanting to cheat on each other.

Even if they aren’t cheating, it’s very possible for the instability in their relationship to influence them in a very negative way as the Horse can’t rest and wants to change all the time, while the Dog is extremely moody.

Therefore, it can be very complicated for these two to raise a family or to live in the same house considering neither of them is ever levelheaded. Unlike the grounded Ox and the highly practical Rooster, the Dog and the Horse don’t know how to bring stability into their life.

It’s very possible for both of them to never take on any responsibility and this way, to not last for too long as a married couple. However, all this doesn’t mean they can’t ever be together for a lifetime.

As a matter of fact, because they’re both hard-working, they may realize their relationship needs only a little bit of more effort and spontaneity, so it’s possible for them to just decide they wish to be a successful couple and to try and be happy together.

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