Dragon and Monkey Love Compatibility: A Passionate Relationship

These two can be a strong couple which is brought together by their similar beliefs and dreams about the future.

Dragon and Monkey Compatibility

As far as love goes, it can be said the connection between the Dragon and the Monkey from the Chinese zodiac is almost electrifying because these two are simply amazing when together, especially in bed.

If living together, they may not keep a very clean home because neither of them likes to deal with domestic tasks. Furthermore, they’re both very bad with the everyday issues like taking care of the home and making sure all the bills are getting paid.

CriteriaDragon and Monkey Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The Dragon and the Monkey are known to make a very passionate couple in which both partners are having a lot of fun. Not only they have many things in common, they also get along very well.

Living their love at a fast pace

The Monkey and the Dragon are people with great passion who sometimes have a quick temper. However, while they may be fighting, it’s easy for them to let go of things and to move on because neither is known to hold a grudge.

The Chinese Horoscope says the Dragon and the Monkey are a very happy couple because the Dragon is even more motivated and fun when around the Monkey.

In the meantime, the latter becomes twice as ingenious when the Dragon keeps encouraging him or her. You will find these two only where the fun is and where things are happening at a fast pace.

While it’s possible for natives in the sign of the Monkey to sometimes wander alone, they’ll still always come back to the Dragon. Furthermore, the Dragon needs to be smart enough to never try and tie down the Monkey because people in this Chinese sign need their freedom.

As said before, both the Dragon and the Monkey have high levels of energy, but besides that, there are also very optimistic, courageous and open to put up with any challenge.

When out in the city or visiting friends, they’ll always be the life of the party and make others feel good around them. In conclusion, the Monkey and the Dragon simply love being around one another and living at a very fast pace.

Since both of them have a lot of passion, it’s expected for their quick tempers to sometimes emerge. Neither of them will ever sit calmly and wait for too long for their fights to wear off because they’re both very intelligent people who prefer to talk things through and to move on from arguments.

The relationship between the Monkey and the Dragon works perfectly when these two are lovers because their connection in the bedroom is very intense, while their nights together unforgettable.

It seems that from a sexual point of view, they simply have a way of complementing each other, not to mention how much fun they can be when doing things together.

Both the Dragon and the Monkey don’t mind working hard for their relationship to last and to be almost perfect.

Having a keen sense of observation, these two are good at dealing with other people or at making their dreams come true because their positivity and aggressiveness can’t be matched.

A life full of excitement

The Monkey possesses great intelligence and has many skills, the Dragon has very high levels of energy and a determination to succeed that always helps, regardless of the situation.

The Dragon will simply adore the Monkey for the fact that he or she knows how to deal with any challenge. It seems this pair gets along very well, no matter if the natives are working together, are relatives, lovers or best friends.

Their life together will always be full of excitement, passion and adventure. While very good on their own, they still want to share their lives and to have a partner.

Loving to go out and make new friends, they may sometimes spend Saturday evenings separately because they want to go to different places. It’s not important for them to be glued to each other.

The Monkey is known as a player and the Dragon for not being scared of a little bit of flirting. However, they’ll always come back into one another’s arms.

The Dragon likes to risk with the Monkey because the latter gives the impression of knowing everything and of having solutions to any problem, which means people in this sign are also very attractive, aside from challenging.

Furthermore, the Monkey will always come up with great ideas, so the Dragon will never feel insecure around him or her because optimism and a joy of life will constantly rule them. It would be better for these two to not get involved in business together as neither of them is practical.

However, if it’s about sex, they should definitely do something to end up in bed with one another. The Dragon will always know how to turn on the Monkey by stimulating his or her erogenous zones.

After lovemaking, they’ll talk and laugh with their heads on the pillow, while their bedroom will look just like it was hit by a storm.

When the man is a Monkey and the woman a Dragon, their relationship can be quite happy because she admires him very much. He’s smart, doesn’t mind tolerating a couple of things and knows how to deal with her temper.

The lady in this couple would feel like she has found her sidekick. Whenever she’ll become angry, he will too. When going out, they’ll bond like no other couple.

If the man is a Dragon and the woman a Monkey, she’ll be completely obsessed with him, while he’ll admire the fact that she’s intelligent. Furthermore, he would feel like the most important in person in the world with her because she pays a lot of attention to him while also offering all of her support.

This is also a wonderful couple. What brings the Dragon and the Monkey together is how they both believe in a dynamic life and have very active minds.

The Dragon and the Monkey perfectly agree to be a couple of go-getters and to live life intensely. There’s a big difference between them, one that makes these two irresistible for one another. This difference is about how the Dragon thinks and dreams big, while the Monkey prefers more versatile interests.

They’ll still always stimulate each other to take part in new adventures and to do exciting things. As said before, their life would be lived at a fast pace because they seem to have many things in common, they enjoy, together with objectives to fulfill.

The challenges of this romance

One problem the Dragon and the Monkey may have when in love is linked to the fact that they’re both very stubborn. Furthermore, they have big egos and refuse to listen to other people’s opinions most of the time.

The Monkey is known for refusing to take advice or to work with ideas that come from others. This means the Dragon will feel a little bit left behind in his or her presence.

Besides this, both the Dragon and the Monkey are impulsive people who can make harsh decisions that can destroy their relationship. It’s possible for them to risk everything in love or to do things that don’t make any sense.

In the end, this attitude towards life and romance can have them break up sooner than later. They need to be realistic and to appreciate what they actually have instead of risking one another’s love.

And the list goes on because neither of them wants to talk about emotions, which can influence their sex life in a very bad way. Without an emotional connection, two lovers may be nothing else than good friends.

It’s important the Monkey and the Dragon strengthen their bond from this point of view, especially if they want to be together for a very long time. Just like any other couple, they also need to sometimes compromise and to think of the fact that a long-lasting marriage involves paying more attention to the other than to oneself from time to time.

Because they both like to take risks that are unnecessary, regardless if it’s about work or love, the Dragon and the Monkey may break up at some point as neither of them thinks the other may get upset over a particular aspect and this may not be true.

The Dragon can be very careless and just go out without thinking what his or her partner wants the same time, not to mention natives of this sign are known as ruthless when it comes to competing.

The Monkey loves to go out too, but may want more to do things together with his or her partner. Because both the Dragon and the Monkey have common interests, they’re very likely to be together for a while and to not cheat on each other.

Only their boldness may push them to stray and to take unnecessary risks. If they want to build a home or business together, they should give up from the start because they’re both too impulsive and therefore, never thinking twice when making a decision.

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