Capricorn And Capricorn Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between two Capricorns can be smooth and wealthy as this is a blissful combination.

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The relationship between two Capricorns can be either one of love and understanding, or one in which both partners are too stubborn to get along. Governed by Saturn, the Capricorn is traditional and will wish for a long-term commitment.

CriteriaCapricorn Capricorn Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexBelow average❤❤

The Capricorn needs someone who’s not very shy in order not to get bored when in love. They are completely devoted so will reject the advances of others when they will already be dating.

This is something others highly appreciate in them. They will never be enthusiastic about a date until they are sure things are going in the right direction.

But don’t think they’ll force things to happen because they won’t. Relaxed, Capricorns like to keep everything light before they become very involved.

When Capricorn and Capricorn fall in love …

Two Capricorns have so many things in common that they make a great couple. They behave the same, so it won’t be difficult for them to understand one another.

They both want to climb the social ladder and are responsible, hardworking people. Determined, you’ll never see Capricorns not reaching their goals. They are serious about work and everything else they may be doing.

Worriers, Goats never leave things undone and they work tirelessly till they think what they have done is perfect.

As a couple, they won’t mind when the other will take a break to invest in his or her career. Work is very important to them not to understand the other has responsibilities and some standards.

People will think two Capricorns are the best couple they have ever seen. These two will be open and social, people always wanting them at parties and other types of gatherings.

They can be considered more than lovers, they are soulmates who can’t live without one another. Emotionally, mentally, and physically, these two are a match on every plane. No one and nothing will be able to destroy what they’re having.

Because they know what to put a price on in life, Capricorns will always have successful careers and an accomplished love life. Financial security is very important to them, so they will work hard to have enough money for both the present and the future. It’s great for a Capricorn to be with another Capricorn because no one would understand better their priorities in life.

The Capricorn and Capricorn relationship

It’s rare to find a more compatible couple than the Capricorn with another Capricorn. With a strong chemistry, these two are too alike not to get one another.

The only thing they would need in order to be happy would be more spontaneity. While others are struggling to comprehend reality, Capricorns are rational and down-to-earth.

They will always keep a young heart, thing that will make them more interesting and attractive. Traditional and conservative, Capricorns like to respect rules. They are always doing what is right no matter what. They are strong and consistent, this meaning they will be appreciated by others.

Goats are not known as risk takers or adventurous people. Family is what matters the most to them. They will do anything to protect their loved ones. The respect they have for their parents can’t be seen in other signs.

Not to mention they have many other different qualities like ambition and a desire to climb the social ladder. When they fall in love, Capricorns become resilient and serious. Slow because they don’t want to rush anything, they will take their time before they start to trust someone. This will be totally fine when they’ll woo another Capricorn.

However, they need to be careful not to take too long, though or else the relationship may get compromised. If they would trust their intuition more, and also if they would be more willing to take risks, they would be happier and more likely to get the person they like in their life.

After all, it’s them and not fate who dictates their way in life. In the first year of their relationship, two Capricorns can be smothering with one another. The more they have been together, the more fun they’ll have. They will be capable of achieving great successes if they will happen to be together.

Two Capricorns working together is something very interesting and efficient. They will admire the efforts the other one is making more than anyone else. The combined goals of two Goats will always be reached.

They deserve success because they are serious and hard working. It would only be normal for anything that comes out of their combined efforts to be majestic. And what’s good to know about them, is that they will never be critical of one another.

In the eyes of the other, they won’t have a single flaw. It comes more naturally for them to highlight what makes them thrive, not what makes them fail.

Financial security, stability and devotion. These are the words that best describe the relationship between two Capricorns. Their connection is spiritually and physically strong.

It’s important that they do more exciting things together. Escaping routine can help their relationship a lot. If they get too serious about their love, they can both become too blunt. Spicing up their life together will only help them avoid boredom and develop something stronger.

Capricorn and Capricorn marriage compatibility

Capricorns approve of people who are like themselves, so if with another Capricorn, respect between them will be only normal. Cautious and reserved, two married Capricorns will be financially stable and happy.

It’s good that they both are family-oriented and stable. When together, they are sure to have big salaries and talented children who will bring home all kind of trophies. Their relationship will be perfect. Once they have settled together, it will be very difficult to ever break them.

Their only problem would be to keep things exciting because there is no variety, they both value the same things and they follow the same principles. Stubbornness and seriousness can bother them from time to time.

They would both need to be more relaxed and sexually engaged. Too much work and no play can lead to boredom and alienation.

In conclusion, this marriage won’t be too exciting as both partners would be too absorbed by their careers. If they’ll get married in spite of all this, it will be because they trust each other enough. They are looking to get married, after all, even if they put their career on a pedestal and work on it with fervor.

A conservative match, the Capricorn-Capricorn marriage would be a safe choice because neither of them likes to take risks.

Sexual compatibility

The astrological chart says a Capricorn with a Capricorn will have decent sex together. This is a sign with great sexual stamina but they don’t like kinky stuff and they need a classy bedroom with silky sheets in order to get in the mood. Their most erogenous zones are their ankles and legs.

The fact that they are slow won’t help that much either. But they like to take initiative and they hate it when a sexual subject is taboo.

It’s not always great for someone who’s too practical in life to be in bed with another person that’s the same. Sexual creativity is necessary for a relationship to be successful. This means two Capricorns won’t necessarily be able to satisfy each other both in a sexual and emotional way, at the same time.

The downsides of this bright combination

There are a few things that will trouble the Capricorn-Capricorn relationship. And these are excessive seriousness, moodiness, the desire to have the power, the desire to control everything and the fact that they are workaholics.

It doesn’t matter how amazing their relationship will look like, they will always be trouble on the horizon. Also, these two will be competitive with one another. Since they will be both driven by professional success, they won’t care if they are hurting or even eliminating the other from their life, on their road to success.

Failure is not in a Capricorn’s vocabulary. They will push themselves to be first no matter what. That’s why it takes them a lot of time before they admit they’re in love. It will take a Goat a lot of analyzing and judging before he or she decides someone deserves to be part of his or her life.

To admit they have feelings for someone, years will pass, thing that will also make them postpone their own wedding. These two can be in love with one another, but they need to be careful not to get bored in the relationship.

What to remember about Capricorn and Capricorn

Expect a relationship of two people sharing the same sign to be in great shape. But two Capricorns will always be special. While they view romance and how a couple should be in the same way, these two may be too involved with their careers to care about their love life too much.

Capricorns are solitary creatures who don’t like to ask for help or support even to their closest friends and relatives. Two Goats together may end up living completely separate lives. Unemotional and distant, you will rarely see a Capricorn being overwhelmed with emotions, throwing a tantrum or being too angry. This means the Capricorn-Capricorn couple will be relaxed and won’t fight that much.

Their romance will carry on no matter the times and circumstances. The partners will never be jealous with each other, and they will tolerate many things. They will stand next to each other no matter the sacrifices and how pretentious the other will be.

However, they will lack the passion that can be seen in couples from other signs. Few things that two Capricorns in a relationship will do, will manage to impress the other. But then again, Capricorns are not looking to impress or be impressed. It would mean showing off and Capricorns despise this.

While they may seem cool and reserved on the outside, Capricorns are still an Earth sign, which means a lot of sensuality in private life.

If they will agree and support one another in everything they are doing, they have all the chances to become a power couple. Because they are both determined, hardworking and ambitious, they will succeed at almost everything they will do.

Because they are both stubborn, they will often contradict. It would be better if they would wait until the fight wears off. It can’t be said which one of them will give in.

There are great chances for them to experience true love as a couple if they would only leave work aside for a little bit. Otherwise, they will both be too busy to even think of romance anymore.

It doesn’t matter how much they will love each other or how passionate they are living their love story, two Capricorns as a couple would need social recognition for their love to be truly validated.

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