Capricorn Sexuality: Essentials On Capricorn In Bed

Capricorns are among the most potent and lustful individuals in the Zodiac, with great perseverance and loads of new ideas to put into practice.

Although highly unsure of themselves at first, with time they will become freer and more in line with their beliefs and desires. Saturn reigns supreme over their heads and instills our natives with a chaotic and impulsive attitude towards their own feelings and thoughts.

The most important thing to remember about a Capricorn is his astounding ambition and relentless approach, with the goal of reaching success and personal fulfillment.

Step by step and with a calm demeanor, these natives push through everything thrown at him and succeeds in hijacking the train to fame and fortune.

The perseverance and persistence that this individual is capable of awes even the most successful people, and that’s saying a lot.

Although mainly focused on professional development and career, the same approach is also present in love life.

When keen on someone, a Capricorn will shatter the heavens, split the seas and move the mountains in order to get that person.

Albeit very capable and willing to act at a moment’s notice, as well as having the instincts and reflexes to escape unscathed from critical situations, a Capricorn native will generally wait for the other person to initiate contact.

And that is because they want to be sure that everything is as it should be and that you are ready for the next step. Unless that is the case, they will not act in any way, and just wait for a confirmation.

The golden rule that basically anyone who wants to have a good time with a Capricorn has to follow is this one: don’t mock or laugh at their little mistakes or quirks.

It quickly puts them in a defensive state from which there are little chances of coming back.

Self-awareness is really important in general, but when coupled with a lack of confidence and the tendency to shirk away when criticized, it leads to nothing but disaster.

While not the most beautiful, nor the most attractive being in the world, the Capricorn still has a tremendous potential.

If you manage to break open the barrier that surrounds them, and shatter their inhibitions and limitations, a little flower will start to bloom.

A flower which will sprout and grow into a great tree, signifying love, attachment and compassion. Sexually, everything is permitted as long as the other person feels good and satisfied.

Something which totally puts off a Capricorn is being perceived as cumbersome and irritating, or emotionally unstable.

The truth is they are the exact opposite, highly independent and self-reliant individuals who can take on almost any challenge with open arms. The fact that no one usually notices that is because of their calmness and cool approach, without any fuss or flamboyant demeanor.

Nymphomaniac tendencies

Put aside all uncertainties and fears, because they’re not going to get you any closer to conquering this native. Try to act confident, natural and with always wear a smile on your face.

Capricorns love being near enthusiastic and jolly people the most, it makes them feel fulfilled and helps recharge their batteries.

This native is one of the most reluctant and defensive individuals out there. They will allow no trespassers on their territory unless they prove to be worthy. How does one prove to be worthy? Pretty simple, actually.

Show them that you are not just talk, and a simple-minded guy, but someone who can bear the pressure and offer them a life of comfort and pleasure.

Materialism and sophistication are two of the main traits of our natives, and potential partners need to capitalize on that if a chance is to appear.

Coming forth from an earthly environment, Capricorn natives are very lustful and desirous individuals, but that may not be so apparent, because of their hard efforts to integrate into society as best as possible.

Nymphomaniac tendencies tend to create the wrong impression, and so it’s best they remain hidden. In fact, even if these natives are very active and wanting of a good time, nothing will ever escape from the confines of their room.

What happens in a Capricorn’s house, stays in a Capricorn’s house. Very cautious and untrusting individuals, these natives tend to miss out on a lot of great opportunities because of the way they isolate themselves.

Naturally generous and altruistic, the last thing they would want to find out is that their efforts were all in vain. This fear keeps everyone at bay from approaching them, and it’s really affecting their life a lot.

For example, you shouldn’t even think about bedding one of these guys the first time you meet, it’s basically impossible.

A lot of time has to pass, along many experiences and fortunate events, in order to finally be accepted as someone trustworthy and good. However, they can also be the greatest lovers out there when they feel nothing’s shady or out of order.

Not ready to let go

In a steady relationship, Capricorns would most likely never cheat, because they feel the need to prove themselves, ethically and emotionally.

But when free and unrestrained, the same people who were so innocent and devoted with their partner would now not even flinch when jumping from date to date. Finding the perfect one is harder than you think, and they fully realize that.

The couple of the year seems to be the one between Capricorn and Scorpio. This one is sure to end up with a big explosion, that’s how spirited their desires and approaches are.

While the Capricorn feels a boundless need for closeness and affection, the other one does exactly that and more. Snuggling together in bed and giving free reign to all passions and desires, these two have basically no limit when it comes to love.

These individuals are very compassionate and thoughtful of others, how they feel and think, and especially what they need.

While highly devoted and trustworthy, a Capricorn will obviously want the same thing coming from the partner, because otherwise they would have wasted all their time and effort. That’s not something anyone wants to feel, right?

Well, neither do these guys. In general, Capricorns make for great lovers and even greater husbands, or wives for that matter, but if something happens that raises some doubts, prepare for one big ruckus. They won’t let it go just like that, you can be sure of it.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.