Aries And Pisces Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Aries and Pisces can be overwhelming if these two don’t keep their personalities under control.

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Romantic and impulsive, the Aries way of loving is burning just like fire. This sign is passionate and impulsive, the direct and straightforward type. The Pisces is more complex and deep and is a sign that’s highly affected by emotions. How well these two will get along as a couple depends a lot on what surrounds them.

The loving Aries is quite enough for the Pisces, who wants a romance like in the movies. They can fall in love with one another at first sight.

CriteriaAries Pisces Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤❤
Common valuesDoubtful
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The Aries lover will be the one who’ll take initiative in this relationship, as the Pisces prefers to keep a low profile.

Full of energy and open to new challenges, the Aries will teach the Pisces how to be more active and daring. However, the Pisces partner sometimes has reflective moods, so the Aries should pay attention not to be too overwhelming.

They are quite complex personalities: the Aries is fast and decisive, while the Pisces likes to think more deeply and take things slowly. This is why the Aries will sometimes find their lover to be sluggish and even boring.

Because they are both stubborn, contradictions between them will always exist, thing that will make their relationship more interesting and spicy. But they have to be careful not to end up fighting too seriously.

When Aries and Pisces fall in love …

It’s easy for an Aries to fall in love with a Pisces and the other way around. Things will be perfect in their relationship, as long as the Pisces doesn’t hurry things and the Aries doesn’t take advantage of the gentle Pisces.

It’s possible they will consume the relationship very fast. If they manage to last, the Aries will be the cerebral one, while the Pisces will take care of the imagination side of the relationship. Their connection is quite magical and interesting to watch.

It doesn’t matter what they may be doing, they will have ways to make things happen fast and successfully. They are not only great lovers, but also good business partners and roommates.

The Aries is the one who initiates projects, while the Pisces is the one who finishes them. Their dates will usually have something to do with food.

They’ will go out on a picnic, have a dinner at the most expensive restaurant, even take cooking classes together.

They can also have a great time playing different games for two, or walking on the beach on a summer night. These two would definitely have a great time watching and adventure-action movie or series.

So nights in wouldn’t be a problem for the Pisces Aries couple. They would know how to have fun even if they don’t go out. The Aries will explore the Pisces’ sensibility in secret. It’s good for this sign to be in the company of someone who keeps them grounded and in tune with their own emotions as the Aries can be too busy to pay attention to their own feelings.

If the Pisces doesn’t support the Aries’ dreams and goals, the Aries can grow to be depressed and saddened. The Ram needs to be supported in everything that they are doing. It’s the sign that wants to always be number one at everything.

The Pisces wants to be close to someone, thing that can seem difficult for the Aries lover to offer. These emotional differences between them can generate problems, especially if they refuse to learn from one another.

The Aries’ wish to always win and engage in new activities can overwhelm the Pisces, who’s more in tune with their inner world. The contemplative Pisces may find it difficult to keep up with the energetic Aries.

The Aries and Pisces relationship

Aries and Pisces need to be willing to let something of them if they want to resist together as a couple. A Water sign, the Pisces is deep and thoughtful, while the Aries, belonging to the Fire element is loud and impulsive.

If they really love each other, the Aries will accept to always save the drama queen who is the Pisces, and the Pisces will put up with the Aries’ moral incertitude. They will have moments when they will drive each other crazy.

The Aries will be noisy and combative, the Pisces will be reserved and retreated. If they want to be together for long, the Pisces needs to meditate and the Aries to become more settled.

Water signs like the Pisces are sometimes confused by relationships, they may think a friendship is a romance and the other way around. It is absolutely necessary that they have someone who sets some boundaries with them, establishing what type of relationship they’re involved in.

Just like all other Water signs, the Pisces won’t talk too much, telepathy and intuition being the main communication options for them. It’s difficult for these guys to focus when too many words are being said.

The Aries needs to understand this and be more open to expressing themselves through actions. The Aries will take initiative and lead the way in any situation, this sign is capable to make others act. People born in Aries need a lot of freedom to develop and become better. You will never see one who doesn’t have a strong freewill. They are capable of convincing others they need to evolve and become better with every day that passes.

It is only normal for people to succeed around them. Without even being aware of it, the Aries prepares those they love for what life has to bring. The Pisces may get this all wrong and end up believing that somehow, manipulation is taking place.

But with care and a lot of love, the Aries can make the Pisces understand their intentions are good. If you leave an Aries take charge, you only make the situation better. This sign is a natural born leader who recognizes opportunities and knows how to deal with them.

Aries and Pisces marriage compatibility

The Pisces is most likely one of the only signs capable of convincing the Aries to get married. The Ram will want to protect the sensitive Pisces and this will result in a long-term relationship.

It may be difficult for them to build a home together. The Pisces needs security and the Aries is too chaotic and undomesticated for this.

Because they are both self-absorbed, it may be tough for them to have children. They should discuss this issue together, and determine what role they are going to have in the family.

A dynamic Pisces-Aries couple, they will use the one’s determination and the other’s imagination to achieve their dreams and succeed in life. They can be great business partners, so if these two decide to make money together, they will most likely succeed at it.

It will sometimes be difficult not to distract one other from the most important things. This is the biggest challenge for the Aries-Pisces couple. Being neighbors in the zodiac, they will have many common points and they will be able to understand one another, especially if they are also romantically involved.

Sexual compatibility

The romantic Pisces finds role playing and sexual games fascinating. People born in this sign will want all kind of games of seduction in the bedroom. Enjoying sex a lot, the Aries will like this in their Pisces partner, and will want to be involved.

The most erogenous zone for Pisces is the feet so if the Aries will play with their toes, things are sure to become more passionate. For the Aries, the head is the hottest zone. Massaging their scalp will make them go crazy between the sheets.

The Pisces man is perfect for the Aries woman. In this relationship, the woman will be the one who will lead, as the Aries is the sign that is usually in charge of things.

While the Aries may have small victories, the Pisces will actually be the one who will dictate where the relationship is going in the long run. Because the Pisces are peaceful and flexible, they will get along with everyone in the social circle of the partner. This is a love match that will heat things up no matter where they may be going.

The downsides of this union

As a Cardinal sign, the Aries will want to lead the way in the relationship. A Mutable sign, the Pisces will not have a problem with the Aries being in the lead, and will most likely procrastinate and let things happen the way they are happening.

Sometimes, the Aries will be annoyed by this attitude of the Pisces. Both will have their bad days, and if they will have them at the same time, things may take an ugly turn.

When they will disagree, the Aries and the Pisces will have different ways of presenting their arguments. The Ram will be feisty and aggressive, while the Pisces will shut down and run away from conflicts.

It’s necessary that the former takes some anger management classes if they want to have the latter forever next to them. They will probably have completely different careers.

The Pisces are usually helping the poor and the less fortunate, while the Aries are managers at big corporations. If they’ll support each other, they are sure to have a happy and fulfilling relationship.

What to remember about Aries and Pisces

In the Aries-Pisces relationship, there are differences that become apparent as soon as the two no longer chase one another. The Pisces likes the fact that the Aries is innocent, courageous and passionate, and the Ram loves the Fish’s intuition and how he or she compassionately loves everyone.

When the Aries will push the Pisces to make a decision, things will take a bad turn. The Aries will think the Fish is too coward and not at all assertive. They will even fight about this, and the Pisces will be very disappointed by the fact that the partner uses harsh words and isn’t emotionally connected anymore.

However, their Aries-Pisces relationship can be very tender and spiritual. The Aries will be completely intrigued by the Pisces, not to mention he or she will learn a lot about emotions, intuition and what mysticism means.

In the meantime, the Ram will help the Pisces to be more practical and to fulfill his or her dreams. As a cardinal sign, the Aries can teach others how to be more pragmatic and to do things in their own benefit.

The Pisces will be more than happy to accept their partner’s advice, and the relationship will be a win-win. What helps is also the fact that the Pisces doesn’t want to lead. The Aries likes to wear the pants, and while he or she won’t notice, the Fish will subtly be influential in decision making.

The former loves to mingle and so does the latter, who needs other people for energy. They are both fragile creatures, and the Aries can sometimes harm the sensitive Pisces.

Their relationship will be pretty much private, they won’t make a show or wash their laundry in public. This is opposed to the relationships the Aries has with other signs. The Pisces may have some unrealistic dreams, but the Aries will help with that.

The Ram will never be calm, so if the Pisces wants him or her to be more settled, the relationship may be in danger. But the Pisces is not necessarily in search of a quiet and more reserved partner, so things will work out.

Pisces and Aries have a beautiful relationship mostly because they rarely fight. They could either be very opposing characters, or two people who get along without too many words. It all relies on how fast they’ll adapt to what the other wants.

If the Aries becomes softer and the Pisces is more exciting, they will be together forever. The Pisces will teach the Aries empathy and care, while the Aries will help the Pisces make his or her dreams come true.

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