Aries And Cancer Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Aries and Cancer consists in an exchange of emotions and confidence between the two.

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The relationship between Aries and Cancer is quite bumpy as these two signs are known to display completely different personalities. Not to mention they are both very stubborn.

In the beginning, the Aries will give their Cancer partner a lot of attention but things in their couple will develop very much opposed to any tradition. It may be that the woman in the relationship will be the one to lead the wooing and the man will be shy and reserved.

CriteriaAries Cancer Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationBelow average❤❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

The Cancer will be delicate and emotional whilst the Aries lover, when not very busy with all sort of endeavors, will be very protective of their partner.

Despite the many contradictions that surround their relationship, these two can bring the best in each other and build a connection that benefits from emotional stability above all.

When Aries and Cancer fall in love…

Timing is essential for the love between an Aries and a Cancer. If they’re not in a great period of their lives, these two cannot fall for one another because they have too many differences. However, if the time is right and they like each other, something very beautiful is sure to happen.

The Cancer and the Aries know how to communicate, being amazing as co-workers or business partners. Usually, romances between these two signs start at work. When they’ll have a discussion, they’ll mainly talk about family and their jobs.

The Aries is very competitive, while the Cancer doesn’t care too much about winning. They are more interested in having the lead and controlling the relationship. As long as there’s no one in between, they can stand together through life happily and satisfied.

The Cancer knows when to make compromises, so they will be the one to bring peace in the relationship. The Aries will sometimes hurt them with harsh words and straightforward judgment. The traits that oppose each other the most in them can work like the yin and the yang for these people.

The Aries can make a Cancer be more extroverted, while the latter teaches their partner how to be more emotional.

If they communicate well, the Aries-Cancer couple can overcome any obstacle. They are both moody characters, so the relationship will be in balance from this point of view, each being able to understand the other. The nurturing Cancer will take care of the childish Aries, spoiling and loving them all the time. These two will be great at supporting each other.

Two opposite signs (one shy and introverted, which is the Cancer, and one open and expansive, which is the Aries) can only complement each other. But it takes some time for them to adjust to the relationship.

The Aries and Cancer relationship

The Cancer is settled, and they want a family more than anything else, while the Aries is forever-free and wild. But they will find the middle ground as the Cancer will help the Aries be more reserved, and the Aries will convince the Cancer to be more bold and spontaneous.

For things to work, the Ram will have to be more humble, and the Cancer to invest more affection and attention. The Crab is capable of a lot of love, but they don’t always show this.

The Aries may get scared of the Cancer’s need for commitment. All Water signs are like this, they want someone with whom they can connect forever and strongly. However, the Cancer is not as deep as the Scorpio or as dreamy as the Pisces.

They are just someone who wants loyalty and to be respected. An argument between a Cancer and an Aries can heat things up, and the two can end up making passionate love after it. It’s essential the Aries remembers that the Cancer is super-charming and needs a lot of attention and care, and to be supported.

Life next to a Crab is usually lived at a very intense emotional level. The person in this sign has all kind of mood swings and is excited by everything. At the same time, the Cancer has to respect how much their partner values freedom. Because the Cancer is a little bit needy and wants the full attention of the person they love, things may get complicated between these two.

Communication and understanding what other needs will make things work, though. Impulsive, the Aries will find the Cancer funny with their worrisome and cautious behavior. The Cancer will notice how hasty the Aries can be, and they will be appalled.

Communicative but peaceful, the Crab hates fighting. The Ram loves a good debate and doesn’t hesitate to be verbal when they are not satisfied or think differently.

When working, the Cancer-Aries couple will make everything work by collaborating in a perfect way. If they’ll have to negotiate something, the Cancer will usually be the one to step back. However, while they’ll debate, everyone around them will get the chance to assist a great show and display of characters.

As said before, they both have moods, so they’ll agree on “not feeling” like doing something. As a couple, they usually are the ones who just leave a party for no reason, making others think they are being weird.

Aries and Cancer marriage compatibility

Normally, the Cancer and the Aries would have to have lived together as lovers before marriage. They need to get used to one another before the big step. The talks about children, dinners and vacations are usually exhausted by the Cancer way before the Aries has the chance to say “I do”.

If they are both ready to accept each other’s opposite traits, they can make a great married couple. While the Cancer will be ok at home and taking care of things, the Aries will need some nights out on their own, from time to time. They would work great together as parents, the Aries bringing in the fun, and the Crab being the one who’s strict and responsible.

Sexual compatibility

In the bedroom, Cancer and Aries need to work on things a little bit. It is possible the Crab will have one of their moods, which will make the Aries withdraw and the Crab to cling.

If they would work on what each needs from the other, on what their feelings are and how kind they are being with one another, they would have a very happy sexual life.

They already benefit from a strong sensuality that connects them. The Aries man can make the Cancer woman go crazy, while the daring Aries woman can make the Cancer man feel like they are the best.

They both have their erogenous zones around the chest. Liking it a little bit rough, the Aries can make the Cancer like this kind of lovemaking too, as long as the Crab trusts and feels safe.

The downsides of this union

There isn’t such thing as perfection. And of course, the Aries-Cancer relationship can have its problems. If the Cancer allow the Aries to be too independent and do whatever they want, things may degenerate and the Aries could end up cheating or forgetting about their responsibilities as a partner.

What these two have can easily become more like of a parent-child kind of relationship. The Cancer has their faults too as they can get lost into their own emotions for so long that they forget all about the Aries. And this can cause tensions to appear.

If any problems between these two should arise, it is wise that they spend some time apart, until time resolves most of the nasty issues. Two stubborn people, nothing would be resolved by fighting. Because it’s challenging for them to make things work, it doesn’t mean they can’t build something on mistakes and on the fact that they are often inclined to feel opposite things.

It’s a conquest for the Aries to be more emotional, like the Cancer is. But if they manage to be more sensitive, them and the Crab will make great partners or parents. If they want to avoid being in each other’s noses all the time, they should try having different offices where they can retreat for some alone time.

What to remember about Aries and Cancer

There are many things that set the Aries and the Cancer apart. They attract each other immediately, but with time, they can start to fight on every subject, all because they approach love and life differently.

However, if these two manage to take note of what makes them different and they adjust to what the other wants and needs, they can have a beautiful relationship together. It can even be said they will have something full of passion, enthusiasm and love.

The Aries may have to calm down and live more slowly, while the Cancer should definitely be less emotional and hurt at every word the Ram is saying. If they learn to communicate, they have a better chance at being happy.

Patience is also important in this couple. To make things work, they will have to put many efforts into the way they communicate and talk as often as possible, trying to get one another. You will never see an Aries happy to stay home on a Saturday night.

And you will also never see a Cancer that isn’t too emotional. These are the things that characterize these signs best. The combination between them is between Fire and Water, their elements, so everything about these two will be steamy, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

It means a lot of sensuality, passion from the Aries, and tenderness from the Cancer. The Aries will like to dominate in the bedroom, and the Cancer doesn’t mind being submissive.

But the Ram needs to be careful not to make the Cancer feel inferior somehow. Let’s not forget Crabs have sharp pincers, this meaning the Aries may get cut.

Their compatibility pretty much depends on how the peace is being kept in their relationship. Because they are both cardinal signs, the Cancer and the Aries will not give up on their relationship that easily. This makes them better than other Fire-Water couples. They will both be protective of one another and the ones they love.

You will see them fighting for each other honestly and ferociously. Sharing a strong connection, they will only be threatened by the Cancer’s mood swings and the Aries’ authoritative side. If they take some time to take one another in consideration, they will truly become better as a couple.

The Crab can see the Aries is insecure underneath the confident mask. If they allow themselves to act on impulse and instinct towards one another, they will only end up hurting each other.

While you may think the Aries is stronger, you would be wrong as actually, the Cancer is the one emotionally resilient here.

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