Aquarius And Aquarius Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between two Aquarians can be spontaneous and unrestrained as this is an eccentric combination.

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When a spark appears between two Aquarians, whether they manage to nurture and further develop it, that will depend entirely on them, and luck. They account for so many factors before truly falling in love that their reasoning feels like complex science.

CriteriaAquarius Aquarius Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Aquarius natives are people who will never look angry or upset at someone, in general, because they try to behave as friendly as possible. It’s in their genes to be as outgoing and devoted as possible.

What attracts them at a first sight, be it how someone looks, what they do, and what their style is, these are factors of major importance to these natives. Most of the time, people will be pretty surprised when they notice who they walk with, down the street, hand in hand.

When Aquarius and Aquarius fall in love …

Aquarians are natural wanderers, individuals who won’t stay too long in one place, and who will always search for new things to discover, locations to explore, excitement to enjoy.

This is why they have so many diverse and wonderful friends from many social classes, who are always open for another visit, if it ever comes to that.

Now, the only way to catch their interest is to find the right moment when they haven’t yet decided on their next journey, because otherwise, they won’t have time to pay attention to anything else than the thrill of the unknown.

Also, they tend to be deep-thinkers and have an intellectual upbringing, so there will be a lot of discussions about the meaning of life and other complex subjects, that will animate their trips.

Here are some traits inherent to them that make their relationship explicit and clear: eccentric, spontaneous, unrestrained, and last but not least, passionate.

Therefore, they will find themselves doing odd things, special things, and things that could cause a ruckus if others found out. Not because it would be bad or negative in some way, but because their interests are not in any way common, but artsy and quite imaginative.

Neither partner will be especially romantic or overly-passionate about their love, but they will show their affection in particular ways, which won’t escape the other’s attention, for sure. Frankness and honesty are two of the most important characteristics of these natives, it’s what drives them forth.

The Aquarius and Aquarius relationship

When things start to get a little deeper between two Aquarians and they’re closer to one another than at the start, that’s when they’ll think up of moving one step further, and it’s going to be one of the most important choices they’ll ever make.

Both are keen and passionate about the strangest of things, and the uncommon is their way of life. It can be imagined that these two will never have a moment of boredom or tediousness, because all their time will be occupied by the many excursions and trips around the world.

Two things their relationship couldn’t be described as are slow-paced and taken step-by-step. It’s pretty obvious actually, that such dynamic and eccentric individuals couldn’t and wouldn’t bore themselves with traditional approaches, but they will try to find an equilibrium of some sorts, regarding their relationship as a whole.

Moreover, there won’t be many conflicts and problematic arguments between them, because they don’t put forth that many emotions and feelings. It’s quite a fascinating and intriguing tactic, because this also means that they won’t get mad or overly-exaggerate when they find something they don’t agree upon.

Aquarius and Aquarius marriage compatibility

They will have a great chance of forming a great couple together, the prospects being almost endless, considering that theirs is an intellectual and cerebral bond, centered on their interests and passions, on their high curiosity, cultivated characters and keenness on gaining knowledge.

Artistic endeavors, deep and long conversations about complex and creative subjects, even activities that reflect the same proclivities, such as reading poetry, going to the theatre, these are the basics of their lives.

They are not reluctant in any way to observe and peer into the profoundness of things, whether it’s finding out more about their partner, or about the general state of things.

Basically, they will start their happy journey together from best friends who have long since been quite intrigued in the other’s intellectual depth. This ensures they can further grow together and support each other in the rather quirky family that they form.

Sexual compatibility

Experimentation is the keyword here, and it’s in the strongest sense of the word here, because these natives will always try to find out what their partner is all about, what they are capable of, what soft spots they have.

Everything will be explored, and nothing will remain hidden when they start having their fun. Freshly-lit candles, sweet perfumes and even rose petals, there are quite a lot of new and romantic ideas they may want to implement to make love life rise in intensity.

Even when talking about the roles each will fulfill during a savage and unrestrained night, they not only lack a preference, but will happily perform both, just to see what it feels like, and what ultimately results from it.

It’s understandable then why sexual life is one of the best reasons as to why they always appear to be bright and happy.

The downsides of this union

On the one hand, it is their spontaneous and out-of-the-blue attitude that marks a definite risk in their relationship, because today they could be enjoying an ice-cream on a bench in the park, and the next day, they could break-up just like that, with no apparent reason. If so, then the bigger surprise would be how they managed to last that long.

On the other hand, they are both very confident and dominative in their approaches, meaning that they will always try to do things their way, to impose a certain viewpoint, and to adhere to strict code of conduct.

And these tendencies will surely create many conflicts and bickering between them. One way to salvage their relationship would be to take a step back, observe their behavior and analyze the pros and cons of what they’ve been doing.

What to remember about Aquarius and Aquarius

It’s a two-man show on the road when these two natives get together, because, against all odds, their natural high-paced rhythm of life is acting as an anchor to both of them.

It’s not in any way the scary and annoying attitude everyone sees when looking at an Aquarius. With themselves, they can be as carefree and unrestrained as possible, because they perfectly understand each other. Moreover, it’s intelligence and a cultivated mind that attracts them the most in a partner.

They are incredibly ambitious and have a rational and visionary outlook on life, which makes it quite intriguing to enter the inner sanctums of the Aquarius lover.

Aquarius-Aquarius relationship will have at its center the adventurous and laborious personalities of both partners. Each seeks to satisfy their own dreams and desires, in the manner that they believe is right, and won’t take it kindly when others stop them from achieving their wishes.

Freedom is one of the important factors at play here, and what this means is that both will strive to do their own thing, even if this means forgetting about the other.

It’s quite a come-and-go type of relationship that’s based solely on their abilities to maintain the bond despite being in love with personal space and freedom.

The traditional belief is that two natives of the same astrological sign will form a perfect couple, because they are very similar, both in personality and character.

Well, isn’t that wrong? If you put together two equally cold and emotionless people, could the result be a Romeo and Juliet kind of couple? Of course not. It matters greatly what characteristics each has, what attitudes, behaviors, inclinations, and if they complement each other.

Love emerges more clearly from the differences, the uniqueness of both partners, and the combination of those singular traits, rather than having the same mold all over again. As such, whether they’ll actually find what they’re looking for in each other remains to be seen.

Their attitude is just the natural thing to do, they’ve always acted out with generosity, quick-wits and compassion. It’s a friendly relationship all the way, until either one realizes that it could be so much more.

However, that’s seemingly the hardest things to do, because they’re already roaming about in this vicious circle of mutual comfort, and going further would disrupt the whole picture.

The Aquarians may be one of the most dreamy and visionary individuals in the zodiac, going to great lengths to banish grave injustices, while at the same time doing charitable and humanitarian deeds, but that’s just one side of the coin.

They are also quite idealistic and modern in their approach, meaning that just about anything that can be said to be the latest thing, is going to be present in their house, and they’re going to flaunt it for everyone to see.

It’s obvious that boredom is just so far away from this Aquarius Aquarius couple, that their friends and acquaintances will often drop by to have some fun.

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