Virgo And Virgo Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between two Virgos is either a challenge or a heaven of amazing feelings as this is a combination that can go either way.

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When two Virgos get together, even with romantic purposes, you can expect a lot of planning, devising strategies, observation and analysis, even the much-hated and annoying criticizing part is there.

And these traits are magnified, multiplied and put in this crazy mix of theirs, ultimately creating something unfathomable. Only they could resist it. If there was a way to take out the full potential out of the grounded and rigid Virgo, then only another Virgo lover could possibly achieve it.

CriteriaVirgo Virgo Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexBelow average❤❤

Inventive, energetic and with a fresh perspective on life, both of them will extract great joy from facing up against any challenge, as long as they’re doing it together. The reason for this is simple, and that is the incredible similarity between their characters, the deep connection that establishes a link between their minds from the get-go.

Planning for the future, having a great time while doing what they like, the Virgos will do almost anything with the same vitality and taste for, like most of us don’t experience our entire lives.

When Virgo and Virgo fall in love…

Most of the times, these two will walk hand-in-hand, with a victorious smile parading on their lips, and will never complain about anything. Evidently, it’s because of their closely intertwined personalities, as there are pretty few things that they don’t agree upon.

Because they have a keen sense of self-satisfaction and are greatly proficient in some areas, they like others to notice their skills, to acknowledge the fact that they would fit greatly in a leadership position, even if just in regard to their relationship.

After all, if skill and experience don’t warrant superiority, then what does? Just like that, it’s pretty easy to imagine that decision-making doesn’t pose a problem at all, because they have the know-how and pragmatism to make a thorough analysis before committing to something.

Therefore, it’s quite clear that their Virgo-Virgo love story is founded on loyalty, fidelity, honesty, due to all the time they’ve spent on observing the partner.

The Virgo and Virgo relationship

Because Virgos view the world through their refined and constantly evolving lenses, they tend to have a self-perfecting method to success, in that they take it step-by-step, analyse a situation thoroughly, plan accordingly for any missteps, devise some back-up plans, and only then would they act.

If something goes wrong, their highly critical minds will quickly find where the faults lie, will refine and develop their mindset, and try again with the confidence that it will all be a success. They do this in matters of emotions which may sound very strange to people who are not Virgos.

Because of this perfectionism, they are likely to become a little pessimistic, in that they are inclined to see the possibilities of failure everywhere they look. Emotions are left on the back-burner, and will only resurface when either a strong enough stimulus shows up, or when they have their life settled.

Even if it may seem at a first glance that these two will likely form the perfect couple in no time, there will still be trying times ahead, just like in any other relationship.

They will have to stay strong and put in a lot of time and attention so that the bonds remain stable. A little innovative drive and enthusiasm would greatly enhance their overall experience, and would make them happier all around.

Whether it’s a good conversation about the nature of the world, going to the party everyone’s been so hyped up about, they will find many ways to have fun and enjoy themselves, because it’s in their nature to see the good side of life.

Perfectionism is all fine and dandy, until it degenerates into obsessions, exaggerations and extreme expectations that will never see the light of day. Learning to accept and live with the things you cannot achieve is also a sign of superiority and maturity, and these natives have to deeply acknowledge this fact.

Otherwise, they will ultimately destroy themselves, and their relationship, by striving for the impossible, and filling themselves with guilt every time they fail to achieve it.

Virgo and Virgo marriage compatibility

Firstly, it will take a very long time for a Virgo to admit that they want to make the next step, in this case marriage, and especially considering that their partner is also a Virgo.

These natives are well-known for their unwillingness to take the initiative in romantic matters, and so the problem becomes apparent when each expects the other to ask the big question, and surprisingly, nothing happens.

Now, as for the reason why they are so reluctant and hesitant in the first place, it’s because they fully realize their weaknesses. Once they commit to something, they find it very hard to break the ties, no matter what happens.

It’s like breaking up a part of their soul, and that hurts them deeply. As for the prospects of having a family, they’re quite good, considering that Virgos are very responsible and thoughtful individuals. Taking care of the children will be quite pleasing for them.

Sexual compatibility

These natives loathe romanticism. They don’t practice it, they don’t understand it, and they aren’t good at it, no matter how hard they might try.

And on top of that, it’s a long way before a Virgo will invite you into their bedroom, because you would first have to show that you are a capable, principled and responsible individual before having access to the forbidden fruit.

After that stage is reached, what’s worth remembering is that both of them tend to be submissive and will wait for the partner to be the one to take the lead, taking them on a tour of the most paradisiac thrills and pleasures known to man.

No matter what techniques and skills they make use of, one thing must be kept in mind: these natives focus more on emotions, feelings, on the sentimental part of sex, not on the physical passion in and of itself.

The downsides of this union

One problem that’s always been bugging people who had Virgo as lovers was the latter’s overly-exaggerated tendency to nag, to criticize.

They will criticize you on just about anything, from the fact that you forgot to wash the dishes, to the fact that you woke them up ten minutes later than you were supposed to.

Everything and anything could be a possible reason for arguments and conflicts, and they will likely never stop doing it, unless their partners put a stop to it.

After all, Virgos have to realize that almost no one could take that endless amount of critique without feeling the least bit annoyed and angry.

Another problem that they have to deal with is their difficulty regarding relationships in general, and the fact that they find it incredibly hard to move on from disappointments and disillusionments.

Emotionally, they are very attached once convinced to do so, and will likely attempt to repair the situation multiple times, before finally giving up.

What to remember about Virgo and Virgo

Two individuals born under the same zodiac sign complement each other in the most impressive and wonderful way. This is even more beautiful than the love between the Sun and the Moon, and it can be called in one way, and that is perfection.

The Virgo and Virgo combination is called in the mythology a healing partnership, which means that these two together will live a life full of peace and kindness, based on respect and harmony.

If you want to call this partnership one word, it’s all very simple, for that word is privacy. Both members of this union want to have a secure feeling in their home and in their soul, because they found each other in a calm and warm habitat.

That transports them in a state where not even the slightest sound could be heard, not the chirping of the birds, not the ruffing of the leaves, nothing at all. In conclusion, they find each other surrounded by love and happiness, by profundity and mystery, by life and death.

The most dangerous aspect about this relationship resides in the fact that both Virgos have a certain tendency to become too aggressive and quite annoying when they start criticizing you for the slightest mistake. They may be known as healers who take care of their partners, but for the love of what is good and holy, they are very annoying when they start nagging you constantly.

It seems like everything’s going to end up in a big disaster, a fiasco through and through, but they have one ace up their sleeve which may save them yet. They are under the auspices of the planet Mercury, and this means that communication will always be an integral part of their lives.

With them, it’s either a complete burn-out, with arguments and conflicts all year round, or a perfect and seamless relationship based on mutual trust, understanding and that elusive cooperation which no one seems to flawlessly achieve.

Well, they do it alright, and they do it too good to be true. What makes everyone shiver with shock and awe is that they manage to analyse themselves internally, and thus manage to resolve most of their issues before they commit any grave sin against one another in their relationship.

Moreover, this also brings them great advantages in term of visionary prowess, because they find in themselves exactly what they deeply desire from life.

They might not be as enthusiastic or dynamic as most other couples, but what thing is true, and that they are one of the most enduring and stable ones out there. They will support one another in times of need, and are especially tender and affectionate towards one another, pretty much all the time.

This is also one of the reasons why the love between two Virgo is strong and manages to destroy every obstacle that comes their way. If they decide to be together and put their strengths together, there are very few things that could ruin their fun.

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