The Mercury in Virgo Man: Get to Know Him Better

He may suffer a bit under the curse of perfectionism but he’s kind and realistic enough to also bend rules from time to time.

Mercury in Virgo man

The Mercury in Virgo man couldn’t be any happier than when given a problem to solve, a particularly difficult one to boot.

Taking things apart to see what they’re made of, the little details, the components that could bring a greater understanding, these are all the more important for him.

The Mercury in Virgo man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Witty and ambitious;
  • Negatives: Careless and changeable;
  • Soulmate: Someone who has similar aspiration to theirs;
  • Life lesson: Taking a more open-minded approach to things.

He’s constantly trying to become better

The interesting thing about this Mercury in Virgo driven native is the fact that he can very well become a master manipulator by leading his interlocutors by the nose.

Deception, persuasion, trickery, he can resort to anything in order to get what he wants. Some things will become automatic responses, with no emotion behind them, and he can weave a very complicated story that almost anyone believes.

There is no one who can hope to stand up to his tricks and playful demeanor

But just because Mercury in Virgo rules their development, this doesn’t mean that these men are social butterflies per se. They may be flirting with women, but they are very restrained and keep to certain self-imposed rules that they make for themselves.

They hate it when people ask them to wait or when others beat around the bush. Just be straightforward, man, for bloody hell! Don’t dawdle, just say what you want! Why can’t everyone be like him?

These natives are intellectual and curious. They don’t have time to fool around as they got important stuff to do.

He’s constantly trying to become better, to know more, to raise his skills above the limit, and creating their own dreams and expectations.

Also, being in love with structure and order, it’s clear that he is also a cleaning-freak, always keeping an eye on the house, looking for the smallest smudge of dirt or dust. Professionally, he hates having to work with irresponsible and disordered people.

Perfectionism can be his greatest curse most of the time. Why is that? Because he can’t help it but see his own flaws, getting deeper and deeper, so he will fall into a state of despair brought about by self-criticizing and self-loathing.

He doesn’t show this in public though, but this contradiction is there, you can be sure of that. Moreover, he’s very flexible and diplomatic in his approach to other people.

He changes his attitude depending on the interlocutor. Romantically, he can be quite a flirter and he loves women who assume their feminine personality.

Men born with Mercury in Virgo are extremely intelligent and smart, pure and simple. They are capable of discerning the essential information out of a clutter of disordered data, put it into chunks, order it, and finally assimilate it thoroughly.

He has an expansive mind and a very open-minded approach to most things. He won’t just reject an idea simply because it doesn’t meet his expectations and personal convictions.

Moreover, his dreams and aspirations are more realistic than most, and thus more likely to be achieved. It’s not that they are short-term desires, but long-term serious endeavors that they plan accordingly for.

These men are also straightforward and concise. The shortest path between A and B is a straight path. This is basically the founding stone of their thinking mechanism, and it’s actually a very efficient and productive one.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.