The Mercury in Scorpio Man: Get to Know Him Better

He loves to experiment with life and can be all of a sudden blunt and feisty or the sweetest on earth.

Mercury in Scorpio man

The Mercury in Scorpio native has a great mental fortitude that he employs in everything he does, increasing his ability to focus and concentrate on the task at hand.

Nothing can distract him because he’s a rational and completely logical individual. He would better learn about things through direct interaction, practical training, rather than theoretical knowledge, reading in books or attending lectures.

The Mercury in Scorpio man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Curious and observant;
  • Negatives: Combative and shallow;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is inclined towards the spiritual;
  • Life lesson: Experiment more with his reactions and desires.

A man often misunderstood

The Mercury in Scorpio astrological make-up makes these natives very resistant to change, at least as far as their ideas are concerned.

Even when someone manages to prove them wrong with arguments that can’t be refuted, they will still stand still on their position, unwilling to give up.

Of course, if someone dares to be against them, they will react with impunity and aggressiveness, like a proud warrior who doesn’t abide by any insult in his name.

Don’t even think about insulting or saying something that might upset them. It’s going to linger in their minds for a long time.

This man is known for reacting with unwarranted aggressiveness even before having a reason to, a trait of his combative Scorpio influence. It’s not exactly a good or bad thing since it’s only natural for him to have these reactions, but he should also be careful not to hurt innocent people.

He might be a jerk, he might be totally blunt and tell you that you look like hell, but that’s who he is, an honest prick who can get better if you tell him that.

Moreover, he’s experimenting with life, learning everything he can and seeking illumination in all the places that you wouldn’t look.

If they’re going to start reading books, you can be sure that it’s going to be something about mysterious places, pseudoscience, spirituality and black magic, occult stuff.

Men born with Mercury in Scorpio are also very inquisitive and like to make their own deductions and reach their own conclusion. These natives can only be called lucky, like destiny smiles down upon them each and every time they want to find something out.

A clue will fall from the sky right at their feet, a piece of information, a moment of inspiration, especially when it comes to precise and mathematical deductions.

Because they have to feel a certain attraction and interest toward a certain activity if they are to put in the sufficient effort, don’t be surprised when you’ll see them engaging in sports.

It doesn’t matter what it is, but if they like it, they will become totally dedicated to it, training day and night, focusing like crazy on developing their skills.

The bad thing is that you might never fully know much about them because of the suspicious and secretive nature. However popular and communicative they may be, this restraint and distance that they have toward people will be a black spot on their reputation.

The Mercury in Scorpio man will lose a lot of friends and acquaintances because of the way he interacts with people. He might promise them to be there when they need him, to be loyal and remember the important things, but then push comes to shove, he doesn’t deliver, and this is very annoying and disappointing.

It would be easy for him to prevent this with that crazy intuition and deep instincts, but he doesn’t care too much about the loss of fake friends.

Romantically, he feels the need to prove to himself and to the world that he is the best partner in the whole world, and this often takes him on a road of self-deceit.

He forgets to look at the broader picture, to keep his feet firmly planted on the ground, and to determine if it’s worth it at all to put so much effort. This is what gets him into so many failed relationships in the first place.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.