The Mercury in Aquarius Man: Get to Know Him Better

He loves to create havoc around him and doesn’t accept to be told what to do.

Mercury in Aquarius man

The Mercury in Aquarius man believes that problems can only be solved by facing them rationally and logically, with a plan, and that humanity can only advance by putting emphasis on science, on technology and progressive fields.

His speech is cold, technical, marked by a certain rigidness and strange intonation, like what a robot would utter. He lacks any emotional depth or even the most apparent layer of feeling in his words.

The Mercury in Aquarius man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Visionary and eccentric;
  • Negatives: Snob and indecisive;
  • Soulmate: Someone who can keep them away from boredom;
  • Life lesson: Leaving anvious thoughts away from time to time.

The forward thinker

He’s the last free-spirited individual left in the world who just won’t agree to be tied by rules and regulations. If the world wants to follow a path toward perdition and degeneration, why should he follow it like a blind sheep?

The Mercury in Aquarius man will find it incredibly dull and tedious to live his life according to traditional principles, to dying ideas that the people of old followed.

This is the 21st century, a new age has come, and it’s time for everyone to ascribe to this change that has taken place. The future is here for the taking. Science, technology, the new and the innovative must be finally accepted.

He creates havoc wherever he goes, raises a lot of questions and inquires into the nature of things. He won’t hesitate to contradict anyone, even people with authority.

He doesn’t accept things like “you shouldn’t do that”. Why not? He’s intelligent, well above the rest of us, so if you believe you know more than he does, prepare for a cold shower of reality.

His unwillingness to follow a certain code of conduct that everyone else does is often perceived as snobbism, eccentricity, but it’s really a result of deep thinking, analysis, rational forethought.

He’s very good at telling what other people think, discerning their motivations, desires, corporal language, but will treat all of them fair and square. He will even help anyone in need.

His creativity and inner drive to put his thoughts into words make up a perfect combination. If he doesn’t become a writer or a journalist, he’s missed his career.

Even a professional debater will do, as long as no one tries to infringe on his freedom of speech and strange patterns.

If you’ve thought of a crazy and apparently idiotic idea that could have an immense influence on the world, chances are a man born with Mercury in Aquarius has already thought of it, demonstrated it to be unrealistic and moved on. He’s organized, structured, meticulous and realistic, always.

Let’s finally get to the topic that you’ve been anxious to find about, how does this native fare in his love life? Depending on the type of person that you are, it can be both good and bad.

He’s less receptive than most, in the sense that he likes flirting and talking to other women, but a relationship is not exactly at the top of his priorities.

If you manage to excite his intellect and intrigue him by flaunting your knowledge and curiosity, then you can be sure that he’s going to fall in love right then and there.

He doesn’t care about stuff like age, race, religious beliefs, although he’s willing to debate you on them. He’s definitely a factual person who’s more likely to bombard you with rational reasons and motivations, rather than emotional matters.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.