Rat and Rat Love Compatibility: An Exciting Relationship

These two in a couple may fight quite a lot, despite the many things they have in common, but luckily, they have just as much fun.

Rat and Rat Compatibility

As the first sign in the Chinese zodiac, Rats are always relaxed on the outside and very tense or agitated on the inside. Because they love being around intellectual people, they’d make a great couple with those who are in the same sign as them.

Rats are the ones who bring about prosperity and wealth. They’re described as charming, sensitive, very attached to their family and a little bit aggressive.

CriteriaRat and Rat Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

A relationship between two Rats can be very successful, no matter if it’s about business, love or friendship. Because this is a sign that wants to be in a family more than anything else, the marriage between two Rats can have great success. While shrewd, Rats can turn into very generous people when their loved ones are involved.

The ambitious partners

When it comes to romance, Rats can be counted on, intriguing and very fun. While there are more physical than romantic or talkative, they don’t mind seeing these traits in their partner, but they still get along very well with those who happen to be in the same sign as them.

Loving to be stimulated, these natives will engage in anything exciting. Therefore, in the company of each other, they can be very happy and not at all bored.

Highly intelligent and witty, Rats have many friends, so as a couple, they go out more than others. Because they like to hold on to their possessions and are not in any way charitable, Rats as natives can be regarded as cheap, even if they’re full of generosity when it comes to their loved ones.

Amazing family members, they will always support and care for the ones they love. This means that when together, they’ll take good care of their family and have a lot of fun at home.

While neither of them is very excited about chores around the house, they’ll both love to play games with their children and to laugh around the coffee table, in the living room. A few dirty dishes and some laundry wouldn’t bother them in any way.

When arguing, two Rats in a relationship may even have fun and get back to more positive feelings as fast as they have started fighting. They’re very good at determining where there’s danger, so they may become a little bit pessimistic about doing some things.

When Rats are saying to someone that things shouldn’t happen because they may turn out ugly, that person is truly advised to listen to their suggestion as they may be right.

However, this attitude can make them a little bit tensioned and too cautious. One of their negative traits is that they’re always trying to do more than what they can actually take on.

When their energy will run out, they won’t manage to finish their projects as perfectly as possible. Two Rats involved in a relationship should focus and determine what matters the most in their life or they may get involved in too many projects at once and not be able to do a proper job.

The positives

Two Rats in love may feel like they’re true soulmates because they attract each other very much. Seeing one another’s qualities, they may end up competing and trying to become better than the other.

For example, the Rat man has a lot of energy and wants an active life. The woman in the same sign may be very happy to never get bored around her partner, but she’d feel as if she needs to be like him all the time.

What makes the relationship between two Rats strong is the fact that it’s very easy to fall in love with either the man or the woman in this sign.

More than this, they both have enough warmth and fire to keep things going in the right direction from the beginning. Two Rats together will enjoy their relationship only if things are exciting between them.

They may go on a first date that seems to never end because they talk and feel like they’ve known each other for a lifetime. Attracted to one another, they are likely to go to bed as soon as the date would end. Let’s not forget both are very sexually active and tend to build up passion with every day that passes.

Another interesting thing about the relationship between two Rats is the fact that they’re both attached to the family life. For people in this sign, there’s nothing more important than family, which means they’ll both fight to make sure they have a comfortable home and a few happy children.

Rats always prioritize a stable life and wish for their loved ones to be happy. All this means that when together, they’d be able to resist as a couple in the long run. What they should pay attention to though, it’s their need for their sexual life to be spicy.

When it comes to money, they would both be interested only in providing for the ones they have at home. Two Rats as a couple would probably never suffer from financial problems because they both tend to save money and to spend wisely.

This is one of the important things that makes a relationship beautiful. Many would admire them for being so stable and for sharing the same views on finances. It’s rare to find this in couples, so they’re amongst those who’d never fight over money.

There are very good chances they’ll both understand when their other half has bought a new car without even consulting the family because they’d trust the way he or she spends.

Very intuitive, two Rats in a relationship will always know when they’re having problems, which means they’ll do something to direct their union towards greener pastures.

It’s like they have a sixth sense and feel when things aren’t going well in their marriage or affair. Therefore, they wouldn’t let their connection to go downhill and most likely save their romance before it becomes rough. This is a very good thing as it makes them wiser and surer to resist in a long-term relationship as a Rat-Rat couple.

The negatives

Any relationship can have problems, so the one between two Rats doesn’t make any exception. However, these two natives should realize challenges are something that can make their love life more interesting and exciting.

Perfection doesn’t exist, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t fight to understand each other as well as they can.

The relationship between two Rats may have its bumpy moments, like for example, when one of them would feel like he or she needs more excitement in love.

Rats are known to easily get bored and to want a change when things aren’t as spiced up as they used to. This means two Rats may not trust each other when it comes to sexuality and even marriage.

They would always know the other may want to look for a more exciting life with someone else. The fact that they’re impulsive can also bring them many troubles when it comes to love because impulsiveness can never make anything good happen in a relationship.

For example, the Rat woman may not think twice and decide for a breakup when things in her affair are slightly going in the wrong direction. As well impulsive, the man would start packing his bags at the first suggestion she made about him leaving.

If they want to get along very well, two Rats need to understand both their negative and positive traits. While they’re intuitive enough, this may not be sufficient for them to function as a couple.

As mentioned before, they will at least know when things between them aren’t going the way they should.

The man or the woman in this sign should pay attention to not suffocate his or her lover with too much attention.

Like any other relationship, the one between two Rats needs a few compromises from both sides in order for things to be stable and for the partners to get along.

What to remember about the Rat & Rat relationship

The relationship between two Rats of the Chinese zodiac can be very joyful and based on loyalty. Both these people enjoy going out and to indulge their partner so that their romance has a reason to continue.

Family-oriented and not too focused on their work, two married Rats will always know what to do for their partner and loved ones to be happy and feeling supported.

While they may be avoiding charity, Rats are in fact very generous with their family. When stuck in a routine, they start to get bored and may even argue or cheat on their partner.

However, because they’re terrified of loneliness, they’ll hide their unhappiness and wait for the problems to become a burden. Not at all very responsible when it comes to the domestic life, they at least know how to have fun at home and can make their visitors enjoy the place.

Oriented towards saving money and accumulating possessions, two Rats as business partners may be very successful and intelligent in what they may be doing for a living.

When lovers, they’ll show their affection for one another, be devoted and have a lot of fun because they both love adventure and are always looking for new things to do.

It can be said the relationship between two Rats is very successful from both a sexual and an emotional point of view as none of the partners is inhibited or trying to hide any of their emotions.

Sometimes, the Rat man may not perform in bed as the woman wants him to because he’s very nervous. In this situation, the lady should be tactful and try to understand his problem.

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