Rat and Ox Love Compatibility: A Charming Relationship

These two appreciate each other in a couple and are quite smooth in behavior, despite the multiple points they disagree on.

Rat and Ox Compatibility

When Rats and Oxen are lovers, expect fireworks to come out of their bedroom. Rats are all about physicality and materialism, while Oxen possess an incredible body and can make Rats go crazy about them.

It’s impossible for these two to ever get bored with one another, even if they’d be trying to. The Rat is charming, a little bit aggressive, cautious with money and romantic. No one can beat Oxen when it comes to remembering things, and as far as family goes, both them and the Rats are very attached to the ones they love.

CriteriaRat and Ox Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

Neither of these signs is ever jealous, and the Ox loves to have a routine or to do what he or she has promised. However, the Rat immediately get bored and tired of routine, so the compatibility between these two may not be as high as the one between other signs.

Holding on

It can be said the relationship between a Rat and an Ox is truly incredible as they’re the living proof of the saying that opposites attract.

While Rats are intelligent, sociable and funny, Oxen are famous for their shyness, rigidness and seriousness.

However, the attraction between them is real because Oxen are really crazy about how lighthearted and lusty Rats are, while Rats love the fact that Oxen are trustworthy and honorable.

While on the outside, Rats may seem cold and cool, on the inside they’re worried and tensioned, so they need a partner to support them all the time because they can also get moody.

Very cautious with money, Rats will never be caught in the corner because they know how to plan for any kind of situation, not to mention their mind is always thinking of all the dangers that may come.

They can hold onto things for too long and therefore, they’re true hoarders. While they may seem different, Oxen are in fact very stubborn and don’t really consider other people’s opinions before making a decision.

Those who need to change these natives’ mind about something have to be very talented at convincing and very subtle. Even this way, it can be impossible for Oxen to ever change their plans and opinions.

However, they make trustworthy partners and they truly commit to people as soon as they begin to trust. It can be interesting to watch them keeping their word, and they’re as family-oriented as the Rats. Oxen will always work hard to make sure their family is very happy.

The positives

Rats dating Oxen is not at all a bad thing because these two may work very well as a couple. Sociable and manipulative, Rats can make anyone fall in love with them.

Even Oxen can’t resist their charms, regardless of the fact that they don’t open from the very first date. These two would work great as friends and give each other sometime before becoming a couple.

The steps they’ll be taking in their relationship are sure to be carefully analyzed and put into practice after deep thinking. Therefore, the relationship between Rats and Oxen is very likely to succeed.

When it comes to sex, these two signs can have an intriguing connection as they’re both passionate and want to be in the center of attention for the other.

They seem to really click when in bed, and if the man is a Rat, he surely is capable to understand his Ox woman needs to be cared for just as much as he needs it too.

Therefore, the connection between these two lovers would be very smooth as they play on a common ground. More than this, they’d both give their best for the other to feel appreciated and loved.

The more Rats and Oxen are aware of what the other wants of them, the more they can flourish as a couple. They can even resist in the long-term because they’d manage to complement one another in the most efficient way.

As a matter of fact, this comes easily for them, and the Ox would be very appreciated for his or her down-to-earth attitude.

Oxen can make the impulsive Rats more composed and serious. When together, these two can make great plans and work together without being rushed, but oriented towards achieving success.

It can be said the Ox can teach the Rat how to move slower and more effectively. There would be no point in hurrying things because some projects are not meant to be pushed, and Rats can learn this from the Oxen.

Ever since their first date, Rats notice they can teach Oxen how to be more sociable. The way Oxen stay at home all day long is not to the liking of Rats, and so, great things can be learned from a relationship between them two. Rats are always going out and seeking new adventures because they’re never afraid of anything.

In a relationship between a Rat and an Ox, compromises are sometimes necessary for their personalities to complement each other. These two natives should be aware that the other can help with certain things by bringing about change.

When it comes to their family life, Rats and Oxen can be very efficient and thus, have a successful marriage. This is because Rats are inclined to stay close to the ones waiting for them at home.

In other words, Rats would be very focused to offer Oxen a comfortable and cozy environment, and the latter would totally agree.

The negatives

Like with any other relationship, the connection between an Ox and a Rat can’t be happy all the time. Rats are prone to cheating and the fact that they only want to have fun may influence their relationship with Oxen in a bad way.

There can be moments when Oxen think of the Rats as very selfish. The fact that they have different social lives can also be a challenge because Rats love going out, while Oxen are true introverts.

Therefore, they may fight over staying indoors or going out. This is a situation in which Rats and Oxen need to find the middle ground. They each have different demands, so learning how to deal with one another becomes essential.

Oxen can, for example, relax when their Rat partner goes out to hang with some friends. On the other hand, Rats should understand Oxen don’t have a need to socialize as much as they do.

It can be difficult for Rats to commit, so before settling down, they may have some issues if their partner is an Ox. However, Rats love to provide for their family and won’t hesitate to do so after deciding to be in a serious relationship.

Because they’re always searching for excitement, it may take them a while before committing. At the opposing pole, Oxen are all about commitment and building a home for them and their partner.

These two could have a happy marriage that lasts for a lifetime only if they decide to tolerate each other and to not pay attention to what vulnerabilities each of them has.

The fact that Rats are always changing may not be at all to the liking of Oxen because these last-mentioned ones need someone who can keep his or her word.

They can’t appreciate a person who does things at the last minute because they need stability. This is one of the other things that can ruin the relationship between Rats and Oxen.

What to remember about the Rat & Ox relationship

While sometimes seeming like they may never get along, Rats and Oxen can in fact be very happy as a couple. Oxen are stable, Rats come with their energy and ambitions.

Both loyal and oriented towards making money, they won’t spend on what they don’t need and usually manage to have financial stability.

Rats can make Oxen less shy, while on the other hand, Oxen can help Rats be realistic. Both signs are family-oriented and don’t mind doing the impossible for the ones they love.

Security is important for Rats and Oxen in equal manner. However, Rats may get bored seeing Oxen trapped in routine, or Oxen may become annoyed by the fact that Rats are too energetic and adventurous.

Both need to be careful with one another because only this way, they can manage to last long as a couple.

When it comes to sex, they’re both sensual and want to pay attention to the other. The fact that neither of them is jealous can have them not arguing for long periods of time.

In the eventuality in which the woman is a Rat and the man an Ox, everything in the relationship is as tradition dictates. He will rule and she will want to do everything she can for him.

Besides being great lovers, they can also run things as best friends. When the woman happens to be in Ox and the man in Rat, she will know what to do in order to keep him grounded in reality.

The more she will worry about things, the more flexible and open-minded he’ll inspire her to become as he will try to bring about calm.

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