Rabbit and Rabbit Love Compatibility: A Perfectionistic Relationship

These two in a couple are very supportive of each other and will not stand in the way of individual ways of expression and happiness.

Rabbit and Rabbit Compatibility

A Rabbit and another Rabbit in a relationship have all the chances to love each other very much because both have a tendency to idealize romance, which is something that can’t be seen in other signs.

Therefore, two Rabbits together would only be very sweet with each other and live their emotions and love at high intensity. People born in the year of the Rabbit are known to need a lot of help from others and to be encouraged, especially if they want to keep their life together balanced.

CriteriaRabbit and Rabbit Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The home of this couple will very likely be comfortable and welcoming because natives of the Rabbit sign are known to have artistic tendencies and to be perfect hosts. In conclusion, they’ll always have friends over and their dates will take place at candlelight, with great music playing and incredible atmosphere.

Selfish lovers

Because people born in the year of the Rabbit are very shy, kind and generous with their emotions, they seem very suited for other natives in the same sign. However, relationships need to be realistic before becoming what Rabbits expect of them.

These individuals are known as subjective, highly emotional, having high ideals and many artistic talents, so it’s very likely for them to often feel insecure.

Therefore, two Rabbits in a couple will do nothing else than to entertain one another’s emotional experiences, which can happen to be of negativity and stress. It can be difficult for this relationship to have balance as it can be so easily bothered.

The Chinese zodiac says fate makes people having Rabbit as their sign very lucky and wealthy. It seems these natives are always finding solutions to problems and get to live a long life because destiny has its ways of helping them.

If they’d pay attention to what their Horoscope is saying, it would be much easier for them to determine what disadvantages life can bring them when it comes to love and even business.

They’d be able to see where they’re strong and where they’re weak, not to mention it would be a great opportunity for them to acknowledge their compatibility as far as romance goes. No one can stop Rabbit natives from dreaming and being good artists.

They have a calm that helps them to all the time reflect on their surroundings. Very intelligent, fast-thinking and good students of life, these people are usually working in the law or business sector, as well as in the arts.

Their way with words is unique, so they can convince anyone they’re in fact writers or spokespersons. It’s easy for people born in the year of the Rabbit to express their opinions and to persuade others to do what they want.

It’s very difficult to say no to these natives and they usually manage to implement their ideas without others even noticing they’ve been convinced by them.

Because two Rabbits have the same personalities, they make great partners, best friends and the most adventurous travel companions. They’d discuss intelligent subjects and do everything in their power to make their relationship successful.

However, because they’re known as selfish, they won’t do more than what life requires of them, so their connection may never evolve too much.

Seeking perfection in every little detail

It’s normal for Rabbits to see love in an ideal way and not to be realistic when it comes to this feeling. If they wouldn’t feel appreciated in the relationship anymore, you can be sure they’d look to have a connection with someone else.

For the marriage between a Rabbit and another Rabbit to work, these two natives need to treat each other as equals and to pay attention to each another’s needs.

It’s possible for them to feel alone and overwhelmed with responsibilities when some problems will appear in their life as a couple.

When it comes to what they want from a partner, people in the Rabbit sign are usually perfectionists who find it difficult to believe their partner has any flaws. If they manage to overcome this, they can be very happy together as lovers.

People born in the year of the Rabbit hate conflict because any feeling of anger or tension makes them agitated, desperate and even terrified. They’re not known as fighters and they really don’t know how to defend their emotions, which means that when in an argument, they usually decide to withdraw.

Those who are all the time trying to provoke them will be ignored and eventually left behind because Rabbits simply can’t be argumentative. Lucky for them, they immediately identify conflicts before these even have a chance to begin.

A Rabbit together with another person in the same sign will have a connection in which both of them will admire one another’s taste and passivity. While both shy, they won’t find a problem when it comes to flirting with each other. These two will drink the finest wines and work hard to make their home the most beautiful place that’s decorated with expensive furniture and different artwork.

They won’t have any problem with money making because they’re creative people who usually cash in a good salary. However, they’ll always worry about how much they have in their pockets because it’s in their nature to be like this.

It would be better for them to hire an accountant as this way, they can no longer feel anxious about money. The Chinese Horoscope says that a Rabbit and another Rabbit can have a great friendship because they’re both capable of great love and are very compassionate.

Furthermore, neither of them wants to go out too much, so their nights will be pretty much spent in their living room. Rabbits are known for not being practical and also for not seeing things as they actually are.

If a couple, these two will need each other’s support in order to stay all the time optimistic. Only this way, their relationship can be sweet and fulfilling. A Rabbit and another Rabbit can be happy as a couple as long as they’re not worried about money.

If they won’t have enough, their life together will be ruled by worries. Both interested in making their friends happy and in playing the host, they’ll do a great job when throwing a party at their home.

Because they’re perfectionists, it’s easy for them to find flaws in others and therefore, in themselves. For their relationship to flourish, they need to change their attitude when it comes to this.

The challenges of this romance

What’s strange about a Rabbit and a Rabbit in a couple is the fact that what brings them together in the beginning is also what causes them problems in the long run.

The fact that they both love peace will have them avoiding problems and escaping reality, which can be a great problem because neither of them would ever stay grounded in reality.

People born in the year of the Rabbit avoid stressful situations and arguments more than anything else, so when they don’t agree on something, they prefer to just not discuss about it and to bury their unhappiness deep inside.

This can be a good solution for their relationship, but only if everything else in their union is flawless. How this is impossible to attain, they need to be just like other couples and discuss what bothers them because doing the opposite would only have them piling up anger or unhappiness, until they’d just outburst and throw a tantrum.

While others know how to deal with problems the mature way and to discuss issues, two Rabbits together don’t have any idea about this thing and avoid more than anything else to bring up their quarrels.

If their relationship would already be facing other issues, this may be very dangerous and set them apart until they decide someone else should be in their life, and not another Rabbit. The fact that both of them are really detached, even if they seem very popular, is not at all beneficial for their relationship.

They’d be hiding any feeling of anger and happiness, which would have them unaware of each other’s emotions. While they’re very happy to launch trends in their group of friends and to host the greatest parties, they may be very cold and not at all kind to each other.

These people are not in any way like the Goat or the Pig, who can belong to a partner and really express their emotions as far as love goes.

Therefore, two Rabbits together may be distant with each other and not able to connect at a deeper level. Because they need balance more than anything else, they may have problems when their relationship goes a little bit downhill.

While things are very nice between them, two Rabbits can be very sweet with one another, but as soon as things begin to change, they get to be anxious and extremely stressed.

As said before, two Rabbit lovers need to support and encourage one another very much in order for their relationship to be balanced. These natives should pay attention when life starts to overwhelm one of them and to always rely on what makes their connection strong.

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