Ox and Tiger Love Compatibility: A Stormy Relationship

These two may have completely opposite personalities but this doesn’t keep them from making the best out of their time together.

Ox and Tiger Compatibility

According to the Chinese horoscope, Oxen and Tigers don’t make the ideal couple because they have different points of view and don’t approach life in the same way. Oxen tend to judge and are very logical, while Tigers can be a little bit unpredictable and too passionate.

However, when these two will meet, they’ll feel like the world is theirs and that no one can stop them from being the perfect pair. They won’t even notice that they’re in fact unable to see the best in each other. It’s possible for their connection to be solely based on their differences.

CriteriaOx and Tiger Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesBelow average❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

Oxen can teach Tigers how to be more focused and to slow down their life a little bit. In return, the latter can show their partners how to have a great time and how to organize their life so that they have more fun.

Notwithstanding their wonderful qualities

The Ox partners are disciplined and logical creatures, so Tigers may get bored with their predictable nature. When it comes to emotions, Tigers can’t be stopped from having them, so Oxen may not really appreciate their moods and feelings.

It’s very possible Tigers will see Oxen as cold and grumpy people because Tigers are very passionate and love to have all the attention on them. Oxen may feel insecure because these last-mentioned ones have a tendency to flirt too much.

It can be difficult to find similarities between a Tiger and an Ox considering their personalities are completely opposite, yet if they’re both willing to work hard on their relationship, they may achieve great things as a couple.

For example, what they can do is this: Oxen can become more understanding when it comes to Tigers’ emotions and Tigers can remain faithful or stop flirting with other people besides their partner.

While tricky, the relationship between these two natives has its good parts too. This could have something to do with the fact that Oxen and Tigers are very different creatures. The first ones are always careful and prefer to display a reserved attitude, Tigers are wild and a little bit flamboyant.

Oxen want to feel secure, the others are only looking for adventure, regardless of what they may be doing. What an Ox loves doing is building something that can last in time, Tigers prefer to live in the moment and to have success happening to them overnight.

Because both of them are very stubborn, it may become impossible for their relationship to work out. Only by being clever, they’ll manage to reach success as a couple seeing Oxen can discipline Tigers and bring a little bit of order in their life.

When having some structure in what they may be doing, Tigers can become very creative, so they may end up being very grateful to Oxen for teaching them new ways of living.

In return, a Tiger can show their partner how to be more playful and childish. Oxen can even become more productive if accompanied by a positive attitude, and Tigers are known for bringing about happiness to the grumpiest personalities.

Tigers are always hurrying and having mood swings. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t become dependable. It’s possible for them to think of Oxen as people without any heart or mercy.

When it comes to the spotlight, they’re very serious about getting it, so many find them to be wild and at the same time sensitive.

Oxen will never care that Tigers have emotions, which can lead to them two to breakup. If they want to be a good couple for the rest of their lives, Oxen need to be more understanding of Tigers, while Tigers have to avoid flirting with other people.

The patience Oxen usually have may prove to be very important for the relationship between them and Tigers because they could teach these last-mentioned ones how to be less impulsive and to no longer react without thinking.

They’re both family-oriented, which means they have the foundation on which the relationship could get build. It’s good to know their connection is one of learning and not of ruling. Tigers should just slow down and enjoy life in a more composed manner, Oxen can open up and accept unpredictability as a fact of life.

If the man is a Tiger and the woman a Tiger, things can be very challenging between them because he’d be very stubborn and passionate, while she’d only apply caution and well learned methods in dealing with life.

Because they have different approaches when it comes to sex, they may encounter some difficulties setting the ground rules.

If the man is an Ox and the woman a Tiger, they’ll have very big problems making compromises.

He’ll want her to be always at home and taking care of him, she’ll wish to be out and enjoying the attention of others. The fact that she spends all of their money on frivolous things can make him very mad.

The qualities of this union

Because they’re opposites, Oxen and Tigers are potentially very attracted to one another. If the man is an Ox, he’ll be completely amazed by the energy and love of life the Tiger woman has.

These two have a great connection when it comes to lovemaking as Oxen are sensual and Tigers are known for being original with their moves and techniques in the bedroom.

Their nights together in bed will never be forgotten by either of them. When it comes to socializing, they may find out they have many common points. Not at all very sociable like Rats and Horses, Oxen preferred to be around people they have known for a lifetime.

Tigers are very private and don’t believe in showing themselves to others in their true form. However, both can have many friends and be found of those who have been around them since forever.

The connection between Oxen and Tigers can be one of much giving and receiving. Tigers can become dependent on the logical nature of Oxen, while these last-mentioned ones can benefit from what Tigers have to offer them when it comes to their social and professional life.

With time, Oxen will realize that Tigers have only a few close friends and many acquaintances. Tigers are known for wanting to exchange opinions, but not for forming strong emotional connections with just about anyone.

It will be a little bit difficult for Oxen to realize Tigers can be as devoted and faithful partners as they are. These natives need to find someone to deserve all of their affection.

The challenges of this romance

The first thing that comes to mind in a conflict between Oxen and Tigers is the fact that they’re two completely different personalities, in the sense that one is very careful and wants to do with the familiar, while the other loves adventure and variety.

Like all Oxen, the woman in this sign is obsessed with having a comfortable home and prefers to spend her nights at home rather than going out with friends. This means she’s a great wife, which is on the opposite pole from the Tiger man, who loves to travel and to live in the moment.

This native thinks only of progressive ideas and wants to build for the future, so it may be impossible for him to be happy in a domestic environment. He must go out in the world and meet new people, to share his opinions and to plan for his ideas to come to life.

All this means an Ox woman and a Tiger man have different interests and will probably never find a common ground for them to build on.

When it comes to the Ox man, this person likes to keep everything simple and to live his life at a slow pace. The rebellious and independent Tiger woman is a little bit violent and doesn’t respect any rules or norms because she wants to express her individuality all the time. However, the Ox man can be patient and doesn’t mind adapting to a person if he’s really in love. If the Tiger woman happens to have the same feelings for him, she should become more materialistic as Oxen are known for being practical and for working with logic all the time.

If she’ll struggle to be more like him, he would very much appreciate her for this. Another difference in their personalities is the way they keep being motivated in different ways.

While Oxen want to always be at home and to follow a routine, Tigers want for new things to happen and for progressive ideas to be shared with them. Oxen are all about traditions and conventions whilst Tigers want to live in the moment and prefer to only respect their own rules.

However, the fact that they’re both committed can have them together for a very long time. For instance, Oxen appreciate devotion and responsible people more than anything in the world, Tigers are known to stick to their decisions as soon as they’ve made up their mind.

In conclusion, if Oxen and Tigers are working very hard to make their relationship a success, they have just as many chances as everyone else to be happy together.

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