Ox and Rooster Love Compatibility: A Conventional Relationship

These two can move mountains when together but there may be a couple of sacrifices, they need to make before getting there.

Ox and Rooster Compatibility

People who have been born in the signs of the Ox and Rooster in the Chinese zodiac are compatible as a couple because they have many similarities and even their differences help them complement each other.

It seems that no matter the nature of their relationship, be it marriage, business or friendship, they get along very well as they have the same beliefs and approach life in similar ways. As far as romance goes, they’re a couple that’s pretty much conventional because they both prefer to use logic and wouldn’t want to risk anything in order for their life to change too much.

CriteriaOx and Rooster Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Roosters are perfectionists, so Oxen will very much appreciate this quality of theirs, especially when they’ll first meet. Both of them are trustworthy and usually keep their word, so it may be impossible for their relationship to ever deal with moments of jealousy.

Two sensual lovers

Oxen like Roosters for being conscientious and the other way around, Roosters like Oxen because these natives love to work hard.

Because neither of them is bothered by criticism, they’ll get to be very happy together. However, what keeps them a strong couple are their similarities. For example, they both seem to have the same interests and methods of approaching life, in the sense that they’re both materialistic.

Don’t think their differences don’t make them strong because these play an important role as well. Oxen are down-to-earth, powerful and a little bit shy, Roosters are loud, open-minded and very direct.

The fact that Roosters don’t mind working hard either can make Oxen fall in love with them from their very first date. Many will think of them as the perfect couple, and they’d be taken as an example of perfect love by their friends.

Neither of them is unhappy with what they have, so you won’t see Oxen and Roosters together fighting for anything that seems impossible to achieve.

Because Roosters are precise and very good judges of characters, Oxen will always admire them. In the meantime, the former love the fact that their partners never give up and can deal with the toughest situations.

This is a couple that can move mountains, but all this doesn’t mean they’ll sacrifice their free time as they both understand fun is also important for a good life.

The fact that they’re both devoted to their partner makes them feel secure in the relationship, which also means they’ll never fight over jealousy.

What Oxen don’t need as much as Roosters is to socialize, so they’ll probably spend a few nights being separate, with the Rooster going out and the Ox staying at home.

Roosters need to seriously think of how free Oxen allow them to be, so they should organize special nights for their partner. They could spend their time together watching movies and making dinner because this would be very much to the liking of the Ox.

When it comes to sex, Oxen and Roosters are really passionate and truly compatible. Roosters are the type who needs praising and appreciation in bed because this way they feel powerful and important.

Oxen are the slow type because they’re sensual and don’t treat sex like a sport. In the situation in which Roosters will pay attention to the Oxen’ erogenous zones, they’ll get back appreciation, hugs, kisses and even gifts.

Because they’re both a little bit obsessed with money, they may have problems when it comes to the financial aspects.

When in a relationship, Roosters can flourish, but only if the union is peaceful and true. These are the type of people who are all the time in love with love, and Oxen can really understand all this.

Because Oxen are very attentive with their lover, Roosters will truly appreciate them for being persistent and thoughtful. Both of them are very talented and attentive to details, so their professional lives will be very successful.

They’ll struggle to make as much money as possible, while their differences would become an essential factor into how long their relationship gets to last. It’s rare for Roosters and Oxen to break up seeing their compatibility is really impressive.

Furthermore, Oxen never mind when Roosters go out on their own because these natives are really sociable and need to be allowed freedom by their partner when it comes to this.

It’s possible for them to criticize each other too much, but all in all, they both have the same ways in the sense that they respect traditions and prefer a logical approach to life.

Because neither of them is known as having feelings of possessiveness or jealousy, they’ll trust each other very much.

If the man is a Rooster and the woman an Ox, she’d be in control of everything at home and he won’t mind it at all. They’ll spend a lot of time indoors and enjoy the comfort their house has to offer.

If the woman is a Rooster and the man an Ox, they’ll be as happy as the other couple as they’ll be surrounded by peace and serenity. He’d be the one who rules and she won’t mind it at all.

The qualities of this union

The fact that both Roosters and Oxen are practical can bring them closer together and make their relationship turn into a real success.

Both proud of the fact that they’re rational, these two will never get carried away by emotions, like in the case of Goats and the overly egotistical and practical Dragons.

Having the same dreams and logical approaches to life, Oxen and Roosters are sure to gain a lot of success, especially when together. The foundation of their relationship is strong and they can build on it without thinking that they’ll ever break up.

Both of them love the fact that the other is a hard worker and don’t mind responsibilities. As a matter of fact, this is what brings them together most of the time.

What the others will notice about them is the fact that they can have a lot of fun when spending their time together at home.

While Oxen are enjoying the domestic life, Roosters can make sure everything is clean and the home doesn’t fall apart. The latter are quite known for being neat, so they’re sure to tidy up and to keep everything as clean as possible.

Don’t think they’re obsessive-compulsive, they’re only like the Virgos in the Western zodiac, which means worried about arranging things and having an organized environment.

Oxen can be very appreciative of this quality Roosters have because they understand it very well and even join them in keeping everything in order.

Besides their love for beautiful decorations and comfort, Oxen and Roosters are also the same when going out and spending time with friends. Furthermore, neither of them minds staying indoors, especially during weeknights.

While Oxen love having friends over, Roosters are a little bit timid and don’t want their parties to have crowds of guests. They’re very happy with each other, so it’s possible for them to not even need others in order to have fun.

If the man is an Ox and the woman a Rooster, he would be impressed by the fact that she’s supportive and very loving. She’ll often forget about herself and make sure her man has everything he needs.

Oxen can be very appreciative that Roosters want to give them everything they have because these natives are known for having a need to be cared for, just like things are happening in the traditional family.

In return for the Rooster woman’s attention, the Ox man will be the most loyal husband or boyfriend. Furthermore, he’ll calm the Rooster woman down when she’d feel anxious, by taking on many responsibilities on his shoulders.

The challenges of this romance

Oxen and Roosters in a couple may need to fight seeing Roosters’ need for perfection, and Oxen’ refusal to ever change.

If they’ll live together, the Rooster may be a little bit obsessed with cleanliness, which can bother the Ox, especially if constant nagging is happening.

If the man is a Rooster, he may be too criticizing and cause his Ox wife or girlfriend to run away. The latter are known for wanting peace and for avoiding conflicts as much as possible.

Sometimes, the Ox may be too boring for the Rooster. This last-mentioned sign is very stylish and always takes care to look good.

If the man is a Rooster, he may be obsessed with expensive watches and the best suits, while the woman in the same sign may wear fur and jewelry that can’t be found just anywhere.

While not necessarily exaggerated in taste, Roosters only have a sense for what’s beautiful and pay very much attention to details when it comes to buying something.

On the other hand, Oxen are known as a little bit attached to their money, so they may not approve of the Roosters’ way of spending on expensive clothes and rare jewelry.

Another thing that may impact on the relationship between Oxen and Roosters is the fact that these two signs have too similar personalities.

Because they’re both practical, their connection may become boring and lacking imagination or any intellectual exchange of ideas. It’s possible for these two to realize at some point that they don’t have anything extraordinary to offer to one another.

However, they’re very capable of love and serious when it comes to being together. The fact that they both want comfort can have them dedicated to each other in the end, which means they have all the chances to be together for a lifetime.

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