Ox and Pig Love Compatibility: A Sweet Relationship

These two are very devoted to each other but this doesn’t save them from getting stuck in a rut so they need to have fun as well.

Ox and Pig Compatibility

Oxen in the Chinese zodiac don’t make the perfect couple with Pigs, so this relationship needs a little bit of more work than others. Oxen are very organized people who prefer to live a disciplined life, Pigs are all about fun. This is one of the main reasons why they don’t get along so well.

However, they will convince one another to be as effective and focused on success as possible. They will be glad to have a relationship because while they oppose each other, they also have many complementary traits.

CriteriaOx and Pig Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Getting along very well as friends and also as lovers, Oxen and Pigs can end up admiring each other very much. More than this, they won’t hesitate to spoil one another and to enjoy a good life together. Neither of them is ever too sad or moody, even if Oxen are known as a little sensitive.

Two affectionate lovers

Because Oxen and Pigs are signs that love to give themselves pleasure, they can be very happy together when it comes to sex. As a matter of fact, it may be difficult to convince them to get out of the bedroom.

Oxen don’t care too much about the money they give for beautiful artworks and nice furniture, so their home will look amazing for the Pigs to invite all of their friends over.

It’s possible that Oxen complain about the fact that they don’t have any privacy, but all in all, they’d be happy to do as their lover says.

When the Ox is a little bit upset, the Pig partner should just go in the kitchen and make him or her some good food as Pigs are famous for being good chefs and Oxen for appreciating a home-cooked meal.

As said before, this is not the perfect combination, but it surely can be a successful one. The two would help each other succeed and become better because Oxen are always focusing on their goals and Pigs are very supportive when it comes to having a hard-working partner.

The more Pigs are open to self-sacrifice and encourage Oxen to succeed, the more these natives will get along amazingly and become a couple that’s envied by everyone.

It can be said Oxen and Pigs are very passionate lovers who can appreciate each other for their amazing qualities. For example, Pigs love the fact that Oxen create for them a comfortable home and that these last-mentioned ones are dependable.

In return, Oxen love how sensual Pigs are, which means they will spend a lot of time in bed, kissing and hugging. They may face some troubles when Pigs are enjoying too much the luxuries that Oxen have to offer them, not to mention former are also more sociable than the latter.

It can’t be said Oxen will be happy having friends over all the time, but they’ll go with what their partner says. Both of them have the ability to live a happy life.

Anyone can trust Pigs to be grateful, and Oxen can rely on them for help. The fact that Pigs are arousing can help Oxen be more open and less demanding.

Ladies in the sign of the Ox are always doing the right thing and usually have very clear goals towards which they’re working very hard. It’s possible for them to think their Pig partner is spending too much on luxuries.

However, they’ll both be working hard to make good money, so this problem can get easily fixed. In fact, work is important for them to have the life they’re dreaming of.

When together, Pigs and Oxen become very capable of fulfilling their dreams. As said before, their lovemaking can really make fireworks come out of their bedroom.

Pigs really know how to turn on Oxen, and even if these last-mentioned ones aren’t as comfortable in their own body as Pigs, they’ll learn a thing or two about being uninhibited with their partner.

Because neither of them is jealous or flirtatious, they won’t fight over meaningless things. When getting together for romance, they’re usually doing it for a lifetime, and if he’s a Pig and she’s an Ox, the one who leads in the house is the woman.

He will be very affectionate and she’ll never feel like taken advantage of. However, there’s the danger that he idealizes her and loses touch with reality.

On the other hand, she’s down-to-earth, so they may easily deal with this. He’ll make her life fun and be very passionate, while others will see them as honest and very in love.

When the man is an Ox and the woman a Pig, he’ll always wants to be in charge but do whatever she wants because she’s charming and knows how to persuade in a subtle way.

They’ll be very devoted to each other and most likely have many children. However, it’s necessary they don’t get stuck in routine and have as much fun as possible.

The qualities of this union

What makes Pigs and Oxen very compatible is their common love for a comfortable and happy domestic life.

Neither of them wants too much agitation, so they’ll both work hard to have a life that isn’t distressing or influenced by external factors.

Neither the Pig nor the Ox is very sociable because while Oxen prefer to hang around only with old friends, Pigs are rather shy and very distant.

Therefore, they’ll both stay away from the spotlight and don’t need any interference from the outside world in order to have fun as a couple. This is another thing that brings them together as it would be impossible for them to fight over staying in or going out, while they’d both enjoy watching a movie from the comfort of their own living room.

These two love being with each other and doing what they both love rather than going outside and putting up with all the noise and agitation that’s normal for clubs and bars.

Don’t think they’ll live like monks and never go out. As a matter of fact, both of them love the good life and visiting restaurants where they can try exotic foods.

Therefore, it’s possible to find them enjoying a good wine or an expensive dessert during weekend-nights or when they’re having some free time.

What seems to work amazingly for Pigs and Oxen is the fact that they complement one another. Oxen can be impressed by how Pigs are warmhearted and caring, while Pigs adore Oxen for being secure from an emotional and financial point of view.

If the man is a Pig, he’ll be more than happy to allow her to rule, so the Ox woman would be very loyal to him, regardless of the situation and the time they had been together.

The more they’ll explore the length of their relationship and the way they support one another, the more they’ll discover their union is not conventional but more of a big love, just like the ones in movies.

The challenges of this romance

When together for too long Pigs and Oxen may end up facing trouble as soon as their temperaments will start to kick in. While Oxen are very practical and logical, Pigs often allow their emotions to rule.

If the man is an Ox, he may think his Pig spouse doesn’t see reality as it is and that she’s very dreamy. He may even be bothered by the fact that she tends to escape problems by avoiding them.

Furthermore, when she’d get fooled by people who are not so well-intentioned, he’d be appalled and highly irritated.

On the other hand, the Pig woman may think everything is excellent because her intuition would tell her so, but it can also be normal for her to think her boyfriend or husband is insensitive, especially since Oxen have a very sharp tongue and are insensitive when it comes to others’ feelings.

Another problem they may face is linked to the fact that they’re both stubborn. While adaptable and very warmhearted, Pigs may be the most stubborn natives in the Chinese zodiac.

When thinking that something is supposed to be in a way, there’s no one to convince them to do things differently, so they usually don’t care about other people’s opinions and can’t be persuaded to take another course of action than the one they’ve initially thought of.

When it comes to the stubbornness Oxen have, these people simply refuse to change, so no matter how good a new situation may sound for that matter, they may simply refuse to adopt it or to adapt to it.

The secret of a good relationship between Pigs and Oxen lays in the support they can offer each other and in not keeping count for each time they’ve helped one another.

The more they’ll both work on these things, the better they’ll become as a couple. Because Pigs easily adapt, they’ll give up their ego as soon as their Ox partner needs their support. In return, Oxen will be loyal, loving and financially supportive.

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