Ox and Horse Love Compatibility: A Realistic Relationship

These two would have to work hard at making their union a success because what one builds, the other tends to break.

Ox and Horse Compatibility

Oxen and Horses from the Chinese zodiac may be the living proof of the saying that opposites attract. These two natives have absolutely nothing in common, which means they may face some difficulties when trying to make things between them work.

It can be a challenge for them to know things about each other, so if they want to be truly happy as a couple, Oxen and Horses need to be aware of who the other is and what makes him or her special.

CriteriaOx and Horse Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesBelow average❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

It’s possible for these two to be angry and at the same time hurt when seeing the other wants different things, but they can end up getting along after a few months spent together. Oxen are down-to-earth, reliable and stubborn, Horses are nervous, capable of imagining things and wanting to go out as much as possible.

A lot of reliability

Oxen and Horses may not make the happiest couple because they oppose each other a lot. For example, Oxen are logical and family-oriented, Horses don’t have a care in the world and find it difficult to be committed to only one person.

While Oxen are very realistic and so they can’t stand how Horses are not paying attention to anything. All Horses want is to go out and to enjoy new adventures, while Oxen prefer to stay indoors and to be as disciplined as only they can be.

While Horses respect Oxen, they’re still feeling these last-mentioned ones are no fun. Furthermore, Oxen may never think that Horses are dependable because no one can predict what a Horse will do, plus these natives are known as impulsive.

If involved in a relationship with each other, Oxen and Horses would have to work hard at making their union a success. Oxen are reliable and organized, Horses like to run around and to act on impulse.

In conclusion, it’s very difficult for Oxen to trust Horses, no matter if it’s about romance or finances. They may be the type of couple in which partners are sleeping separately and the thing is, they may not even be bothered by this.

When it comes to sex, these two want to get together in a place they’re both familiar with, and after to just go and sleep in different rooms because this way, Oxen can enjoy how they’ve made their bed and Horses can just chill in their nest full of pillow and blankets.

The relationship between Oxen and Horses can’t work without compromises. It’s important for them to also keep their money separate because Oxen can really appreciate how much things are worth, while Horses don’t have any idea about what’s left in their wallet.

If Horses can bring money home and provide for the family, Oxen should try and not comment on how much their lover is spending.

In return, Horses should never say Oxen are cheap just because they want to save and to work for a secure financial future.

It’s possible Horses think Oxen don’t have a sense of humor and can’t stand being around people just because these last mentioned ones are very disciplined and withdrawn.

These two signs don’t seem to have too many things in common, so it may be almost impossible for them to live together if they don’t accept each other for whom they really are.

The Chinese Horoscope says Oxen and Horses will never have an easy life with one another. Horses seem to never care about where their life is going and at the same time need love or to be cared for. However, they have a problem opening up, even if they’re with the closest people to them.

While Oxen and Horses have many differences, this doesn’t mean they can’t work towards having a relationship as close to perfection as possible.

But for this to happen, they need to be aware of one another and to understand they’re two different people who can bring a lot to the table when it comes to love. Wanting to change each other wouldn’t be of any help for either of them.

The qualities of this union

At a first glance, Oxen and Horses may look like they’ll never make a successful couple. However, if they decide to only see what makes them beautiful as partners, they can turn their relationship into a real success.

For example, Oxen can build a strong foundation and take care of the practical things their union may need. Furthermore, they can teach Horses how to take their time before making a decision and how to plan ahead in order for their life to be more organized.

Horses can be the ones who bring fun into the relationship, so Oxen won’t drown in routine or become exaggeratedly materialistic because they have the tendency to be this way. It would be difficult for Oxen to have too much fun with someone who is exactly like them.

The fact that Horses never take life seriously can bring into the Oxen’ life a ray of sunshine and it can make them less moody or grumpy. More than this, Horses know how to flatter, so Oxen would be more than happy to have around someone who always compliments them.

If Oxen and Horses are open to commit to each other, they can make things between them work, even if Horses need to learn how to be quieter and to teach Oxen how to become adventures. If these two will look closely at each other, they’ll notice their differences are in fact precious for their relationship to work better.

Oxen will always be there for Horses in times of need. Because Horses have an inferiority complex, they may not open up to their other half. However, Oxen are the only ones who can help them do this properly.

If the man is a Horse and the woman in Ox, it can be very difficult for this couple to overcome obstacles. They’d be great friends, but they may not be able to live under the same roof because they’d be all the time fighting and criticizing one another.

If the man is an Ox and the woman a Horse, he’ll be very disappointed by the fact that he can’t possess her the way he wants to.

The lady in this couple is independent and can’t stand having a domestic life. In spite of the big differences between them, Horses and Oxen may make things work out for their love life together, even if Horses are a bundle of energy and Oxen are always taking things slowly.

They can teach each other many great things so their life as a couple becomes happy and fulfilling. Horses are able to court people in a way that impresses anyone, so Oxen won’t make any exception from this.

On the other hand, Oxen love to give their partners luxurious gifts because they’re materialistic and want to prove their love with things. Both Oxen and Horses can have something great together, especially if they decide to put their relationship first on their list of priorities.

The challenges of this romance

The big differences between Horses and Oxen in a relationship can be the main reasons for the conflicts between them. For example, they have different ways of being social.

Oxen will always be attracted by the fact that Horses have passion, but they can start to believe, after only a few months of relationship with them, that Horses are simply too agitated.

The former are comfortable only in familiar places and prefer to have a routine. At the opposite side, the latter are unsettled and want change, which can very much annoy Oxen.

It’s impossible to ever have Horses staying at home on a Saturday night because their main focus that day would be on going out with friends in the evening.

Another obstacle in the Ox-Horse relationship is the fact that neither of them wants to let go when arguing. Horses are always thinking they’re the ones who are right, Oxen are too stubborn to ever back down.

While Horses are probably used to having their way, they may be appalled by the fact that Oxen refuse to listen to them. When fighting, these two may say very nasty words to each other, even if Oxen love peace more than anything and prefer to be left alone rather than to argue.

However, Horses can truly offend them, so they’ll feel like their egos are being attacked, which can lead to serious conflicts. Another thing Oxen and Horses may fight over is money and how much Horses are spending.

The man in the sign of Ox loves being the head of the family, but he may not like that his Horse wife doesn’t think of investments and only spends on luxuries. Not that Oxen don’t want to buy high-quality things, it’s just that they pay more attention to how much they have in their wallet.

What can save the relationship between Oxen and Horses is an increased level of understanding between them two. The woman in Ox could be more open to the fact that her partner needs to go out, and she may even go with him.

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