Ox and Dog Love Compatibility: A Wonderful Relationship

These two may criticize each other and banter but what they share is truly special and likely to build the foundation of a great couple.

Ox and Dog Compatibility

People who have been born in the Chinese zodiac under the signs of the Ox and the Dog are getting along very well with one another, no matter if they share a friendship, love or business relationship. When a couple, they’re able to understand each other and to make many compromises that ensure their success as lovers.

Oxen are honorable and serious, but because Dogs are very loyal, they’ll never feel envious of them. Any Ox will respect the fact that Dogs are dignified and devoted to make the relationship between them based on honesty and love.

CriteriaOx and Dog Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

It’s easy for Oxen and Dogs to find their common ground and to support one another, even more than other couples. Just like any other connection, the one between a Dog and an Ox requires a lot of give-and-take from both parts. It’s essential for these natives to always be honest and trustworthy with each other.

The difference is made by how they tackle their differences

Oxen are materialistic creatures who chase prestige and admire Dogs for being independent. On the other hand, Dogs are open-minded and love to talk, but if Oxen are pushing them too hard, they may become grumpy and nasty.

It’s possible Oxen will not like the fact that Dogs are curious and always doing things too fast. In return, the latter may not like the fact that former hate change and seem unemotional.

It’s possible for them to be together, but only if investing a lot of hard work and dedication into their relationship. Dogs are always looking for new things and to open their mind, Oxen too stubborn to ever accept things may be different than what they imagine them to be.

Oxen may resent the fact that Dogs are expressive because these natives are the most rigid people in the Chinese zodiac. While compromises will solve all of their problems as a couple, they’ll still often fight, hold grudges and feel like the other has committed an injustice when arguing.

When it comes to the people around them, both see others in the same way. The woman in Ox is not in any way superficial, but very appreciative towards the materialistic side of life.

Oxen usually appreciate the fact that Dogs want to be independent, but don’t have the same enthusiasm as them when it comes to the new.

The troubles arising between Oxen and Dogs when together in a romantic relationship can very much have something to do with the fact that these two have some differences, so when something wrong is happening, they may blame one another, which in the long run leads to an inevitable breakup.

Oxen and Dogs need to respect each other very much in order to be happy as a couple. Oxen love wealth, Dogs are only thinking how to be more charitable and giving. This can cause animosity between them, but it isn’t a problem that can’t be fixed.

Oxen will always respect the fact that Dogs are compassionate, so when together, these two will most likely have many pets. Dogs will be able to forgive Oxen for indulging in luxury because Oxen are known for their good taste and desire to have the most expensive things.

Therefore, a balance between them two will be established and they’ll share everything they have. It’s good they can see in each other when it comes to how powerful they actually are and that their differences don’t make their connection weaker.

Oxen can appreciate the fact that Dogs want justice, and the latter can love their partners for being practical. They’ll share a comfortable home, while being both friends and lovers at the same time.

It’s true Oxen can often be irritated by the fact that Dogs are pessimistic, but this won’t influence their relationship too much because Dogs have to as well deal with how passive-aggressive Oxen can be.

When it comes to sex, these two are very compatible because they’re both sensual and very caring. Neither of them is very creative though, but they still have the passion needed for explosive nights together.

Most likely, it will be the Ox who rules in bed because Dogs don’t mind following. Both of them are earthly creatures, so they love pleasuring each other and even saying some dirty jokes.

They’ll never feel inhibited when together, so their sex life will be pretty much fulfilling for both. Oxen can sooth Dogs, who are sensitive and very loyal lovers.

It’s possible for these two to run a very successful business together because they’re both very goal-oriented and have high ideals, not to mention they really trust one another.

If the man is a Dog and the woman an Ox, he’ll do everything in his power to make their life comfortable. She’ll be more realistic, while he would have big dreams. It’s possible they may need to find a common ground in order to succeed as a couple.

If the man is an Ox and the woman a Dog, he’ll keep his traditions and be very conservative, she’ll want to change the world. It’s possible for them to argue from time to time in this combination.

The qualities of this union

The fact that both Oxen and Dogs are honest and beautiful can keep these two together for life. Dogs are very righteous and when in love, very sure about their feelings regarding their other half, so they don’t hesitate to give themselves completely to the partner.

The Chinese zodiac sees Dogs as givers because these natives are always ready to let go of themselves in order to make others happy. Those who are their friends can consider themselves very lucky.

Because Oxen want only security from their partner, they’ll be very happy to have someone in the sign of the dog next to them. Protective and very nurturing, Dogs can also be fierce when it comes to building a comfortable life for themselves and the ones they love.

Oxen won’t hesitate to be the same and to completely belong to their lover because these natives are usually very committed and loyal. In conclusion, Oxen and Dogs have everything it takes for them to be together for a very long time and to also enjoy moments of happiness.

What’s even more interesting about this relationship is the fact that both partners have many qualities that complement one another.

Oxen can make Dogs realistic because Dogs worry too much about meaningless things, while Oxen are known as very calm and unemotional. Therefore, the anxiety of Dogs will be easily dealt with by Oxen if these two happen to be together.

Furthermore, Oxen have a tendency to become too practical and exaggeratedly materialistic. In this situation, the fact that Dogs are idealistic can help their relationship get a deeper meaning and Oxen to become warmer.

When it comes to these two as business partners, they’re very likely to succeed because both of them love to work hard and are very oriented towards making their dreams come true.

While Oxen can make secure investments as they’re very practical, Dogs can be very attentive and give purpose to their projects. While not very good with managing personal budgets, Dogs would still never cheat, something that Oxen can truly appreciate.

The challenges of this romance

Oxen and Dogs as a couple can face many problems when having to deal with the fact that they have a few opposite straits. Oxen are realistic and very committed to logic, Dogs have high ideals and can sometimes end up being irrational or too dreamy.

This means a relationship between them may consume itself from its first stages considering each of them wants to pull in a different direction.

When someone who’s top practical meets a person who always thinks of righteousness, things can become stressful and the relationship between them can become filled with tension.

Furthermore, both Oxen and Dogs in love are very stubborn and refuse to accept other people’s opinions, which can cause problems for the long-term commitment between them.

Dogs are usually obsessed with honesty and honor, so when someone commits an injustice, they don’t hesitate to speak against that person and to become irritated.

All this means Dogs have strong opinions and believe only in their own ideas. They can even be extreme when it comes for them to be right and completely refuse to be convinced that they aren’t the ones who know the truth.

The same can happen with Oxen, only with these natives, it’s more about being conservative, keeping traditions and refusing to change. When Dogs and Oxen are fighting, neither of them is able to give in and to let a little bit of their own opinions go.

Dogs are known for using harsh words, so Oxen may want to break up sooner than expected. More than this, Dogs are not always feeling emotionally secure, which means they may want to leave the relationship because they’re not feeling loved.

If they meet someone committed, Dogs can still become supportive and very loyal. These natives need to be told all the time they’re special and how good their partner feels with them as they need validation.

It’s normal for Dogs to look somewhere else for appreciation when feeling ignored, so Oxen may be left behind as soon as they’ll think another person can show them love. Oxen hate people who cheat and can even break up over a hunch that their partner is going out with someone else.

It’s only up to both these natives to handle their relationship and to let go of differences that may exist between them.

If Oxen would be ready to provide the emotional security Dogs so much need, the latter can become less dreamy and adventurous, because they’d be focusing more on their relationship. Therefore, it’s possible for Dogs and Oxen to have a happy love story together.

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