Moon in 11th House: How It Shapes Your Personality

People with the Moon in the 11th House can achieve great things in their lives.

Moon in 11th house

The 11th House rules over friendship, making the natives of this placement very needy when it comes to the support of their friends. People having Moon in 11th House are very helpful and, just like the Moon has an effect on the sea and changes its tides, it also influences them to be quite unstable emotionally.

Moon in 11th House summary:

  • Strengths: Friendly, creative and idealistic;
  • Challenges: Changeable and distracted;
  • Advice: Work more in collaboration with others;
  • Celebrities: George Clooney, Justin Bieber, Oprah Winfrey, Ryan Gosling.

Full of dreams and possessing a good heart, they can change their objectives according to their moods, so it’s very unlikely their goals will be attained too soon. Very good friends with those who are their family, their connections are the strongest with individuals who think the same as them.

It’s essential for these to form relationships with other people besides their family. When it comes to their interactions, these can be intuitive and built on charm. However, they can attract sad and moody individuals, or people who are not at all reliable, this causing them to be involved in all sort of scandals.

Acting quite sentimentally

The Moon’s position in the 11th House indicates its natives need to belong with someone and to be supported by the members of the groups to which they belong.

They don’t mind giving all of their help and couldn’t stand not having any social life at all or their friends to change all the time. This can have them emotionally agitated and unstable in their relationships, going through subsided feelings for those around them.

Their dreams and goals are big, because they have high hopes for their future. Most of the Moon in eleventh House people are generous and kind, but very changeable when it comes to their objectives and moods. This means it can be difficult for them to work towards a specific goal and to fulfill their dreams.

The more they’re involved in groups and all sort of activities with other people, the more they feel emotionally fulfilled. Their friends are very important to them, and they’re usually best friends with people in their family and those who are always sharing their way of thinking.

However, they should have other individuals in their life besides their relatives. With the Moon in this position, they will have many members of the opposite sex close to them.

As a matter of fact, they are ruled by a feminine energy, acting rather sentimentally in all kind of situations, especially when having to deal with others.

When the Moon is in negative aspects, too many emotions can get involved and disturb the relationships of the ones it influences. Therefore, the natives with this in their natal chart can have many conflicts with others and especially women or witness many tensions between ladies.

If the Moon is afflicted, their reactions can be hysterical and their emotional outbursts exaggerated. But they usually immediately forget such moods because the Moon changes its cycles very often.

For the same reason, Moon in 11th House people may make new friends very often, because the Moon brings more and more people in their life.

Their old acquaintances will disappear from their life according to how the Moon changes its cycles, but no matter what, they will always be enthusiastic when dealing with new friends, forgetting about what happened with others.

They mostly rely on their intuition when choosing whom to spend their time with, and their intense emotions will disappear as soon as they get used more to a person. However, many Moon in eleventh House people can also revive their old friendships very easily, which may seem strange for others.

No matter what, they would hate being lonely and spending their time inside, this being one of the main reasons for their depression.

What they need the most is to be surrounded by people, and when they’re Moon Scorpios or have a conjunction with Pluto, they may even suck on the energies of the groups they belong to.

They would obviously do this unconsciously, others being confused and wondering why they no longer have any energy left after meeting with other Moon in 11th House individuals.

Because they can be easily impressed, they should be very careful when choosing their friends or business associates. Also, they should avoid being very dependent on always getting approval from their close ones.

Other aspects and placements of planets or signs can change all these things more or less, but things will be pretty similar with all the natives having Moon in the eleventh sign.

If the position of the Moon is afflicted, they may have conflicts with their mother when discussing things relating to the eleventh House. It’s normal for them to associate their lady friends with their caretakers and treat them as such.

The influence of the people in their life can be either positive or negative, because some of their acquaintances can’t be in any way trustworthy or not at all as close as they would want them to be to the idea of friendship.

It’s also possible for many of their friends to be changeable or to not appreciate and care about them in any way.

The unconventional types

When not around people they know, Moon in 11th House people feel lost and truly upset because their security is established by their relationships and also because they feel warmer when in the company by others. For men, women friends are something normal because they can get along with anyone.

One good thing about the way they are is they can get together with very influential people who help them succeed and achieve great things in their career.

In case they have some insecurities inside their mind, they will identify themselves as much as possible with the group of which they’re a member, losing all of the identity they may have left. It’s possible for them to give in to peer pressure because they simply can’t go against their friends as if these are their family.

Natives having Moon in the eleventh House are very interested in fitting in and have a need to be a part of a collective. When people reject them, they start to feel depressed and no longer want to hear about anyone and anything. It’s normal for them to feel alone sometimes, no matter how many people surround them.

That’s why they may not conform to social norms and practice the unconventional type that characterizes their Moon sign.

Moon in 11th House individuals may surprise others with how controversial they are, puzzling and making them shake their head in disapproval when doing something out of the ordinary. This is why they may feel like they’re not actually fitting in and that no one understands them.

But this can also make them extremely free, as the Moon in this placement influences these natives to be very independent anyway. These individuals can deal with what their Moon needs without caring what others think of them.

While they express the energy of the Moon and never judge what it’s asking of them, they can be so uncaring that they don’t even realize how they’re being influenced by it.

When making friends, they always rely on intuition and avoid being alone as much as possible. They will always approach those who feel left out and haven’t been accepted in groups. As a matter of fact, the more rejected a person, the more interesting he or she will seem to them.

It wouldn’t matter what culture others would belong to, or what language these will speak, they will befriend them and come up with many ideas on how to spend some quality time. Their personal lives are private, and what they’re doing alone will be kept a secret.

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