Moon in 3rd House: How It Shapes Your Personality

Although rational, people with the Moon in the 3rd House will also take their emotions into account and prefer to forge real connections with their close ones.

Moon in 3rd house

The Moon is all about sensitivity and emotions, and the third House rules over communication. This way, individuals having the Moon in the 3rd House have absolutely no problem sharing what’s in their heart and mind.

As a matter of fact, they may have too much openness and their emotions can sometimes be too strong. Learning how to communicate less may be their life lesson, because some people don’t want to hear everything from their interlocutors.

Moon in 3rd House summary:

  • Strengths: Curiosity, responsivity and affection;
  • Challenges: Nervousness and restlessness;
  • Advice: Try slowing down and focus more on what is said;
  • Celebrities: Jim Morrison, Mark Zuckerberg, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gerard Butler.

Natives with the Moon in the third House tend to be more sentimental than their peers. These people are very attached to the places where they have been raised, so taking them where they used to live would be a good idea.

Keen on what the world has to offer

Moon in 3rd House people love to listen, to talk and to learn new things. They are great with new languages and at impersonating others.

There are two ways with them: they either become great intellectuals who filter everything through their mind or become too emotional. Many of them are both these things at the same time, managing to achieve a balance with age.

They can change the way they think very often because they’re always taking others’ opinions and make them their own. It’s not that they want to copy anyone, but more that they’re open to anything.

It’s normal for them to be agitated and nervous, especially when spending too much time in one place. Their decisions are often based on what they’re feeling and emotions, determined by what makes them feel comfortable and not by logic.

Believing rationality is the main thing that characterizes their way of thinking, they’re in fact only relying on intuition and feelings. It’s not a problem for them to talk about emotions and things that are personal, so people can trust them with their secrets. Not to mention they will also confess theirs and provide the best insight anyone ever could.

When it comes to the third House, this is where planets and signs deal with the consciousness of an individual. Since the Moon is all about what’s hidden and mysterious, people with Moon in 3rd House will be dreamy and aware of their own imagination.

This celestial body brings the conscious and the unconscious together, making its natives more melancholic and stuck in the past, but also deep in their way of thinking and very resourceful when it comes to ingenious ideas. For them, the world is a place that has plenty of useful information to offer.

When in the 3rd House, the Moon puts an emphasis more on the mental aspect than on the emotional one. Therefore, even if these natives are very sensitive, they still can understand a lot of the logical and intellectual data in their environment.

Their intuition is present in their learning and observational processes, but relies more on relational aspects than on other things.

Their instincts help them know what to expect from their social surroundings, and they don’t mind conforming to what’s around them without even thinking too much about it.

The problem here is that they may absorb too much information, and not in the empathetic way of the Moon in the 3rd House natives. Their mind seems to be continuously racing and to absorb information that isn’t necessarily too useful for them or anyone else.

This is why they sometimes worry too much, being nervous about what is going to happen and what consequences their actions will have.

People having Moon in 3rd House can’t simply tell their minds to just rest, so the danger of thinking too much and pointlessly is very present in their life. The good thing about all of this is that they can react very fast and solve problems more easily than others.

Their mind is always clear and can respond almost instantly to any type of stimulation. That’s why it’s easy for them to understand what others may be going through, especially when it comes to matters of the mind.

But they need to be constantly challenged and encouraged to talk because this is what makes them feel good. Loving to interact and to verbalize matters of the heart, they often prefer to rely on their gut rather than on facts and logical arguments.

As this house is also a ruler of movement, it’s possible they will work as travel agents or guides. Because they love to accumulate information and then share it, they will make great counselors.

Expressing their most inner thoughts comes naturally to them, so expect to hear many things about their feelings or to find out they’re keeping a diary after coming back from work.

These people can make great connections between the mental and emotional realm, but they do it privately, recording all of their feelings, just as a live commentator would.

Knowledge is what feeds their soul and mind.

Moon in 3rd House individuals are communicative, open and allow their emotions to rule over their thoughts. They make friends immediately and get along with anyone, because keeping in touch with others comes naturally for them.

Their need for communication is what characterizes them the most. The Moon is also related to family ties, memories and feeling things deeply. Those who have it in the 3rd House can accumulate knowledge on any type of subject without too much effort.

Many of the things they’re studying can be related to the past, like history and anthropology. They need to be intellectually stimulated because knowledge is what feeds their soul and mind.

Curious and always interested in knowing more, natives with this aspect are the eternal students who seem to wish for a higher education, all the time.

They feel like they’re having a strong connection with all the Universe’s secrets ever since their childhood. The environment around them is always well understood and interpreted in the correct way, but they’re pretty changeable when it comes to their opinions and the way they’re seeing things.

Eloquent and intelligent, it can be said these natives have the greatest mind gifts of all the people with Moon in different other Houses. Besides this, their interests are many and well established, so you can ask them about anything; the answer they’ll give will be correct.

There can be times when they’re confused about their thoughts and feelings, so don’t be surprised if there’s subjectivity in their opinions or their judgment is sometimes clouded.

The Moon determines what a person feels in the most profound sense. It’s about how people are the most comfortable, so it’s pretty much related with what’s private and doesn’t get shown to others.

The talents it rules over are the most natural ones, together with the habits they feel the most relaxed with.

Communicative, these natives won’t mind telling what they’re feeling, no matter if they’re happy or depressed.

Because the Moon is connected with the strongest emotions, this means those with it in 3rd House are always worried about what may be going on in their hearts.

Natives having Moon in 3rd House of communication are great students who love to write and exchange ideas by discussing for long hours. The same celestial body makes them changeable according to its phases, so expect them to have moods and to not keep their train of thoughts on the same route.

This means they’re restless and continuously thinking about what to do or the subject they should learn about next.

Also ruling over movement, the 3rd House influences how people change their mind. It also influences how much they like to travel and how good they’re feeling in the place where they have been raised. The Moon in third House people are always on the go and jumping from one idea to another.

Sometimes, the position of the Moon in this House can influence individuals to feel more secure and, in their element, when knowing more about their environment, so it’s a matter of Sun sign and aspects that determines the lunar influence here.

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