Mercury in Libra: Personality Traits and How It Affects Your Life

The native with their Mercury in Libra always has opportunities to advice people and make an impact in their lives.

Mercury in Libra

Under the influence of Libra, the sign of justice and balance, and that of Mercury, the planet of communication, of course that these people can see both sides of a coin.

Those with Mercury in Libra take forever to decide, however. They change their mind with every new piece of information that comes in. This can be beneficial for them if they have another person with whom they can exchange ideas.

The bare facts of Mercury in Libra:

  • Style: Tactful and agreeable;
  • Top qualities: Charming, affectionate and objective;
  • Challenges: Taking too much time to decide and procrastinating;
  • Advice: Allow yourself to enjoy some moments without worries;
  • Celebrities: Beyoncé, Bill Gates, Brigitte Bardot, Will Smith, Alain Delon.

Quite sociable, these guys will engage in any conversation because Mercury is the planet of communication. They are innovative and always thinking of something new.

They need intelligent partners of conversation because they are the same. You will never see Mercury Libras being unfair. They are always analyzing all points of view before deciding on an opinion.

People will want them around to make judgments and say what goes through their mind about an issue. Their conclusions will be the only ones that matter in a group.

Sophisticated and liking the finest things in life, Mercury Libras will always choose the best wines and the most exotic foods.

Mercury in Libra communication aspects

People love being around Mercury Libras as they are polite and pleasant conversationalists. Not to mention they are masters at listening and balancing situations. And they’ll always be genuinely curious about what people have to say.

But if you are looking for a fast response, don’t expect the Mercury Libra to give it to you. Because they are procrastinators, they also tend to leave things undone for long periods of time.

At least the conclusions they’ll reach will always be fair and well-studied. Avoiding confrontations at any cost, these guys will always be the ones who compromise.

They are very tactful people after all, but in the long run, the fact that they are so peaceful can be damaging. They will pile up frustrations and, in the end, have some emotional outbursts that will seem impossible to handle.

It would be better if they would be more confrontational and express their opinions more loudly. People will be tired of their deliberating and weighing each time they will have to wait for them to think of something.

If they’ll be pressured to decide fast, their equilibrium will be disturbed and they may end up making bad decisions. It’s good they are logical, and they only take facts into consideration.

There’s no way Mercury Libras will ever be completely ruled by emotions. That’s why intelligent and knowledgeable people will always appreciate them.

Whenever one of their friends will need to think of either to buy or rent, or about getting married or not, he or she will want to ask the Mercury Libra for advice because these people are good with important decision-making.

Besides all this, they appreciate beauty and always seek for harmony. They reject anything that doesn’t make sense even though they have a keen eye for what s beautiful and interesting.

Objectivity and a sense of justice

Mercury Libra people are only interested in what’s fair and true. Because they want fairness so badly, they can be ruthless with those who aren’t the same as them. Any opinion they will come across will be analyzed because they never rush conclusions just for the sake of saying things.

Not only the Virgos are perfectionists and critical, the Mercury Libras as well. But they are perfectionists in making things as fair as possible. However, they won’t impose this attitude on others because they are too tactful.

The way they are handling people is unique and truly admirable. If they see someone doesn’t do things the right way, they prefer to express themselves freely about the issue.

But they will point out the problem in the most diplomatic way, so others will never feel trashed around them. This way, no one is hurt and Mercury Libras avoid the confrontations they so much hate.

They have a subtle wittiness and prefer logic instead of feelings. They compare and weigh. Don’t expect them to find solutions to problems easily, but be sure they will have the most efficient answers.

Mercury Libras are convincing. When people will come with solutions to problems at them, they will be able to make them rethink. If you have suggested two vacation destinations and decided on one, the Mercury Libra will make a return with the advantages of the other.

It’s like these people are the Devil’s advocate all the time. But they only want what’s best, that’s why they are this way. They can lose themselves trying to determine all the pros and cons of a situation. They need someone to guide them from time to time.

The Mercury in Libra man

Charming and eloquent, the Mercury Libra man knows how to be polite and to get what he wants from others. He commands respect and he’ll be appreciated for his ability to judge without taking anyone’s part.

If you will spend an entire day with him, you’ll notice he enjoys watching people at coffee shops.

While diplomatic, he will never lie to make others feel better. He’s the type who can still be friends after a separation. He hates drama and he’s always looking to do what’s right in life.

Mercury helps him express his love for justice more openly. He’s mature and people will like this about him. Not to mention fair and generous.

Educated and respectful, he will always treat women nicely. However, this man doesn’t like to behave like a Casanova so he will rather be honest and direct that spew compliments and things he doesn’t believe in.

The Mercury in Libra woman

The woman with Mercury in Libra is the best mother or sister. She’s a good communicator and critic of art. Not to mention everyone who has met her will definitely remember what she said and did.

It’s impossible to forget the positive impact this lady has on people’s lives. Because she’s confident too, she would do a great job as a public speaker or artist. She’s nurturing and friendly. You’ll never see her fighting another woman.

Reliable and nice, people in her group will go to her each time they’ll need help or some sound advice. She will be respected because she brings balance.

And she’s sure to be successful at everything that she does because she’s ambitious and fights to have a comfortable life. It wouldn’t matter how tired the Mercury Libra woman will be, she will always rally people and convince them to have fun.

If it will be for her to keep company to a friend in need, she will forget all about herself and help instead of taking care of her own necessities.

People will envy her for being energetic and enthusiastic. Her charm and warmth will make men want her for themselves. Libra style is very feminine and stylish, so anyone will want to be seen with the woman with Mercury in Libra.

Mercury Libra in a nutshell

Balanced and composed, Mercury Libras will always take their time to do things right. They are never impulsive and they can see everyone’s point of view before taking sides.

The fact that they are so indecisive can be a real problem if they have to spend time with people who are rushed and impulsive, like Arieses. But at the same time, they could make some changes and learn how to be more rushed themselves.

Because they are diplomatic and tactful, it doesn’t mean they are going to sugar-coat people. However, you can rest assured that they will never offend or be rude. Even with people who aren’t polite, they will still be respectful and curious.

Mercury Libras are charming and can make any person fall for them very fast. But they are not attracted to people who aren’t witty or who have nothing to say. They can very easily be conquered with good conversation.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.