Mercury in Capricorn: Personality Traits and How It Affects Your Life

The native with their Mercury in Capricorn always has opportunities to leave caution aside and actually change lives around them.

Mercury in Capricorn

People with their Mercury in Capricorn are fast learners with a great memory and they are practical and down-to-earth too.

They will work all their lives to improve themselves and to have success at work because this is how they prove themselves to others.

Many people will think they are too serious. Because they are moody and sulky, it can be difficult for them to be optimistic. If their Sun is also in Capricorn, they will teach others how to be more self-confident.

The influence of Mercury affects the way they communicate. They need to have everything organized and to visualize their thoughts if they are to be understood.

These guys will ask a lot of questions because they love playing detective. The more mysterious someone will be, the best friends they’ll make with the Mercury Capricorns.

Calm and classical, these Goats want discipline more than anything else. When they’ll have a problem, they will approach it systematically and orderly. They are too down-to-earth and pragmatic, so they won’t do anything differently from the norm.

When they fall in love, they are the most dedicated and loyal people. They take their time before they trust a person, but they eventually give in after a while.

The bare facts of Mercury in Capricorn:

  • Style: Realistic and authoritative;
  • Top qualities: Structured, methodical and conservative;
  • Challenges: Problems with authority and inflexibility;
  • Advice: Try to temper from that serious tone of yours;
  • Celebrities: Taylor Swift, Michelle Obama, Elvis Presley, David Bowie, James Dean.

Mercury in Capricorn communication aspects

Those who are born with Mercury in Capricorn are very careful with their words. They don’t put their money where their mouth is and if they don’t know something, they prefer to stay quiet.

Diplomatic and tactful, they would never hurt another person. It’s their taciturnity than may bother people. Because it is facts they like to talk about most of the time, they are never good at small talk.

They want to be taken very seriously, so they may sound lecturing and pompous sometimes. Not the most optimistic, Mercury Capricorns can seem like they don’t have a sense of humor to some. But the truth is their humor is dry. Considering how serious they usually are, they would go crazy without a joke or two.

Not to mention they are the most responsible people with Mercury in their chart. When they need to take care of a serious matter, they focus and plan for the long term, this being the reason why they are considered such great strategists.

The worst that could happen is for them to be too cautious and to not want to take any action out of too much worry. Traditionalists and conservative, these guys are happy with what has already been tested and proven. But they are pretty stubborn and can’t see others’ opinions as being more beneficial than theirs.

They have a good sense of humor that can’t be understood by everyone. They are very sophisticated when it comes to jokes.

Judgmental and serious

Authoritative and cautious, Mercury Capricorns don’t like to be taken by surprise. When others don’t keep their promises to them, they become tense and impatient. It can be said they would be great law-makers because they want things to be fair.

While they can be judgmental, they are also easily annoyed, especially when someone doesn’t take their opinion into consideration.

They are amongst the most practical people. When someone comes with an abstract or an unrealistic idea to them, they simply refuse to tag along. So it would be best if they would get together with those who are practical, just like them.

Cautious with people, Mercury Capricorns doubt anyone. They are skeptical about everything and everyone. Furrowing their eyebrows is their first reaction whenever they face new people and situations.

If their Sun is in Aquarius or Sagittarius, Mercury Capricorns are even more practical but less conservative. They will still process like a Capricorn, but they’ll have a lot of the other signs’ traits.

In general, people with an influence of Capricorn somewhere in their charts will not waste time. When they need to express something, they are concise and objective.

They spend a lot of time planning and thinking about the future. Careful with their words, they don’t want to seem incompetent or dumb. Even the more relaxed personalities are very stressed about how others perceive them.

The Mercury in Capricorn man

The influence of Mercury in the Capricorn man’s life is all about his temper when he can’t communicate. Once frustrated, this guy can be very quiet and reserved. And he’ll end up not being able to process things as easily as he is used to.

You will usually find the Mercury Capricorn man in management positions. He wants to advance on the social ladder and thinks work is one of the most important things in life.

This guy would be great as a business man. He doesn’t care about gender roles and can be very arrogant because he thinks no one is better than him.

If he feels like something or someone is holding him back, he will lose his temper and try to get rid of that person. The man with Mercury Capricorn tends to see the world in black and white, so there’s no middle ground with him.

The Mercury in Capricorn woman

The Mercury Capricorn woman is powerful and knows how to be a boss. With Mercury’s influence over communication and her nurturing nature, she will be determined to protect and get along with those she cares for.

She loves to be of help, so she needs to spend more time with others. Mercury can have an impact over her temper as well. Many people can be disturbed emotionally four times a year, when Mercury’s in retrograde.

During this period, it would be better if the Mercury Capricorn lady would evaluate what she needs and wants. The planet will help her be more articulate.

Sharing her thoughts with friends and family will make her identify what she may have overlooked in her self-development endeavor.

She will also be influenced by Mercury in the way she gives and receives information. She could also use the retrograde periods to deal with emotional issues and reflect.

Mercury Capricorn in a nutshell

Mercury Capricorns never waste time and are very good at understanding the most practical things. When they need to make an idea about someone or something, they take their time.

Serious and composed, you will never see them too enthusiastic about something. They are the most dedicated and mature people and their opinions and ideas will be constructive and well informed.

They will never reach to a conclusion by being emotional. Logic and rationality is what characterizes them the most. This is why they are so effective at coming up with the best solutions.

They may not be the most original people, but at least they will be focused on fixing problems. If they will ever fail, they’ll be crushed, their self-confidence will be completely destroyed and they’ll want to start over again. Not to mention they won’t express their ideas and opinion for a long time to come.

People will always think they’re older than they actually are because they are very mature in communication. Because they are taking themselves too seriously, they need to leave all the rigidity behind and relax.

When loosened up, the Mercury Capricorns can be the best companions. Conversations with them are usually about career and what can help a person become better from a personal and professional point of view.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.