Mercury in Cancer: Personality Traits and How It Affects Your Life

The native with their Mercury in Cancer always has opportunities to better themselves, starting from practical to more complex, emotional matters.

Mercury in Cancer

Those born with Mercury in Cancer are sentimental and can’t let go of people too easily, plus they will remember every moment they have spent with someone.

Mercury influences their communication skills whilst the Cancer comes with its emotionality and sensitivity. That’s why people with this planetary transit in their natal chart are so easily impacted by any word or remark.

They never filter information through their mind, being the type who use their heart more than anything else. This means they read too much into things and get offended when someone says something about them.

More cerebral people won’t be able to understand them. Mercury Cancers are also the best homemakers of the zodiac. They can help others relax and escape the harsh reality because they are calm and welcome anyone into their lives.

Mercury’s influence and the fact that it is placed in a Water sign will help them overcome challenges in life with ease. They can understand subliminal messages easier than others.

When it comes to logical thinking, they prefer to rely on emotions rather than appeal to rationality. The emotional intelligence these people possess can’t be seen in others.

The bare facts of Mercury in Cancer:

  • Style: Considerate and sensitive;
  • Top qualities: Warm, astute, careful and nurturing;
  • Challenges: Tense and overly concerned;
  • Advice: With some people you need to take a softer stance;
  • Celebrities: Nicole Kidman, Lana Del Rey, Natalie Portman, Tom Hanks.

Mercury in Cancer communication aspects

Mercury Cancers are good listeners and can inspire others to be more open and warm. You can recognize them because they are true poets and great sentimentalists.

It’s easy for them to deal with subtleties and what people actually mean and they have this extra sense for this. But if you start to discuss numbers and facts with them, they become very confused because they often can’t think objectively.

Mercury Cancers can also blackmail others emotionally. They can’t handle being criticized, so they’ll defend themselves by throwing tantrums.

They aren’t the fastest and most spontaneous people on Earth either. When they communicate, they are gentle and intuitive.

Because they take everything personally, they will often seem defensive. Their voice is calm and inspires protection. It may seem they are always trying to keep something away, which will get them into trouble. They avoid confrontations, but at the same time don’t like being crossed so there is a tipping point for them too.

Their sense of humor is subtle and they connect to others through it.

All the information many will try to hide from them is going be revealed because they have something like a sixth sense. It’s possible they’ll ignore what’s real and factual in order to adapt the circumstances to their own way of thinking.

And a big chunk of their ideas and opinions will be ones that formed whilst growing up. It’s difficult for these guys to adapt to new concepts. People with Mercury in Cancer have great memory and can remember how they felt when important things have happened in their life. They worry the most about family and their home because they are very attached to everything domestic.

Nostalgia overload

People with Mercury in Cancer will remember everything. Their memory is set on emotions and conversations that have caused them to feel something in the past.

They have the ability to feel other people’s thoughts and moods without having to talk. It’s amazing to see how fast they can retain information. When they have a problem, they approach it gradually and steadily.

That’s why some people will find them slow paced. Their Sun sign wouldn’t matter here because those with Mercury in Cancer will always be the “feelers” who pick up emotions easier than anything else.

These natives are attentive and can get lost in conversations because they are paying attention to how the interlocutors feel. That’s why they can forget all about their opinions.

Great poets and incredible artists of any kind, they can express themselves very easily if they are to create. Not to mention how diplomatic they can be.

When they have to make a decision, many Mercury Cancers take their time. They need to spend some time alone before reaching a conclusion.

You can easily impress them, so many of their friends will be seen as more talented than they actually are. If someone tries to talk facts with them, they’ll withdraw and become quiet. They have to be focused on what’s happening right here, right now, for them to be efficient.

The Mercury in Cancer man

The man with Mercury in Cancer needs social interaction. He’s protective but never possessive. He needs time to think and for Mercury to visit him before he expresses an idea.

It’s because he’s too emotional and doesn’t have any spontaneity at all. Not to mention certain interactions can make him anxious. It’s not coincidental that he’s under the influence of the Crab. The more you try to make a crab come out of its shell, the more it retreats or tries to attack you with its claws.

While reserved and cold on the outside, this guy is soft inside, he’s only wearing an armor to keep away people who could hurt him. As long as someone doesn’t try something nasty with him, he will be the sweetest and nicest person.

The Mercurian influence makes him doubtful about whom to trust.If you are honest, he will be very compassionate so remember to take it slow with him and that he will only isolate himself if you are offensive.

The Mercury in Cancer woman

The woman with Mercury in Cancer is a true homemaker who enjoys the household chores the most. And they shouldn’t feel in any way less than other women because they want a nice-looking home that can be their safe haven.

The Mercury in Cancer lady will want a family and to invite friends over rather than to go out. She won’t have to tell people how great her place is, they’ll already know.

Friends will come over and have great fun, all while eating her good dinners. This lady is excited about the little things she needs to do around the house. She likes to clean and to redecorate.

Her family will be the most important thing in life for her. She would go the extra mile for her kids and husband to feel comfortable and loved.

When people from out of town visit, she’ll make sure everything in her house smells nice and that they have their favorite meals cooked. All these things will make anyone smile, even if times may be tough.

Every little gesture she’ll make will matter and you can’t get this kind of attention from other people. The Mercury Cancer woman can be the best friend anyone could ever have. She will even do things that aren’t necessary for others to be happy, not to mention how inspiring she can be.

Mercury Cancer personality in a nutshell

If they don’t have an Air influence in their life, Mercury Cancer people won’t be interested in intellectual matters at all, they will only rely on instinct.

When it comes to logical reasoning, these guys simply can’t understand what’s going on. Not to mention is often difficult for them to verbalize their thoughts because they are overwhelmed by emotions.

Their thoughts are deep and insightful, however, they can change them from one moment to another because it all depends on their famous moods.

Mercury Cancers may take things too personally and feel like someone is attacking them whenever something is being said. They are protective with their thoughts and don’t share their feelings easily.

But they can read minds because they’re intuitive and people will appreciate them for guessing their needs. Mercury Cancers won’t spend too much time with those they don’t trust.

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Written by Denise

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