Jupiter in Sagittarius: How It Affects Your Luck and Personality

If you have Jupiter in Sagittarius you benefit from luck in unexpected life aspects.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius so you can imagine that people with this planetary transit in their natal chart get the opportunity for twice the adventure and fun.

Not to mention that those born at the time of such a transit know no boundaries when it comes to love and are pretty lucky in this respect.

They think globally and love traveling or meeting people from different corners of the world. These guys are the students of life because they are curious and like everything relating to religion or philosophy.

More than this, they are good entrepreneurs with great vision and are not afraid to take risks. But they would need to study more before engaging in something.

The active Jupiter will help them have vision, but not be good managers so perhaps practicing their independent attitude will be more efficient in this situation.

However, they would need to learn teamwork through some painful lessons. Perhaps their confidence and positivity will ultimately prevail. They are lucky people who always land on their feet, after all.

Jupiter in Sagittarius in a nutshell:

  • Style: Lucky and limitless;
  • Top qualities: Optimistic, adventurous, truth-seeking;
  • Weaknesses: Prone to blockages and sometimes naïve;
  • Advice: Channel positive energy by staying away from other’s business.
  • Celebrities: Amy Winehouse, Marlon Brando, Jared Leto, Mila Kunis, Ben Affleck.

The impact on personality

Jupiter Sagittarians are free spirits who always think about the future and seem to get their luck from anything. They are keen to learn new things, so it’s very likely they’ll be busy all the time.

It wouldn’t matter if it would be a new language or meditation technique, they will want to expand their mind and see the world in a different way. These guys are always prepared to travel and to take on the world.

After all, Sagittarius is the Adventurer of the zodiac. People with this planetary aspect in their natal chart are always looking to take on new challenges.

They will always be where there are new experiences and lessons to learn. Every treasure will be discovered by them because this is their goal and their most wanted reward.

Optimistic, they will always take risks and jump into the unknown full of excitement. They realize they are making their own luck and that the more they participate in the game, the more they can obtain.

These natives are the seekers, the ones who want to reach the divine and understand deeper principles. Religion and philosophy will be their means in a quest to find the Absolute Truth.

But Jupiter Sagittarians need to be inquisitive and open if they want to be efficient in life. When they will think they have found the truth, they will become self-righteous and stuck.

And being condescending or feeling superior will not help them in any way. They can avoid all this by keeping their heart and mind open. Realizing there is always more to know will be their salvation.

They need to travel more, to meet as many new people as possible if they want to see the big picture and synthesize information better.

However, they have to keep away from excess. Jupiter in Sagittarius is a position that makes them think they never had too much of something good until they have consumed all of their resources.

That’s why it can be difficult for them to find their center from time to time. It’s true their ability to dream big is beneficial, but moderation is necessary if they want to keep their relationships and be sane.

Because they are nurturing and flexible, they will attract luck like a magnet. If they will believe in themselves and what they put their minds to, they will inspire many people.

Enthusiastic, Jupiter Sagittarians should tap more into their ability to learn and teach new things, as they would be great in professions that have to do with education, publishing or traveling.

When others disagree with their beliefs and opinions, they get offended. These guys will make their own chances and they are able to predict what will happen next because they can take a leap of faith and succeed.

Jupiter Sagittarius natives need to be challenged both physically and intellectually because they are good competitors. That’s why they are so great in sports too.

With Jupiter at home in their sign, they are naturally lucky. It will always seem like they can’t do anything wrong, much to the annoyance of their critics.

It’s a matter of luck

As said before, Jupiter is at home in Sagittarius, so the influences of this planet and sign will unfold beautifully in people born with this specific transit in their natal chart.

When it comes to traveling, these guys are the masters of it: the bigger the distance and the spontaneity they have to bring in, the better for them.

Don’t expect them to be dishonest, they will tell you the truth no matter how hurtful it may sound. They are not mean, they just can’t refrain themselves from being sincere.

As far as adventures go, Jupiter Sagittarians will always jump in to take on new challenges and enjoy all kind of experiences.

They get along with everyone and if they will be open to anything, luck will follow them anywhere. It sometimes seems like these guys don’t have any care in the world.

It’s like they only want to make other people’s lives better, teaching them all the philosophy and religious ideas they have studied. It’s not easy to make them change their mind about their beliefs.

When someone will agree with them, they will be the happiest. Because they spend a lot, they are also good money makers. They are usually successful if they don’t have to follow a routine.

Flexible and open-minded, Jupiter Sagittarians can accept other people’s points of view. They will grow furthermore if they will listen and support people in their life.

They see education and traveling as opportunities for them to become better. But remaining open is the only thing that will bring them luck. If they’ll be too preachy, they won’t develop so well anymore, and their luck will turn away from them.

The Jupiter in Sagittarius man

The Jupiter Sagittarius man is very generous because Jupiter makes him this way. He will probably save money and donate them, or volunteer. The same planet helps him trust that things are going to be OK no matter what.

The fact that he’s fearless in the face of the unknown makes him very sexy. But he needs to invest more time in his relationships and be more grateful if he wants to keep people close.

Being generous and reacting to affection with affection will help him build strong connections with others, especially when Jupiter will travel through his sign.

He will play his gender very well, and his sexuality goes deep. He has great chemistry with most of women, so they can expect steamy nights with him. Direct, he will say what’s on his mind and make many ladies blush.

While these guys may seem like they know everything, they are not at all proud. They are in fact students of life who love to make new friends.

Think about the Archer’s arrow and you will be able to see how determined and motivated the Jupiter Sagittarius is.

If he will have someone who’s as straightforward as him, he will be very happy. If you’re in love with him, just make a move when Jupiter is traveling through Sagittarius.

The Jupiter in Sagittarius woman

The woman with Jupiter in Sagittarius will reflect this planet’s generosity the best. The fact that Jupiter rules this sign will make her feel luckier whenever this planet travels through her sign.

She will find love and satisfaction during these times. She’s the happiest when she can express herself. An important member of her community, she will spark everyone’s attention by being very generous.

She will volunteer for all kind of causes because she’ll want to fight for the greater good. Sagittarius’ influence helps her be a better problem solver. This lady will be confident each time she’ll face difficult times in her life.

In short, remember that men are turned on by her, women admire her. Because she likes to take charge, many guys will want to be in her bed.

She’s not only an explosion when making love, she also trusts herself with any technique because of Jupiter’s influence. The same planet’s generosity will make her more gratifying and impossible to forget.

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Written by Denise

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