Horse and Horse Love Compatibility: A Very Close Relationship

These two benefit from a connection that can’t be broken easily and that mends from inside in case of any conflict.

Horse and Horse Compatibility

A Horse and another Horse can almost immediately establish a connection with each other because they will notice the fact that they’re the same and that when together, they have a great time.

Neither of them wants to settle down, so the attraction between these two is complete, regardless if it’s about them being friends or lovers. All Horses are seeking to have fun and can be very interesting partners of conversation.

CriteriaHorse and Horse Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Two Horses together may fight for being in the spotlight or feel like they’re putting one another in the shadows. It’s possible they’ll never change their mind about this issue, which means they sometimes don’t get along very well.

Moving mountains together

The romantic relationship between two Horses can start off very strongly because people in this sign love being in love and usually give themselves completely when a new romance is on the horizon for them.

When courting each other, two Horses have immense energy and give one another all kinds of gifts while also being seductive and whispering words of appreciation.

The Horse is very unpredictable, so he or she can change his or her mind about anything, including love. It’s easy for a Horse to lose interest, regardless if it’s about work, romance or domestic issues.

Therefore, two Horses may both get bored of their relationship after only a few weeks of being together. They can also understand each other’s need to just move on, but they simply can’t be an item for a long period of time.

It’s very likely that when together, they’ll travel and take part in new adventures all the time because this is the only way for them to keep their passion alive.

They can be very happy as a couple as long as the excitement doesn’t wear off. Neither of them wants to tie down his or her partner, and both are moody or impulsive.

Because they want attention, they may become jealous of one another when the spotlight is only on one. If the Horses are open to work on their relationship, they can stimulate each other for a very long time.

But as said before, they need a lot of excitement in order for them to not lose interest in their connection. It’s easy for a Horse to feel tied down and bored with a situation or a person, so doing new things together is essential for this couple.

The attraction between two Horses is tremendous, not to mention they both want adventure and to continuously be charming, good looking and energetic.

Because they’re very similar, they make a great team and can do many things at the same pace. All this means they’re a great couple, the best friends and very effective business associates.

Having great passion, continuous restlessness and a need for independence, these two may end up leading a very chaotic life, especially if one of them doesn’t take control over the situation.

The Chinese Horoscope says the connection between two Horses can’t be broken because both partners are in love with the one another’s desire for freedom and adventurous personality.

While neither of them is ready to commit, they may want to make an exception when together because they do realize their life together can’t ever be boring.

Two Horses together will always laugh and enjoy the greatest things in life because they’re both optimists and very supportive. It’s possible for them to move mountains as a couple just because they’re always thinking positively.

As said before, they’re very attracted to one another and their personalities resemble each other. A Horse and another Horse love how they’re both good-looking and charming.

New ideas all the time

This relationship will have a lot of freedom because neither of them minds offering the other some space. However, the fact that they’re moody can sometimes influence their connection in a negative way.

Furthermore, they may overshadow one another and when bored, they’ll wants to just run away and look for other partners. If these two are to manage getting over these things, they have great chances at being happy together.

What makes them so great is the fact that they both have passionate feelings and great stamina for sex. These two love to try new things in bed and their ideas of making love can make their nights together unforgettable.

Another thing that helps them be so successful as a couple is the fact that they’re both straightforward and sincere. Even if they have big egos, their faith in one another will keep them away from disappointment and hidden motivations.

It’s possible they’ll make each other jealous because they’re both flirtatious, however, neither of them is ever serious about an affair with another person.

The fact that these two understand one another when it comes to their personal freedom is also a thing that makes them a good couple.

The Horse is famous for being independent and for hating rules, routine and conventions. Furthermore, the Horse can never be dominated, so no one should expect too many things of him or her.

The Horse could never live up to the romantic demands of a Goat or make an extremely jealous Snake happy because only another Horse can truly understand him or her when it comes to having some space and being free.

There’s no surprise to see Horses are unpredictable and changing partners or interests like others change their socks. Not only their body, but also their minds are always moving fast, and they enjoy being stimulated from both a physical and mental point of view.

Just like the animal that represents them, they’re free, passionate, stubborn and always on the run. It’s difficult for a Horse to just relax or to have a good night’s sleep because he or she doesn’t want to ever stop from doing things.

That’s why people in this sign are always the last to leave at parties and they never have problems showing up to work after a night spent out drinking. It’s difficult for a Horse to stick to a routine, but this doesn’t mean he or she is not hard-working and determined to complete his or her projects.

Furthermore, Horses are known for being multitasking, but they always leave things to the last moment and sometimes start more projects at once. When it comes to love, they have immense passion and are impulsive, so it’s normal for them to just jump in a relationship without thinking twice.

For some time, they’re very devoted to their partner and don’t mind doing anything for the person they love, which means they’re very intense. However, they get bored easily, so they may change partners more often than others.

A Horse will promise the world to his or her partner and after lose interest because all he or she wants is to run around and to take part in new adventures.

The challenges of this romance

There are many characteristics in the personality of a Horse that indicate this native is not quite the perfect partner for a person in the same sign.

For example, the fact that Horses are so impulsive and easily bored can make the relationship between two of them superficial and weak.

Furthermore, people in this sign are known for having very big egos and for refusing to listen to other people’s advice, which usually generates conflicts and situations that require one of the people involved to give in.

However, two Horses together can both be very stubborn and usually refuse to let one another win when arguing. The man in this sign is especially known for being easily angered, so when his ego is wounded, he may immediately respond with outbursts of bad temper.

The woman in Horse is not that aggressive in a physical way, but she also has a temper and can use very nasty words or do things that really hurt others.

When fighting, two Horses can insist on being right till the end of the world because both of them believe they know everything and are arrogant.

Therefore, these two can easily break up after only one major fight in which neither of them has agreed with the other. Another thing that may bother their relationship has something to do with the fact that they both need variety too much.

Regardless if a woman or a man, the Horse will always want to be in the middle of things and to get involved in new adventures. All this means the Horse may never be able to commit for a long time, either to a partner or a project.

While two Horses in love can have a very passionate connection in the beginning, it’s very possible for them to lose interest in one another after only a few weeks of relationship.

This usually happens because the Horse needs to be constantly stimulated and challenged. When bored with a partner, the Horse just starts to look for someone else.

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