Dog and Dog Love Compatibility: A Gratifying Relationship

Two Dog Chinese zodiac signs in a couple will not let anything come between them and commit for a lifetime.

Dog and Dog Compatibility

Just like the animal that represents them, Dogs love to be in packs rather than alone, which means they’ll be attracted to one another because they have the same social lives.

If living together, these two will help one another very much when it comes to domestic errands because they simply refuse to allow only one of them to struggle with everyday issues.

CriteriaDog and Dog Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

When it comes to intimacy, two Dogs in a relationship can really much enjoy one another because they’re both into fantasy and new positions. It’s impossible to find someone more loyal than them, so they’ll never cheat on each other, especially if together for very long time.

Two loyal partners above everything else

One of the most beautiful traits of Dogs is the fact that they’re kind people who would give everything they have for those who happen to be less fortunate. There’s no other sign in the Chinese zodiac to give him or herself more than the Dog, especially when involved in a serious relationship.

These natives are overprotective with their loved ones because they want to make sure people in their life are always feeling secure from both a materialistic and emotional point of view.

The Chinese Horoscope says Dogs are the Givers of Life because these people are always ready to give up their own wishes just to make others happy, and especially those who happen to love them back. This is one of the reasons why two Dogs in a relationship can only have a union full of love and generous acts.

These are the type of people who really commit and when feeling a little bit bored, they just prefer to say what’s bothering them and to discuss the issue.

They will both strive to make each other happy and to ensure all of their dreams about love are becoming a reality. Another thing that makes the love compatibility of two Dogs possible is the fact that these natives have similar lifestyles.

Therefore, both of them want security and to never be surprised because they’d hate having to deal with drama or to doubt any of the things that are about to happen.

These natives need a partner who’s always sure of his or her feelings, so they’re best suited with someone in the same sign as them because with such a person they’d feel fulfilled from an emotional point of view.

Two Dogs together will always work hard to make one another happy and to keep their promises. If they decide to be business partners, they’d do a great job together because they’re both capable of completing projects and can collaborate very well.

If a relationship between two Dogs doesn’t succeed, it’s very likely the two partners will decide to still be friends. This would happen because when together as a romantic couple, two Dogs can get to know each other very well, so it would be a waste for them to no longer be friends after things are over as far as love goes.

The Chinese zodiac says that Dogs are the most dedicated people you could ever come across. If good friends, two Dogs would only work hard to make their friendship flourish. If they wouldn’t be able to make things happen this way, there wouldn’t be a problem for them to just take separate ways and to be happy that they have at least tried.

Two Dogs can trust each other more than any other couple, which means this can help them have a very serious relationship that’s described by others as very happy and truly fulfilling.

These natives will go on with their life together and never think that cheating is ever possible in their relationship. This means they will never think of one another as someone who isn’t loyal and who doesn’t keep his or her word.

When business partners, they can have great success because they trust one another when it comes to money and completion of projects. The fact that they’re protective can also influence their relationship in a positive way.

A healthy connection

Good lovers or spouses, these two will always invest time and efforts to have a stable and comfortable home. Their common purpose will be protecting those whom they love the most, which means their protective nature would be present everywhere in their relationship.

Furthermore, them being like this will make their future more stable, and the man in Dog will always work tirelessly for his wife and children to have a good life.

Many other couples will envy two Dogs together for the fact that they have a very stable relationship and they never seem too dramatic.

Also, these two natives have a healthy sexual connection and are never inhibited with each other. They’d always think of what to do in order to improve their life as a couple, so their affair is always only meant to succeed.

Because they both want excitement in bed, two Dogs as lovers will never look for greener pastures with a different partner.

Another thing that makes their connection unique and long-lasting is the fact that they’re both very strong, regardless of the situation and the people surrounding them. The fact that they aren’t weak means they won’t leave one another when times are hard.

As a matter of fact, it’s quite the opposite with them because they’re very loyal and wouldn’t even think to leave their other half behind. Obstacles in their life together will be faced with courage and determination to come out victorious.

This is one of the main reasons why many other couples secretly desire to have what two Chinese zodiac Dogs are having together. These natives will all the time support each other, which is something other people involved in relationships may not have.

There is the danger they’ll both become too pessimistic, because if one of them tends to have negative feelings, the other immediately follows. That’s why they should always try and be optimistic because life will take the right turn for them to feel happy and fulfilled.

Usually, Dogs are only committing for lifetime, so when together, there will be no one and nothing to separate them. They’ll respect and be affectionate with one another because they’re kind and very honest people.

It’s possible for them to have many children because they’re also family-oriented and enjoy the domestic life. It’s possible for them however, to have problems with money because while they can earn a lot, they’re usually spending on the many causes they care about.

The fact that they wish to change the world for the better will be one of the reasons why they’re so attracted to each other.

There’s a risk for their life as a couple to become boring or tense, but only if they don’t communicate enough. Furthermore, they shouldn’t criticize one another as this can bring a lot of damage to their relationship.

The challenges of this romance

While two Dogs together have the greatest chance at happiness and love, they can also have a tense relationship because it’s in their nature to feel anxious all the time, considering their mercurial characters.

When Dogs are feeling happy and at peace with themselves, they’re the most enjoyable people to be around, but when change happens and things start to go downhill, they become very moody, nervous and angry.

It’s like they don’t seem to have any stability when it comes to their emotions, which is also one of the things why they aren’t so popular amongst their friends and why their relationships are sometimes challenging.

It’s possible that two Dogs as a couple don’t understand each other and eventually end up starting conflicts that can’t be resolved, perhaps only in therapy.

For example, they both can be too pessimistic and even cynical. When being like this, Dogs make harsh remarks that, even if are honest, they’re still very hurtful and mean.

The fact that they’re pessimistic makes them insecure as well. What Dogs seem to need the most in life is to feel emotionally secure.

This is one of the reasons why their partner needs to tell them they’re special, interesting and that there’s no one better than them at being a lover.

While very suitable for one another, two Dogs together have the tendency to both become depressed and too stressed, which means they’re more likely to have harder times as a couple then let’s say Oxen with Horses, situation in which one would be stable from an emotional point of view and the other very optimistic.

If two Dogs want to really resist for very long time as a couple, they need to master the way they communicate and to talk about their needs with their other half because only this way, they’d be able to make each other’s dreams come true.

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