Aries And Capricorn Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Aries and Capricorn will temper the former and aggravate the latter in an attempt to balance both.

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Very different but capable of falling in love, the Aries and the Capricorn can be very devoted to one another. There will be some tensions between them as they both have horns, but a harmonious relationship is possible for they physically attract each other very much.

CriteriaAries Capricorn Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionBelow average❤❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexBelow average❤❤

The Aries lover likes to chase, while the Capricorn takes their time to think of a possible commitment. However, the expansive character of the Aries can make the introverted Capricorn to become grumpier than they usually are.

Both Cardinal signs who like to be in control, these two can make a true power couple. The major difference between them would be that as a Mars governed sign, the Aries can be too impulsive for the conservative, Saturn-ruled Capricorn.

When Aries and Capricorn fall in love …

It doesn’t matter where they may be working, the Capricorn is usually the manager. If them and an Aries fall in love, it is very likely that the entire thing will happen at work. The Goat is challenged when they can’t figure people out, and the Aries makes them very curious.

The latter loves to push the former’s buttons, to make them fight over trivial things. They are completely different from one another. The Aries thinks the Capricorn partner is dull and sluggish, while the Goat thinks the Ram is a fool and also too impulsive.

Free and charming, the Aries will rarely take a break from their agitated lifestyle. They want a challenge every single day, and they are always on a quest to boost their ego. People will say they’re too harsh and careless, and they may be right.

Not good with their money, the Aries can often forget to put something aside for the less fortunate days. A natural born leader, they usually attain success in life.

The Capricorn is warm and kind. Down-to-earth, protective, devoted and responsible, these people can make the Aries feel more organized.

The Aries will electrify the Capricorn, making them more wild and spontaneous. The Capricorn will most likely play the father/mother figure in the relationship. Together, they would make a strong couple, and they would be successful as business partners too.

People will be interested to see how the Capricorn-Aries relationship evolves. While not being able to resist the charm of the Aries, the Capricorn will always be infuriated to see them so reckless.

A relationship between Capricorn and Aries would be more interesting and happier during their late years, when the Capricorn is more carefree and relaxed. The young Capricorn is too ambitious and reserved. Also, in their early years, the Capricorn can be unresponsive to the Aries’ ways. If they manage to overcome their selfishness, these two can become inseparable.

They have everything they need to love each other like in the movies. Someone who’s idealistic and impulsive like the Aries would get along very well with a practical, composed person like the Capricorn.

The Aries and Capricorn relationship

The Aries and the Capricorn need to try, if they want things between them to work. The Capricorn can take good care of the Aries, offering them a safe haven. They are mature enough to understand the Ram needs to roam free. The fact that they are so well anchored in reality make it easier for them to offer their partners stability.

But don’t expect the Capricorn to be quiet about how light-headed and careless the Aries is. They will complain to all their friends about their partner.

They both like the finest things in life, so you’ll see them at the most expensive restaurants, or buying the classiest outfits. This is something on which they both completely agree.

People will not be able to understand how two people that ultimately are so different, can be this good together. They can be that couple that impresses everyone at parties and gatherings.

Both talented and interesting, they will inspire and motivate one another. This means more success and effectiveness. Both Arieses and Capricorns are hoarders of things, so they will get along in this matter too.

However, the Capricorn may be too traditional for the Aries’ innovative ideas. Organized, pragmatic and settled, the Capricorn will never know how to be agitated, impulsive and passionate like the Aries. Both dominating characters, they will rule the set wherever they may be going.

The biggest challenge in their relationship is dealing with money. The Aries will want to splurge on expensive things, while the Capricorn will want to save. They will always think about the future and their financial status. It would help them both if they would realize some efforts are required for the thing they have together to succeed.

Aries and Capricorn marriage compatibility

The Capricorn wants to get married with someone who’s financially stable and has a social status. The Aries is not so interested in these things. With the Capricorn, the Aries should expect a classy, traditional wedding. They would probably only get married just to make the Capricorn happy anyway. Considering how independent the Aries is, it would be quite an achievement to have them tied down to someone for life.

As parents, they would make a great thing if they would know how to take both the good and the bad things together. It’s essential that they fight for the same things for their children, that they are not indifferent and are committed to the same future for their little ones.

The Capricorn will often be annoyed with the fact that the Aries is indifferent to family life and commitment. But minor issues in compatibility shouldn’t impede a beautiful relationship, like the one they could have, from happening.

Sexual compatibility

The Capricorn likes to be chased and wooed. And this is perfect for the Aries, who loves to go after the person they like. They will have nice, meaningful conversations on their first dates.

The Capricorn likes to listen to storytelling, and the Aries will surely have a lot to say, considering it is one of the most adventurous sign in the zodiac.

Sex between them will have its ups and downs, but overall it will be good. Both energetic in bed, they will make love the entire night and continue in the morning. The Capricorn won’t want all the kinky stuff that goes through the Aries’ mind.

Their most erogenous zone is the legs, while for the Aries is the head. The way the bedroom is decorated matters a lot for the Capricorn. The Aries wouldn’t even care.

Determined and motivated, the Capricorn will always want to make their partner feel good. If the Aries would slow down and have more patience, things between them in the bedroom would be amazing.

The downsides

It’s only normal for a Goat and a Ram to be at each other’s throats, once in a while. The Capricorn can feel like they’re with a wild thing rather than with a human being. And the Aries will keep thinking about the day when the Capricorn will be more lightened up.

Both Cardinal signs, they need to be in charge of things all the time. This may cause some serious arguments.

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, the baby of the chart, so they can become really spoiled by the generous Capricorn.

They would need to be more thoughtful, or the Capricorn won’t be around them for too long. In the meantime, the Capricorn would need to learn how to say no to the Aries.

The more they will be together, the more urgent the issue of family will become. They would need to meet somewhere in the middle, considering the Aries wants to be free and untied, and the Capricorn wants a family and to enjoy a more settled life.

What to remember about Aries and Capricorn

Arieses have many things in common with the Capricorns. They are both intelligent, ambitious and they both know what they want from life. But these two approach things differently and this can bring them trouble.

Because of this, they can sometimes have conflicts. The Aries-Capricorn relationship can’t survive without patience and the efforts of the two partners.

The Aries and the Capricorn will find their relationship troubled when neither of them will want to compromise. And this can happen very often. The Aries is opinionated and harsh, so they or she can hurt the sensitive Capricorn.

The Aries will never change their mind about something. When they will be in conflict, these two will have to leave things unsolved as none of them will give up and this may jeopardize their union.

They will have to ultimately agree on something and to make some compromises! As opposite signs, this will be difficult. If they show patience and they tolerate each other’s beliefs, they can make something meaningful out of their partnership.

The Aries definitely has to be less aggressive and harsh. It will not only be better in the relationship with the Aries, but also for them in general. One of the leaders in the zodiac, it doesn’t matter if the Aries is a man or a woman, they will dominate and will look for power all the time.

You’d think the reserved Capricorn would be submissive and all quiet in this relationship, and you wouldn’t be more wrong. The Capricorn is mature and wise, a creature with authority and who learns a lot from previous experiences.

When compared, the Aries looks like the young small business owner who has just launched something and is now full of new ideas and passion. The Capricorn is the experienced CEO of an international company, who has done and tried everything.

The Saturn being the planet that rules the Capricorn, this sign is born under the ruler of wisdom. There’s a settled authority about people born in Capricorn.

The relationship between an Aries and a Goat will only work because, for once, the Aries is kept to a minimum. As a team, these two can be very efficient. As lovers, they would work best if one would be older and more experienced. It doesn’t matter which one, just one of them to be older.

The Capricorn will be cool and distant no matter how much the passionate and fiery Aries will agitate the spirits. When the Ram will have a tantrum, the Cap will nicely leave and return when things are calmer.

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