Ox and Ox Love Compatibility: A Loyal Relationship

These two in a couple are slow and always constant, plus they have all the chances to be next to each other for a lifetime.

Ox and Ox Compatibility

In the Chinese Astrology, the relationship between two Oxen is seen as strong, passionate and centered around loyalty. These natives are slow and believe that this way, they can win at anything they may be doing. While very romantic, Oxen prefer to think twice before getting involved in a relationship.

Two Oxen in a couple are very attached to luxury, culture, a comfortable home and everything that’s material. They’ll be able to understand each other very well, which means they have all the chances to live a happy life together.

CriteriaOx and Ox Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Things with Oxen don’t happen by mistake because these natives usually plan carefully before doing something. They’re honest and prefer stability over chaos. In the relationship between two Oxen, neither of them will think love at first sight is possible, so they’ll take their time before getting together.

A matter of good communication

Oxen are hard-working and shy people, so when together, they may grow to be too serious and even pessimistic. Their union could become a burden because they may end up doing nothing else than highlighting one another’s negative traits.

While both stable and looking for something long-term, neither of them pays too much attention to the other, so they can end up being bored and eventually they’ll break up because they haven’t realized their union went downhill at some point when things became dull.

They could fight all this by deciding to do different things all the time. It’s difficult to make Oxen spontaneous, but they should take turns at being the one who comes with an idea of having fun.

Both of them are slow and always constant, but they also have all the chances to be next to each other for a lifetime.

When it comes to sex, these two will never rush things, so it may take them a while to get to the bedroom after their first date. Even when it comes to moving in together, they’ll wait and see if they’re truly a match for each other.

When two Oxen are in love with one another, they may feel relieved that they’ve found someone who resembles themselves very much. They’ll court for longer than usual, which means their relationship can become very deep.

These natives get angry very slowly but in an intense manner. It’s like they have a fire burning inside of them, and when they release it, there’s no one to stop them from burning everything.

Two Oxen in a relationship need to be careful about a few things because it can be easy for them to become stuck in a routine. After all, even Oxen can eventually get bored doing the same things, even if it takes them a while to feel saturated with repetitive activities.

Furthermore, two Oxen together may not even realize when they’re starting to grow apart because they’d be too stuck in routine and wouldn’t even be aware of the fact that they no longer have a relationship.

That’s why it becomes very important for them to always come up with something new to do. Because they’re both reliable, they may start to think of one another that they’ll always be there for each other.

Regardless of how much their relationship has lasted, the Ox woman will still want to be pampered and cared for. It’s important for two Oxen in a relationship to always talk about their love because they can easily forget about this thing if not being reminded romance is still alive between them.

As long as they’ll communicate well and decide to have some fun from time to time, they can enjoy the great time they’re actually having together. Many of their friends will be puzzled to see their connection doesn’t have any passion, but Oxen will surely not feel this way.

This is a union that can only resist with a little bit of work. If they decide to live together, they’ll have a neat house that’s furnished with expensive furniture and many artworks.

It’s possible for them to also get a few pets because the Ox is a nurturing sign. With time, they’ll have children and even adopt, but only if the financial situation will allow them to.

Let’s not forget Oxen need comfort and to have money, so they’d probably not even think of having a child before owning a property. Not to mention natives of this sign don’t like sharing their possessions too much.

It would be better for them to have their own things so they don’t argue over whom gets to use what in the house. When it comes to sex, they love each other for being sensual and for not hurrying things, but their bedroom may not see anything too imaginative.

However, they’ll like one another just as they are. Having great stamina, they’ll probably make love for nights and days in a row.

You can trust Oxen in a relationship together to always succeed at what they’re doing and to be serious. Both of them love to stay indoors, so it’s very likely they won’t go out too much. In other words, they’ll be a couple that’s self-sufficient.

The qualities of this union

What makes two Oxen stay together is the fact that they resemble each other a lot. This means that these people will always understand and admire one another.

For example, they love the fact that neither of them wants to go out on a Saturday night. When the Ox man will come home from work, he can be sure that his Ox lady is at home making him a good dinner.

Oxen are very cautious people, so they’re always careful when making friends, investing their money or even buying something for their home.

When needing to make a decision, these natives are usually thinking of all the pros and cons in order to make the right final choice.

The Ox lady will never spend too much money on taking care of herself, even if she is still careful to always look good and to attract her partner.

Opposed to Pigs and Horses, who wouldn’t hesitate to buy a cruise in the Caribbean, two Oxen as a couple can be very happy seeing they’re just the same when it comes to spending money.

He will always make sure that him and his partner have a comfortable home, a beautiful garden and even a jacuzzi. However, they’ll both make sure not to spend too much on eccentricities.

When it comes to their social life, they’re the complete opposite of Rats or Horses, who don’t hesitate to make friends everywhere they may be going.

The Ox and Ox couple will only have a few friends who probably visit them at home very often. Neither of them is like the Dragon or perhaps the Rat because they don’t want all the attention to be on them and their idea of a date is more about being cozy in a familiar place.

What works best for two Oxen together is the fact that they’re both committed and extremely loyal. These natives need to feel emotionally secure when involved in a relationship and for their partner to be as faithful as they are.

It can be impossible for Oxen to accept infidelity or even outbursts of independence. They wouldn’t understand why other people need to always be free and can’t accept that their partner can cheat.

The challenges of this romance

Both being stubborn, two Oxen in a relationship together may have problems when fighting because none of them wants to give in.

While patient enough to let their partner be whomever he or she wants, they’re different from Pigs, who always require emotional support and to be pampered.

It’s very difficult to convince Oxen of something because they’re very committed to what they believe in. Therefore, when two of them will be involved in a relationship, they may have conflicts that never get resolved.

They’ll be so stubborn and believing what they know is only true that they won’t care they’re in fact unhappy together. As a matter of fact, no longer being stubborn with each other is one of the greatest challenges of their relationship.

Another thing that may bother the union between two Oxen is the fact that neither of them wants to ever change. While they’re very comfortable with things the way they are, there may be times when they’d need to be more flexible and to adapt or the situation would have them unhappy, broke or broken up.

Even in these situations, they won’t want to do what’s best and change can come to them only if forced. Furthermore, they may not desire to bring positive improvements into their life, which means that if their relationship is deteriorating, it will continue to do so without them doing anything.

While stubborn and fixed in their own ideas, Oxen are still very hard workers. They don’t like to make too much noise, and they usually manage to make their dreams come true.

If they’ll focus on having a relationship with someone in the same sign as them, you can trust these natives to turn their love life into a success.

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