Moon in Scorpio Personality Traits

Your natal Moon sign reveals that your emotional personality borrows from the Scorpio’s mysterious spirit.

Moon in Scorpio

You know you can rely on someone born with the Moon in Scorpio, no matter what hardship you may encounter. Whilst these natives won’t necesarily jump to your rescue voluntarily, they will most definitely provide you with a wise and efficient solution.

The Scorpio Moon is passionate and enthusiastic about all sort of life aspects. You won’t ever see these people wailing over spilled milk, as they would rather adopt an optimist attitude, and try to repair whatever situation. Also, an aura of mystery, courtesy of the Scorpio zodiac sign, surrounds them at all times, enhancing their general charm.

Moon in Scorpio in a nutshell:

  • Style: Transformative and inspiring;
  • Top qualities: Trustworthy, agile and perseverant;
  • Challenges: Obsessions and jealousy;
  • Advice: Be more intuitive about other’s emotions.
  • Celebrities: Charles Chaplin, Truman Capote, Elizabeth Taylor, Alfred Hitchcock.

Perseverance at its best

These natives are the type of guys who always get up, no matter what hits them, even in the most critical of situations, they are the ones who resist the most, like the resilient Scorpio.

You can say that they are driven by the fact that the lost opportunities, they may never appear again. So, in spite of all the suffering and stress, they resist the temptation to jump overboard, and continue on the set path, with renewed resolution and determination.

Responsible, trustworthy, ambitious, and perseverant without a flaw, you can count on them to complete a designated assignment, even if that means working night shifts, during the weekend, and pretty much all the time.

Of course, they will need some time off after all that intense work, and they deserve it anyway.

Transformation capacity

Those born just when the Moon was in passage over the Scorpio zodiac sign, will have a great potential embedded deep within, and this will probably materialize in world-changing events.

They are the ones who will probably discover the cure for a serious disease, find a way to prevent global warming or devise the perfect plan to colonize Mars.

Or, if that’s not their cup of tea, they can transform individuals one at a time, by appealing to their admirable and inspiring personalities.

The thing is, this potential to affect the workings of the world is in their blood, but they can either act as an agent of good, or as the emissary of the evil. Their emotional depth, as well as the intrinsic honesty and straightforward mentality, are what set them apart from all others.

Privacy and comfort zones

The Moon in Scorpio natives are beings of great emotional depth, with keen instincts that seem to profess a superb awareness, and because of this, they approach any situation with a general idea of what to expect, of how the pieces are going to fall in, as well as how the others would react.

They realize that one cannot self-develop and become better simply by staying in a protective bubble, in a secure environment where nothing risky every takes place.

In order to truly reach your potential, you have to get out of your comfort zone, take the bull by the horns, see problems as opportunities to learn from and proceed on the path to self-illumination. There really is nothing else better than this.

The truth is, Moon Scorpios find this to be kind of difficult, the “getting out of one’s comfort zone” thing. Most of the time, they acknowledge their weak spots, but they don’t attempt to fill them up, to resolve them.

Instead, they simply avoid any situation that may put them in danger, and this means an inhibition of their emotions, of their true desires, under the semi-closed eye of the Moon, of course.

Inner imprisonment, this is exactly what happens, because, besides the feeling you can’t approach them, they also feel the coldness of the prison they willingly threw themselves in.

In order to avoid being hurt, they isolate themselves from everyone around them, and that’s not efficient, practical, not even humane. Or they follow the path of the Scorpio, by throwing themselves out there but remaining always ready for attack or revenge.

Critical moments

These natives, perhaps following the example of the controlling Scorpio, are the kind of people who don’t trust others as easily as that, because they must have been betrayed in the past, and so they need some time to observe who it is they’re talking to.

They can be extremely loyal and devoted, like the Moon influences them, but first, they have to be sure that they’re putting their trust in someone who’s worth it.

These natives are known to be unsure of themselves, as far as emotions go, and find it pretty difficult to express their feelings, even to loved ones.

That’s one of the reasons they aren’t willing to reveal themselves fully to the first comer. Furthermore, the Moon Scorpios operate well under stressful conditions, because it’s not their first fight, and they’ve already become accustomed to the cruelty of life.


Those born under the Scorpio Moon find themselves at their highest productivity when put in stressful situations, where they have to put their skills to the test in order to successfully accomplish their goals.

Whenever something bad happens, they are at the forefront of the war, dishing out damage, resisting the constant assaults of unknown foes, sometimes being the sole survivor of the conflict, of course, metaphorically speaking.

Moreover, most of them are the lone wolf type, and prefer to either face off against their own problems on their own terms, without anyone’s help, or, if the situation is truly dire, a small group of trusted friends is all they need.

Considering that they are especially intrigued by the many mysteries of the world, the enigmas that hide behind the veil of logical thinking and rational inquiry, not many people understand them anyways and would follow them in a difficult situation.

Positive highlights

Thanks to the Moon’s influence, these natives have become quite attuned to the emotional reactions of those around them, and they can rapidly deduce their motivations and inner desires.

This is one of the reasons why they become very loyal and devoted to their partners, once love starts setting in because they are fully capable of assessing whether the other’s feelings are true or not.

Intuition rests as the foundation for the Scorpio’s efficiency in dealing with the many problems that constantly assault them.

And as soon as they manage to suppress these burning issues, they pick themselves from the ground, pick up their shattered hopes, remake them, and set off once more on the path to their goal.

The downsides

Deep and intense emotions don’t necessarily mean that the Moon Scorpios are very loving and affectionate with everyone, and neither is it only about being very intuitive about other’s emotions.

They can also get quite annoying and obsessive because they are pretty terrified of a possible disappointment. They don’t want to be betrayed, especially by those they love, and for that reason, they will often put forth tests, to see how the partner reacts.

Their controlling behavior can reach paroxystic levels. A couple of times, sure, that can be understood, but when it becomes a constant?

That’s not all right anymore, and neither is it welcomed as just a form of love. Besides being jealous and afraid of being disappointed, you must remember that the Moon Scorpios are mainly led by their emotions, which often explode in an outburst that not many can resist.

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