Virgo Tiger: The Compassionate Friend Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Virgo born in Tiger year

Virgo Tiger
  • Anyone born between August 23 and September 22 is a Virgo.
  • The Tiger years are: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022.
  • These people are constantly planning for the future.
  • Cheerful and expressive, the Virgo Tiger woman makes herself remarked very fast.
  • The Virgo Tiger man is extremely friendly and caring.

Those born under the Virgo sign in a Chinese year of the Tiger will develop a character that mixes the strength and luck of the Tiger with the cheerfulness but methodical nature of the Virgo.

The ambition of these people will definitely take them far in life, even though they also have moments of deep pessimism and emotional instability.

The Spirited Virgo Tiger Personality

Kindhearted, the Virgo Tiger people are full of motivation and they can’t be brought down by anything, especially if they are loved and are feeling happy.

Those who are born in the Western astrological sign Virgo in the Chinese year of the Tiger are very responsible people who will perform their duties religiously.

There isn’t such thing as a tricky task for them, they will be able to overcome any obstacle in anything they may be doing as long as there is the determination to do that thing.

Talented and sensitive, the Virgo Tigers don’t mind getting some help from the people they love.

They are easygoing and patient, and while they have a relaxed way of approaching life, they can get very sensitive and caring when things actually matter.

The perfect job for them will be something that requires the employees to have a sense a of humor and a lot of patience.

Their colleagues will simply love working alongside the Virgo Tigers because they are reliable and fun. They know when to tell a good joke and how to keep everyone happy.

Perfect careers for Virgo Tiger: Education, Pharmacy, Accountancy, Science.

Organized, this type of Virgos like tackling each thing individually. They don’t rush and they know how to keep their work life and domestic life in perfect balance.

They also have the ability to read people, so they will know whom to collaborate with when doing business.

You can’t change a Virgo Tiger from being obsessed with his or her schedule. They need to know everything about what they are going to do, with whom, and when.

They will have free time only if their responsibilities have been met. One of their weaknesses is that when they aren’t capable of achieving the career success they’re after, they have the tendency to create a dream world of their own, in which they’ll get lost when things go bad.

These people have a full agenda and they’re constantly planning for the future. They are tolerant, but when something comes in between them and their plans they become rigid and fixed.

If something bad will happen, they will plead guilty even if it’s not their fault. These individuals are very good advisors as they can read people’s minds.

Top Characteristics: Courageous, Analytical, Talented and Fixed.

The Virgo Tigers are energetic but they have a weakness when it comes to establishing their own rhythm. They simply can’t pace themselves.

They need to get enough sleep in order to refill their batteries. When they sleep less than they are used to, they become snappy and unfocused.

You will never see a Virgo Tiger changing his or her style in fashion. Or their eating habits.

Many of the Virgo Tigers will suffer from OCD as they are always trying to stick to their own rules and routines. Only after they get older they realize life isn’t all about regulating everything.

Love – Revealed

As far as relationships go, the Virgo Tigers are romantic, surprising, courteous, loving and kind.

They have respect for the partner and the relationship and they expect the same thing from the other half. They will pay attention to their partner’s every wish and need, and they will only get jealous if they have a reason.

Honesty and openness are two of their main characteristics when they’re with someone.

The Virgos born in the Tiger year will work together with the partner to make the relationship perfect. Don’t betray them or you will get to feel their revenge.

Not looking to be pleasured, these individuals are more after respect and originality in the person they’re in love with.

They like to take part in household tasks and they prefer to keep socializing outside the home. It is rare that you get to go to a house party hosted by a Virgo Tiger.

When upset, they won’t hide the way they are feeling from the partner. They will say what’s on their mind and hope the other will settle for what they have suggested.

If you are lazy or too conventional, the Virgo Tigers won’t be interested in you. They like active people who sometimes want to do crazy things.

Most compatible with: Capricorn Horse, Scorpio Dog, Cancer Pig and Cancer Dog.

Virgo Tiger Woman Characteristics

Harsh with words, the Virgo Tiger woman will try and debate any subject that’s in discussion.

It’s a pleasure for her to be part of an argument. You can start a discussion about rights and she will be all over you with arguments.

She likes traveling and she will often change where she lives. Going places brings her happiness and contentment.

This is a lady who likes having her own space. She will fight for her possessions and she knows how to set goals very realistically. Her main features are perseverance, strength and the ability to make decisions fast.

She can be a scammer as she has a reckless behavior. The Virgo Tiger women value their relationships and partners. They will be overprotective when involved, thing that may bother the partner.

If she wants to be happier, the woman in these signs should evaluate what she is doing more often. She should as well learn how to accept when she’s wrong.

Becoming more spiritual will help her establish new ideals. If she takes this advice, the Virgo Tiger woman will be better at relationships with others.

Celebrities under the sign of Virgo Tiger: Emmy Rossum, Jenna Marbles, Jimmy Fallon, Phil McGraw, Lindsey Stirling.

Virgo Tiger Man Characteristics

Original and unconventional, the Virgo Tiger man will attract people wherever he may be going. He knows how to achieve his goals and create plans. He has a slow but steady way of moving forward.

Nothing besides love can stop him from getting what he wants. This man is good to the point of being naive. He likes to discuss philosophy and latest news. He is confident and strong willed.

His stubbornness is useful for when he wants to achieve something. He gets attached to people and places and he has many friends as he knows how to communicate efficiently.

However, at work the Virgo Tiger will not happily take orders from bosses. This is why he may have many jobs in his entire life.

If he likes the people he works with and he’s not being bossed around, this guy will be an excellent, intelligent employee who comes up with new ideas.

He can sometimes hinder his own relations because he thinks too much. He’s often suspicious when in a romantic relationship.

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