Virgo Sun Virgo Moon: A Trustworthy Personality

Assertive, the Virgo Sun Virgo Moon personality keeps up to date with everything that is going on so is hard to manipulate or fool.

Virgo Sun Virgo Moon

No one can beat Virgo Sun Virgo Moon natives at remembering things and analyzing people or situations. When they need to express their points of view in a logical and specific way, they leave all their usual modesty behind.

These individuals can stare straight into someone’s soul. They can understand things others wouldn’t. It’s like nothing escapes their observation skills and these people have their amazing insightful capacity in common.

Virgo Sun Virgo Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Loyal, innocent and determined;
  • Negatives: Capricious, fixated and criticizing;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will avoid nagging them;
  • Advice: They should be less criticizing with themselves.

Personality traits

Double Virgos are very interested in any intellectual subject. Their combination of Sun and Moon suggests they’re not very romantic, yet loyal and trustworthy. But they need a mind connection with their friends and partner.

They wouldn’t even talk to people with whom they can’t interact from an intellectual point of view. Because they’re discriminating, they will carefully choose the persons with whom they are spending their time.

The same trait will also dictate what they are doing every day. For example, they are very careful about what they are wearing and where they are eating. Always respecting the rules and norms, you’ll never see them doing unusual things. Or taking risks.

Their credo is security and conformity. Superficial, dishonest or emotional people make them run away, also those who can’t take an idea to the finish line.

As they carefully think every matter through, it’s very difficult to scam them or to convince them to change their opinion.

Virgo Sun Virgo Moon individuals are sociable and want to respect the law everywhere they are going. When a problem will appear, they won’t look to fix it through unconventional methods. Only what has been approved works for them.

The rules are what they are living for. That’s why they are not at all revolutionary. Many will think they can’t deal with difficulties because they’re so shy and self-restrained.

But they’ll convince that their kind attitude is just something that hides a purposeful and determined character. There’s no challenge double Virgos can’t face. They are methodical, focused and open to new ideas. Not to mention how fast their mind works.

Because they are Virgos, they will always criticize. And they will start with themselves. They will see problems and defects in everyone and everything. It’s important they don’t impede themselves from developing emotionally with too much self-criticism.

It can sometimes be impossible, even for themselves, to live up to their standards. They should look less at what makes them weak and appreciate the fact that they’re talented, strong and virtuous. No one has died from some self-appreciation.

Because they love to help others, these Virgos would do a great job as doctors, clerks or politicians. Just like all the people in the same sign, they are the happiest when they’re succeeding in their career. But it’s important they do something to put their talents to use.

Virgo Sun Virgo Moon people will accept advice and be as open as possible, but they would need logic and reason for this to happen. Only by using their mind and ambitious ways, they will get where they want in life.

Since they are honest, nice and helpful themselves, they can’t stand people who lie and are looking to betray. While innocent, they will succeed by persevering and being courageous.

And they believe their intelligence and inner power will help them every step of the way. When it comes to a profession, they would do a great job with numbers and everything that requires deep analysis and being exact.

Many of them are academicians, big writers or scientists. They want peace, so they’ll very rarely argue. While they prefer to hold on to their own ideas, they don’t mind accepting what others come up with either. But they usually are determined to execute a plan with what they have in mind.

As soon as they have a direction, these Virgos can no longer be stopped from applying their methodical ways and precision. They’re the perfectionists of the zodiac, so imagine the pressure they usually put on themselves.

Investing a lot of feelings

Virgo Sun Virgo Moon lovers see nothing else but perfection. They will always work to improve themselves. These natives have no idea what complacency means. And they will always find things to correct or goals to struggle for.

They need a lover who’s the same and who supports them. When seeing that someone is lazy and careless, these Suns are simply not interested in that person anymore.

When their partner is investing feelings and efforts in the relationship, they become the most loyal lovers.

Their weaknesses appear when they’re too stressed and start to nag. Every flaw their other half has could be brought out by them, with no regards to any hurt feelings.

Moon Virgos need to have a little bit of wrongness. It’s because they always need to improve something. Their partner can accuse them of looking to be unhappy. They will work to make their relationship better and will support their partner all the time.

The Virgo Sun Virgo Moon man

The Virgo Sun Virgo Moon man has an obsession for routine. No one should mess with the little details of his life or he’ll go crazy. At a meeting with him, no one should be late, erratic or change the time of the encounter.

He needs to be helped with his undiagnosed, or perhaps even diagnosed, OCD. Also to be supported in his health and social projects. He thinks a lot about wellbeing and studies the planet more than some scientists.

This guy doesn’t mind living on less. He’s shrewd, not at all high-maintenance and smart. He probably met his wife through a dating site or his family.

It’s possible he’ll marry someone neurotic and it’s because he wants to save someone. But he needs the woman he chose to have her problems persisting and organized.

He wouldn’t stand to be confused. For example, his lady should get drunk in the evening and take her pills in the morning. Not the other way around.

He will be loved at work because he works more than he’s required and doesn’t have a single demand. Not that he wants to suffer, he simply doesn’t mind being in the shadows.

If he’s very religious, he would do great as a priest because there are many rituals to be performed so his compulsiveness would find a cure.

If you’re the type who hates surprises and change, don’t hesitate to get your hands on him. As a father, he’ll be caring and involved. He wants a quiet and ordinary life.

The Virgo Sun Virgo Moon woman

The Virgo Sun Virgo Moon woman will analyze any person that comes into her life. And she will pay attention to every little detail.

This lady needs to understand the motives as to why someone is doing something. And she usually is exact in determining them. It’s not that she’s not nice, it’s simply necessary to know her before entering her life.

And this famous lurking that she does can make her efficient and very attentive to life’s details. No one has a better stability than her but she expects others to be the same.

Since she can see where the real problems are and what people want, no one will be able to fool her. She can be obsessed with health. Her partner should expect organic food and going shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables every morning.

It can be difficult to get involved with her because she’s pretentious. Not to mention a word that hasn’t be said right can upset her very much, while she’s harsh and criticizes all the time.

She will talk about anyone’s defects, how they dress or how they can’t take care of their money. If you happen to be her lover, you’ll have to put up with her talking like this about you too.

She has a stare that can make any man freeze and feel the guiltiest. But she’s worth the effort because she’s neat and organized. Not to mention the type of wife who’ll take care of your finances and will never spend recklessly.

Emotionally, she’s supportive and knows how to listen. As a mother, she’ll be perfect. And when she’ll take the children to school, you’ll notice she’s very popular. It’s true it probably took her friends and acquaintances some time to get used to her, but she’ll be great with them.

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