Virgo Sun Taurus Moon: A Composed Personality

With a business mind, these people are pragmatic and resilient.

Virgo Sun Taurus Moon

Virgo Sun Taurus Moon people are composed, stoical and adamant. They are the most fully developed out of all the Virgos in the zodiac. People can take their example because they have character, solutions to problems and are practical.

There are few things these natives won’t succeed at. When they take on a responsibility, you can trust them to deal with it.

Virgo Sun Taurus Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Stoical, professional and friendly;
  • Negatives: Worrisome, bossy and insecure;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who can offer them a secure existence;
  • Advice: They should open up more to their close ones.

Honest and true traditionalists, they will never give up the conventional ways. Many will turn to them because they are wise and can provide sound advice that has been carefully analyzed.

Personality traits

People with their Sun in Virgo and their Moon in Taurus are strong, grounded and trustworthy. They will attract money like a magnet attracts iron.

While they are big worriers, they won’t have too many reasons to be worried. Their intelligence and determination will help them achieve success without too many efforts.

What they want the most is security and to have a stable life. While they have a temper, they are also able to easily calm down and gather their thoughts. It’s possible they are sometimes erratic to the extreme. Not to mention eccentric and a little bit unusual.

It’s not that they’re very ambitious, they just prefer to let life happen. Many will see them as too dull and precise, but they are very soft and fun when you get to know them.

They think sensitive people are weak, so they’ll hide this side of them under a serious exterior. And many won’t see who they really are. Practicality, loyalty and honesty, these all characterize them. But they need to be careful not to procrastinate too much.

Their signs combine themselves harmoniously, but this doesn’t mean they won’t have to deal with a few difficult situations in life. However, it doesn’t matter how hard working and resourceful, they will still be in danger to become lazy.

When it comes to their professional life, the Virgo Sun Taurus Moon natives would be perfect for business. It’s because they’re patient and pragmatic enough. Not to mention how good organizers and managers they can be.

As far as love goes, their partner can always count on them. But they’ll expect the same thing back. They want a home and to be married. So it’s very likely they will never get divorced.

Their values are all traditional and they strongly believe in them. The old-fashioned approach is the only way to go with them.

Because they give great advice, many will come to them when they’ll have real problems. Not to mention they’re able to understand and put themselves in others’ shoes very well.

Calm and relaxed but firm, these Virgos will accomplish many great things they will set their mind to. They can resolve issues in a practical manner. And they will assume their mistakes, if any.

People will love them for being sincere and honorable. It doesn’t matter how tough and pretentious they seem on the outside, you can be sure they are gentle and kind.

Unfortunately, they think that if they’re compassionate they become weak. So they will hide. But many close friends will know what they are trying to do.

People will imitate their dedication and honesty. It would be a good idea for them to travel when they’re feeling lazy. Virgo Sun Taurus Moon individuals will hold on to any job. And they’ll make sure they’re doing it right.

However, they are not initiators or big dreamers. They are more about keeping things working and in good order. Serious, you’ll never see them playing any games. They are direct and don’t like change.

Every action they’ll make will have a purpose. If they feel like they aren’t lucky, these natives will create their own opportunities. Their wisdom and practicality will be helpful not only with business, but also with their relationships.

They could stick with a long-term project and be practical for as long as needed. Because they can organize anything in an effective manner, they would do a great job as administrators, brokers or managers.

Their partner can trust them to do what they’ve said and to be always the same. But they expect the same in return. A domestic life is what they want the most from their personal life.

It’s what will make them who they really are. Their life won’t be difficult because the combination of their signs is balanced. But when satisfied, they can become complacent and forget all about making an effort.

Because they’re conventional and they want to stick to the same methods, they won’t accept a different lifestyle and any new ideas. It’s suggested they take their chances and go with the new because this is how the world goes.

Also that they make more friends. It’s because they are pretty cautious when it comes to this subject too. Opening up never hurt anyone.

Quite stubborn in love

Virgo Sun Taurus Moon lovers want perfection. They need to know how stuff works, no matter if it’s about their love life or work, in order to fix it.

They study everything to the last detail and apply it to their life. This means they’re attentive partners who’ll always make their other half happy.

But it’s very easy for them to miss the big picture and to take action that is completely useless. Not to mention they can obsess with their worries that things are going wrongly.

What Moon Taurus people want the most is a good home, security and to enjoy all the life’s pleasures. They are practical and sensual people. And their lover will love this about them.

All these Moon people need from a lover is to be faithful and to not cross their limits. And they will be the person who can be counted on. However, don’t forget they hate change. Also that they’re stubborn and it can be impossible to rush them or change their opinions.

The Virgo Sun Taurus Moon man

While the Virgo is not very interested in having fun, their Moon in Taurus can save the situation. The man in these signs needs a cozy home, balance, refined things and security. Only this way, he’ll become the sensual and intimate person that he usually is.

While not at all dull or too rigid, the Virgo Sun Taurus Moon man is traditional, reliable, constant and strong. You will never see him too agitated or not caring.

You can count on him to only play his qualities and not his negative traits. And he can have many qualities because his combination of signs is fortunate.

For example, he’s a great businessman who’s honest and has a great work ethic. He will make money no matter how dark the times will be.

With a woman, he will notice that she has defects, but won’t say a thing. You can trust him to never cheat. And he expects the same from his lover.

Even when he’ll succeed, he’ll never start to boast around. While attractive, it can’t be said he stands out from the crowd. Patient and slow, you can be sure he will get where he wants gradually.

But he can indulge himself in life’s pleasures, like food and sex. If he’s to service people, you can trust he’ll do a great job. He can take good care of people’s money and possessions.

His friends and colleagues will appreciate him for never quitting. Also, for not disappearing when things become tough. And he’ll be the same with his wife and children. He will only have a problem if people around him will be failures, chaotic or messy.

The Virgo Sun Taurus Moon woman

Reserved and at the same time imposing, this lady can sweep any man off his feet without being too glamorous. While not as magnetic as the Scorpio or as dramatic as the Leo, the Virgo Sun Taurus Moon woman has a sensuality and a sexuality that can impress anyone.

And the people she’ll affect will be refined and elegant personalities, not just anyone. Not to mention she’ll not spend too much time with those who don’t dress with taste and aren’t mannered.

She has the power because she is aware that she has great sex appeal. Men who are not open minded and less than her should stay out of her way. She doesn’t need to have a conversation about something she doesn’t care about, so it’s very likely she’ll turn her back to many natives.

It can be said this Virgo woman is a snob. But she’s serious and a good wife once she has settled with someone. Instead of going partying, she prefers to stay at home with some wine and a book.

It’s because the people she wants to be around need to be select. And she’ll be the same with her colleagues. The money she’ll make will support her entire family.

As a mother, she’s fabulous. Her children will talk at school about many adult subjects like how the educational system is failing some children in faraway countries.

But don’t expect her to marry young. She will wait and tie her destiny to someone who’s gentle, stable and successful. She’s more about the soul rather than the looks.

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