Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon: An Intuitive Personality

Composed, the Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon personality may seem grounded and realistic on the outside but in reality counts a lot on intuition and emotions.

Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon

Those with their Sun in Virgo and their Moon in Scorpio are direct and honest on the inside but know how to be gentle and soft on the outside.

They seem determined and confident because they take care not to show their true feelings to others. The way they perceive the world is usually correct and accurate. Not to mention how efficient and precise their intuition is.

Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Skillful, thorough and observant;
  • Negatives: Careless, insincere and malicious;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will put up with their nervousness;
  • Advice: They should be less domineering when working with others.

True intellectuals, they are rather quiet and secretive than open and loud. The intensity at which they are feeling can’t be seen in others. And they’re surrounded by mystery and sensuality so when it comes to passion, they really are the best.

Personality traits

Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon people may be great intellectuals but what will truly drive them will be their emotions. As a matter of fact, they are the most emotional Virgos in the zodiac.

These people are known for thinking fast and for staying true to their senses. But the intense Moon Scorpio makes them more hurried and impulsive.

While they have logical thinking, it seems impossible for them to deal with things that are completely new and difficult for their emotional intelligence to comprehend.

They will always pick sides, no matter what idea or cause will be presented to them. While they like to think that they are rationalizing intellectuals, they still work more with intuition than with pure logic.

It’s very easy for them to identify why their ideas are always the best ones. And when it comes to convincing others, they are pretty efficient and good. Many will think of them as geniuses who seem a little bit disconnected from reality.

Not to mention they can think too radically and theoretically from time to time. But what works on paper usually works in really life with them. It can happen to be unrealistic and to not be able to put their ideas into practice too.

It wouldn’t matter how composed and down-to-earth they would seem on the outside, you can be sure all the suppositions they’ve made are based on their intuition.

Favoring some ideas and being passionate about certain concepts are what they will always work with. Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon natives know what they want in life and how to get it. They work hard for their dreams and are ambitious.

Not many will know how they are feeling because they have this detached and calm exterior that can fool anyone. It’s very difficult for others to see how sensitive and deep they can be when they are wearing a mask all the time.

If they would express their emotions more vigorously and be firmer, it would be easier for their loved ones to determine what they want. Not to mention they should allow their passion take over and stop trying to seem so rational.

When it comes to their ideal job, they would do be great doctors, government agents and social workers. Business would suit them well too.

As far as their love life goes, they’re possessive and jealous and this can cause them many problems. They will pinpoint their partner’s failures in a cruel way, and this will be incredibly annoying.

Generous with their feelings and sensual when in love, it’s possible they will forget all about reality and live in a dream with their lover. But they will rapidly get it together as no Virgo has ever given up work.

As a matter of fact, it’s easy for these natives to become workaholics and forget all about relaxation or romance. That’s why they need to explore some other interests that they have.

While traditional and conventional in their way of work, it’s possible they’ll come up with many innovative ideas. Bosses and colleagues will appreciate them for this.

Zealous in their responsibilities, they can decide to not listen to what others are saying. Being domineering is also one of the mistakes they can do when working in a team.

Inside, Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon people are brooding and always analyzing. They get attached to concepts, people or things and start to turn all the stones to discover more. When it comes to business, they can lead and be very valuable to their company.

When they’re negotiating, there’s no more emotion in the way they talk and act. But if they want successful relationships, they need to be a little bit different than their usual selves.

Knowing everything

Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon lovers want to improve anyone and anything, including themselves. They will always try to attain perfection, no matter how much effort this would involve.

While their partner won’t mind they’re trying to get things right all the time, it would be wise for them to be more relaxed. Not to mention they can forget all about the big picture because they’re working the details. Someone who can understand them would probably be suitable to put up with their anxieties.

Moon Scorpios are deep creatures who need to know everything. They will never be happy with someone who isn’t honest and doesn’t want to share secrets with them.

Intense, dedicated and over-protective, these natives can’t trust people. They feel more secure after they have spent some time with a person.

That’s why they need a lover who dedicates him or herself completely to the relationship. Their weakness emerges when they start to be paranoid or too manipulative.

The Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon man

The most passionate of all the Virgos, the man in this sign definitely knows how to take advantage of his Moon in Scorpio, to be intense and different from others.

His deepness and interest in religion or the occult can’t be seen anywhere else. He can’t be easily convinced of anything. And he needs good arguments in order to start believing what people are saying.

It’s possible he’ll be very religious and obsess over ideas, persons or things. Many positions in his chart can make him more bright and open, but if his Mars is in Scorpio, he’ll take sex to the extreme because this is where he’ll channel all the energy from his rigidity.

The Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon man needs drama and to dwell on the dark side of life. He’s serious, mysterious and alluring. It’s not impossible he’ll use drugs or become dependent of other substances.

It doesn’t matter what this man will do for a living, he will keep many secrets from his work deeply buried into his mind. But he can be trusted to never betray or abandon ship.

If he’s self-destructive, he will realize it at some point and do something about it. It’s because he’s a natural fighter and a courageous individual. It can be difficult to get close to such an emotionally intense character. But he wants intimacy. It’s because he likes being worshiped.

Possible to isolate himself for a few years, he’ll come out and make new friends in a week. No one is able to discover his mysteries because he’s moody and keeps things to himself. He will leave his mark on every person he’ll interact with.

The Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon woman

Considering the fact that she can see flaws in everyone and everything, it can be difficult to imagine what makes this woman so attractive. But when she has her Moon in Scorpio, it’s easy to know because the Water makes her sexual.

Therefore, the Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon woman will be perfect when it comes to her ability to attract, especially in her youth.

And she’ll also have a successful career. As an artist, she’s expressive and has talent for almost anything, from sculpting to painting. If she won’t be competitive, she will advance very rapidly in the artistic field.

She likes being a wife but may have problems with her marriage because she never compromises. If it’s not her way, it’s no one’s.

This girl is never flirtatious, but she can get involved with married men without even caring how much damage she’s doing. And she’ll know what she’s doing as she’s not shy or reserved. Gorgeous, she can take the life out of any man. But she will surely make great memories with the natives who decide to be in her life.

As she doesn’t mind drama, she will play the role of a housewife for a few and give up. And she won’t care who’s getting hurt. Not that she won’t love anymore, she will simply find other things to do.

It’s not normal for her to change her mind, but she can change interests. This is the type of woman who hurts men. She’s not a wife but a five star lover.

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