Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon: A Dreamy Personality

Outspoken, the Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon personality is very entertaining to be around but can also fall on the path of saying things that can hurt others.

Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon

Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon people are the dreamers of the zodiac and will not be stopped by anything if they wish to do something.

They might go as far as to do things they normally don’t approve of, just because they want to live an adventure or to be in a relationship.

Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Persuasive, impressive and loyal;
  • Negatives: Capricious, dogmatic and sarcastic;
  • Perfect partner: Someone in the company of whom they can completely relax;
  • Advice: They should try to gain their independence early in life.

They still have the prudishness that characterizes the Virgo, also the concentration and the analytical mind. Many of the things they’re thinking of are strictly related to the mundane.

Personality traits

Virgos are interested in every little detail, Sagittarians can only see the big picture: when the former will analyze every piece of information, the latter will enjoy the open horizons.

The combination of these two signs gives people who can see more than one solution to a problem and who want to use both approaches. The birth charts with the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Sagittarius reveal their natives are analyzing, refined and critical. After all, no one can be more exact and precise than the Virgo.

Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon people will be the rebellious wanderers who are listening to an inner voice that makes them responsible and loyal. But at the same time, they’ll be frustrated by the fact that they’re such traditionalists.

The combination of their two signs will be noticed when they’ll have to be formal. However, they will still keep their boldness and impulsiveness.

Independent and idealistic, their Moon makes them in love with freedom and rebellious. They will want adventure and to take on any new challenge. But the Virgo will keep them focused, flexible, reserved and cautious.

These signs are very different, which means their natives have many faces and are very interesting to get to know. Mixed feelings won’t be something new to them.

Whenever they’ll have to determine how their life should be, they won’t know which side of their personality to let out to play. They think no one can rule their life and they are right. It would be a good idea for them to run a business of their own.

It doesn’t matter what Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon individuals choose as a profession, they will always have the Virgo’s practicality and organization. And the Archer’s enthusiasm and boldness will help them very much.

It’s possible they will sometimes be too impulsive. If they want to calm down, they need to have many interests and an active social life. Letting their job to consume all their energy is not at all a good idea for them.

While they have a great sense of humor and are open to express themselves openly, they can be too blunt and say things that hurt others.

That’s why many of their close ones will try to keep away from them. It would be better if they would sometimes keep things to themselves.

Convincing and charming, Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon natives will attract many people. There will be times when they’ll rely only on intuition and do something very daring. And they won’t even worry about what they have done.

In case they’re already feeling that their life is controlled by their work or their marriage, they should make a change. Not to mention they will surely get bored of doing the same things all over again.

What’s important is that they include variety in both their personal and professional life. Managing their unpredictable nature would be a great idea for them. Profound and interested in philosophy, they should look inside themselves less.

Trying to imagine how others perceive them would be a better idea. They have so high ideals and expectations, it makes it difficult for their loved ones to ever make them happy.

While analytical and pragmatic, they could spend an entire day dreaming. But this only makes them more creative. What they should really pay attention to is their agitated spirit.

It’s important they focus on the things that are really important in their life. With a talent for drama, they could play any role. Not to mention they use many signals to express themselves.

But no one will be able to change the fact that they are blunt. Many will take their comments too personally. Dealing with sensitive people is something they will have to learn.

An obsession with neatness

Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon lovers can lose themselves in too much practicality. Because they want perfection, they will pay attention to every little detail.

It doesn’t matter how they will view their relationship, their lover will always be a successful person. Since they want to do things in a certain way, they won’t want anything else but to please their other half.

It can be tiring to have them obsessed with neatness and perfection all the time, but it’s bearable. They aren’t too fun and spontaneous either.

These natives are better with someone who can help them relax. Moon Sagittarians need to always look at the open horizon. They are positive and adventurous creatures, eager to try new things.

As lovers, they are active and all the time on the go. That’s why they need someone who brings in variety and keeps everything fresh.

These natives simply can’t have a domestic life or get subjected to a routine. They need someone who’s broadminded, tolerant and interested in self-improvement.

The Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon man

This man is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of adventure and travels, and Mercury, which is also a planet of travel amongst other things. This guy will always try to move around.

The Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon man has an amazing energy and is a great teacher when it comes to showing others how to be free. He would love to preach and give lessons of life because he likes the attention and to feel useful.

Not to mention how interested he is in learning and talking about different subjects. Aspiring, he can’t stick to a plan for too long. He will often change direction. That’s why his colleagues can’t rely on him.

It’s very likely he will have many homes and jobs. But one thing will remain the same: he will absorb new information like a sponge.

He will get to know his date better than anyone, from their first meeting. And he won’t want to know just a few details about her. He loves the ladies and he can’t think of someone else when one girl gets his attention.

The woman of his dreams is adaptable, wants to go everywhere with him, and is intelligent. He doesn’t care that much about looks and if she’s passionate in bed.

Unemotional, his children and wife will rarely get to his heart. While enthusiastic to chase, he may hide the fact that he likes a woman.

Don’t worry if you have a long-distance relationship with him. He will travel thousands of miles to be with you. The girl of his dreams will be very important to him. But it will still be difficult to have him settle because his main purpose in life is to roam free.

The Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon woman

The Virgo will always oppose her Sagittarius Moon when the latter is trying to influence towards impulsivity. The Virgin Sun wants to carefully think of strategies but the Sagittarius Moon would rather go by intuition.

So the woman in these signs will be very confused. She will think she suffers from a psychological problem when she’ll plan a last minute trip while overwhelmed with work, or when she’ll end up with the type of man she was definitely wasn’t looking for.

And she won’t have any idea why she’s doing things this way. Her struggle for perfection will always be bothered by her fun and careless Moon.

At least she won’t be the usual obsessive, precise and distant Virgo. This lady needs to put out the fire that burns in her heart. And she needs to do this often.

Very intelligent, the Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon woman has high demands from herself and the ones she loves. Many men will find her irresistible.

She can make a great second wife because men would have to be experienced enough to deal with her. As a wife, this lady won’t mind going to work even if her husband would go to school and not make a penny.

Because she seems unemotional and is never possessive, she will be more interesting than other women. It’s possible she’ll sometimes completely give into her Moon.

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