Virgo Sun Pisces Moon: An Idealistic Personality

Imaginative and logical, the Virgo Sun Pisces Moon personality will not hesitate to seize all opportunities that come their way.

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon

Those with their Sun in Virgo and their Moon in Pisces are insightful, tolerant and very deep. Their intuition and intellectual abilities are unmatched.

They have a good mind for numbers and logic but this doesn’t mean they won’t trust their hunches. It’s like they have been born wise and they don’t need to be told what to do.

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Tolerant, discreet and conciliatory;
  • Negatives: Messy, negativistic and obnoxious;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will stand by their development;
  • Advice: They should try to be less irresponsible when they promise something.

Their combination is one between the intelligent, analytical and discriminating Virgo with the sensitive and intuitive Pisces. These natives can understand deep meanings and deal with the most abstract concepts.

Personality traits

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon people will attain success because they’re intellectually knowledgeable and have a good memory. They’re also intuitive and dreamy. But it’s possible they’ll be more inclined to contemplate than to be practical.

It’s very likely they will be great artists who are curious about all the mysteries of the Universe. It’s easy for them to deal with theory and practice.

Because there are differences in their individuality and the way they respond to others, restlessness will be something normal for them.

They have a great balance between their mind and their heart, being able to observe and come to objective conclusions in every situation. They understand everything, but they won’t refrain from criticizing.

The fact that they’re discrete and they know how to listen will convince many to appreciate them. It’s not like they are the best managers and ambitious characters, but they surely don’t run away from responsibility.

It’s not their type to wish to be in the center of attention, yet they are popular and the persons on whom others always rely. They usually interact in an open way. And they give to people just as much as they’ve received.

Many will grow to depend on them and their good nature. No matter the situation, these natives will always be sincere and try to understand as much as possible. There’s nothing contradicting in them.

They sometimes seem too sensitive for this cruel world. But it’s impossible for them to go over their values and principles, no matter how difficult life seems.

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon natives really know how to convince in the most subtle way. They are delicate and tactful. They want security and a comfortable life, so they’ll work hard. It’s difficult for others to resist their level of sophistication and serene attitude.

It’s like they’re always peaceful inside because they speak softly and are gentle creatures. It’s very likely their life experience has taught them only to be good and compassionate.

Honest people like them get to succeed in life. Being aggressive and tough would never work for these natives. They are great students of life.

Just like all the Virgos, they make a life-purpose out of their work. And they dedicate themselves to their job with sincerity. But because they are passive, there is the risk they will not exploit all of their potential.

Yet they can never be aggressive, so the gentle approach is their only way. If there is for them to keep their peace of mind and ways, they need to often meditate and contemplate.

Relaxation techniques and yoga would be perfect. Also spiritual insights. Because they have great taste and vision, they would make great artists. Not to mention how good they could be servicing others as doctors, lawyers or social workers.

Their strong imagination and creativity can find a practical way to be released because they’re cerebral. It would be a shame for them to let their talents go to waste. It’s important they’re having fun from time to time.

Also that they are happy with their career. If not, they will turn to be nervous and depressed. Many of them are scared that their dreams will never become a reality.

They need a calm environment if they are to be emotionally healthy. This is because they absorb other people’s feelings too easily. If they are to feel stable, they need a workplace and a home where no one argues.

A strive to always improve

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon lovers are always looking to improve and appear to be very observant. This may be useful for them at work, but not in their relationships.

Their partner needs to understand they are only making suggestions to help and that they shouldn’t take things personally. They don’t mean to hurt in any way.

What they want the most is to be better, more productive and perhaps more intelligent. And they want this for their other half as well. It’s possible they’ll obsess over negative things.

Pisces Moon people are magical creatures. It’s normal for them to be out of touch and lost in a fantasy world. Especially when life’s too hard.

They need a partner to protect them, also a lover that gives them enough space to develop. If they’ll have this, they will be empathic and completely devoted to the relationship.

These people have some boundaries that no one needs to cross because they can become very possessive and controlling once a certain relationship has been established.

The Virgo Sun Pisces Moon man

The Neptune influence in the Virgo Sun Pisces Moon’ life makes this man imaginative. However, because they’re mutable, you’ll never see two Moon Pisces the same.

If you want to know this guy better, take a close look at his family and friends. He has sound emotions and can understand anyone’s pain. That’s why he’s such a good caretaker. Not to mention he’s feminine because the Pisces has this quality.

But this can make him develop strange relationships with other men in his family. It can be very difficult for him to accept other males. He simply can’t stand too much masculinity and he wants others to be compassionate and caring just like himself.

That’s why he’ll only feel great around women. His mother and sister will be his best friends. And he’ll go out with many ladies. His emotions are very much influenced by other people. When around strong individuals, he will strive to be the same.

With those who are lost, he will start to no longer know who he is and what he wants. Many women will see him as a Casanova. And it’s possible they are right. But this depends only on the circumstances.

In case he has Venus in Aries or isn’t loved and supported enough, he will surely run after other women. Romantic and deep, he will be faithful if his lady will love him enough.

The perfect woman for him is delicate and at the same time strong. But she needs to let him know that she’s into him because he’s quite passive. However, she shouldn’t be aggressive, or he’ll get scared. It should all start with a close friendship.

The Virgo Sun Pisces Moon woman

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon woman will adapt to any situation and person. It’s not a problem for her to change when necessary. She’s stronger than the man in the same sings. This Virgo lady can see when someone is trying to deceive her.

This woman can sometimes be childish. She hates violence and cruelty more than anything else because she has a sensitive soul. With aggressive people, this girl feels like a victim. That’s why it’s possible she won’t have too much fun in a school with too many bullies, as a child. She doesn’t mind mingling with the right people, though.

As far as her ideal job goes, she’d be a great chef, caretaker or artist. But she won’t have too much luck with love. It doesn’t matter that she can see into people’s minds, she still falls for the wrong men.

She can be so madly lost in her love feelings that she won’t see the flaws in her partner. It’s possible she’ll hope for a marriage that will never come. Not to mention many can fool her and only get her for sex.

She may realize that a guy wants only to go to bed with her, and she’ll think he’s doing it because he’s in love. It’s like she can’t see the difference between feelings and sex.

But as soon as she’ll get married, you can be sure she’ll be an exemplary wife. Her home will be cozy and tidy because this is where she feels comfortable. As a mother, she will be perfect. The man in her life needs to know she can get hurt very easily.

A sensitive guy would be perfect for this lady. She’s devoted, but it’s possible for her to cheat, especially if someone will sweep her off her feet and insist on being with her.

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